My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Final Count Is...

115!!! My goal for 2008 was to complete at least 100 LOs and I went 15 over:) For 2009 I am doubling it and hoping to get 200 LOs done. Wish me luck;)

We are just staying in tonight. Steve picked up Lij on his way home from the shop. He has spent like the last 3 or so New Year's Eves with us so it's kind of like a tradition. We got pizza and the kids will be having ice cream sundaes in a bit. They are watching TV and reading a scary stories book that Steve got V for Christmas. V and Lij love that book...Mattie...not so much.

V had bought some party poppers yesterday at the store, but it kind of got a bit late on us and now I really don't want to go outside:( We are all just chillin' in the living room. Everyone should be showered up and in their jammies after sundaes so then they can just stay up and play games or whatever so when bedtime goes we are all ready to go;)

So for everyone out there. Have a safe and Happy New Year. May the year to come bring only good things and lots of great memories to blog about;)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Finally a LO...

I finally got one done. The holiday and all had just been SO hectic and I haven't had much of a chance to do much of anything crafty, but I got one done today. It's a lift off of Janie's blog; a LO she did of her Christmas tree:)
Papers are MME, K&Co. Christmas Cheer and MM Fa La La. MM Noteworthy journaling sheet, old MM Christmas paper (cut out the tree), MM Fa La La shimmer alpha stickers, jute and MM tiny alphas. TFL

Pictures, pictures, pictures...

Here's all the pics I've been leaving out of my last few post;)...This was one of my Christmas gifts from Steve. I like this cause I can keep it on my desk and it fits 12x12 papers so I can put my LOs that I'm working on in here:) Still don't know what I'm keeping in the little drawers yet, but I'm sure I'll find something;)More new Cricut cart and some Jenni Bowlin calendar cards (the two colors I didn't have:) and the Vday bingo cards.

My Christmas gift from Lal. Dotty mesh, a tag pad, a keychain and a CD of Christian Rock all in this really cute penguin "bag". I want to rip that penguin off and use him for something...LOL

Some after Christmas sales I got at M's. The stamp was 70% off, the pad was 60% off adn the punches were 50% off. The two smaller MS punches were from Walmart though, but still 50% off:)My shopping finds from yesterday. 1/2 off paper pack from HL. I so needed some flat cardstock for some of my border punches and some of my emboss/border punches. Also 1/2 off the small scalloped circle punch. I didn't have that size and I wanted it for stacking purposes;) Cute little notepad from T's $ spot. Plan on using those are journaling spots. Lal got a diff pack and we are spliting them:) The cute little cupcake "tote" is from the $ spot at T's as well. SO cute. LOVE the cupcakes. Then the die is from J's. It was marked down to $9 something and then 50% off of that so I got it like for a little over $5. Good deal. Wish the Christmas ones had been marked down too, but they weren't. They were $12.99...??? So I gotta keep my eye on those cause I really want the Bigz snowflake one.Lots of fun goodies from M's on clearance. MM Passport fabric tags and brads, trims, pebble clips, chipboard alphas, tags, tiny alphas and edged papers. Also got a really cool BG 12x6 chipboard album. I think that was the most expensive thing and it was only $3.50 or so.

Gonna go finish up my LO. Will update with a pic in a bit. I gotta do my LO count to see how many I completed from my 100 goal for the year:)

A Good Day for Catching Up...

Today I got a call from my BFF whom I hadn't talked to much in a while. I ran to do my grocery shopping and then he came by after I got back home. It was a nice visit. We talked and laughed just like old times. We have been friends since we were in the 8th grade!!!

Other than that, that was pretty much my day. A very nice day though. I also got a "thank you" gc from my 2Peas pal Marla. Yay for scrap goodies. I think I'm going to wait a bit to order. See if any new goodies come in, but thank you SO much Marla for an awesome swap experience. You were the best partner ever:)

Still gotta upload those pics. Going to do that now:)

Monday, December 29, 2008

What's Going On???...

Today was a fun, stress free day. I took a break from the ant drama going on over here and got up early, cleaned up and then went over to my mom's. In case I hadn't mentioned, we have these crazy ants...Literally, that IS what they are called. You can google it. So we've had them before, but we sprayed and kept it up and they went away. I think we'd been almost like 2 years ant free. Then a few weeks ago we started seeing some here and there in the house. We did some spot spraying, but it just kept getting worse. They came back with a vengence it seemed:(

So we've sprayed outside like 3 or 4 times. This past Sunday Steve spent like 2 hours outside spraying and he also put out some granules. We'll see how that goes. We have had a couple of "not so bad" days in the course of these last few "ant" weeks, but for the most part it has not been too good. Maybe we just went too long without spraying. Anyway, like I said, hopefully they won't stick around much longer.

So today was not too bad at all. I cleaned up before I left and didn't have to worry about ants all day. Lal and I went to T's at Crossroads, J's and HL. Then we went to M's at Ingram. They had LOTS of clearance. We must have spent like 30 minutes looking in the clearance bins. I'll update with pics later. Haven't had a chance to upload yet.

I started working on a LO I had sitting on my desk for a bit. I'm pretty much done. Just need to reprint my pic cause the 4x6 I printed out is too small for my LO. I'll probably get that done tomorrow, hopefully.

Also kept forgetting to post the pic of my "thank you" gift I sent to my 2Peas pal for our swap. I couldn't post until I knew she received it cause I didn't want to ruin the surprise:) With this last package I sent out, I have officially completed my first swap on 2Peas:)
This was my first attempt at altering a journal. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. Here's a bit of a closer look...
That's all my news for today. I'm really tired so I'm going to turn in. Goodnight all:)

Friday, December 26, 2008

Some Christmas morning pics...

A pic of all the kids last night:) I haven't been able to get a pic of all 3 together in a REALLY long time:)

The kids at my mom's on Christmas Eve day...

Lij opening the gift we bought him...

Mikey and the pjs we bought him:)

Can you tell he loved the chocolates??? :)

V and Mikey...they love each other:)

Today we chilled at the house this morning while Steve went in to the office for a bit. Then we went out to lunch at Sea Island and used the gc that my BIL gave us for Christmas:) After I stopped by 911 real quick to pay off my garage sale table. We headed to Embassy to catch a movie. You would not believe how many people were there. It was insane!!! There was even a line to get INTO the theatre after you bought your tickets.

We saw Bedtime Stories. It was a really cute movie. We all liked it. Afterwards Steve took the kids to Game Stop and I went by M's a couple of stores down. I got a Christmas stamp at 70% off, the BG Mistletoe and Pear pad at 60% off and a MS gingerbread men border punch at 50% off:)

Rented Fred Claus and watched that when we got home. Another good movie.

I think Steve is taking the day off tomorrow so not sure what we are going to do. Mark called about picking Mattie up tomorrow, but he hasn't called back so we'll see about that. I'm heading to bed. SO very tired. Good night all:)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope everyone had a nice one:) Yesterday I spent the day over at my mom's. I left the house kind of early, maybe about 10am or so. Steve had to work so I wanted to get over there so I could be there a while before I had to head back.

Steve went over after he got off from the office. He only did a half day and then he decided not to go to the shop and came over to my mom's instead. We played Scene It on the Xbox 360. That game is WAY fun. Lal beat me this time though:) Lal is like my only competition;)

We had a late lunch of tamales, rice and beans and some YUMMY cookies that Lal made and then we headed out. Steve had to come home and clean up and then we were headed out to his brother Jerry's house for the night.

It was a really nice night. We had a good time. They had quite a few people over. We had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and all sorts of other goodies. I skipped the tamales since we'd already had that at my mom's earlier:)

We got back home about 11pm or so and then we had to hurry and get V in bed and Mattie too so we could get down to the "Santa" business;) We got to bed at almost 1am. Thankfully the kids slept in a bit past 8am. Aaahhh...nice:)

So we get to doing the stockings and as I am taking the first few pics my batttery starts to go out. Then I realize I left my back up battery in the charger back at my mom's house:( I took it yesterday to charge my batteries cause they were both out and I forgot it. Waaahhh!!! So I had to use my old Kodak which doesn't take the best pics. I'll have to see how they turned out. I haven't had a chance to upload yet. But I guess some pictures are better than no pictures.

So the kids had their usual "greed fest"; lots of games for their DSs and Wiis. I got my little Pixie sewing machine (no more lugging my huge machine out to sew on LOs:) This one can stay out on one of my tables. Steve also got me this MM desk top organzier thingie. You can put 12x12 papers in it. I saw this the last time I was there. Not one I'd seen before. Maybe it's new...???

Also got me a sock monkey stuffed toy. LOVE sock monkey, Sex and the City Season 6 Part II. I still need part I, but we couldn't find it:( My Joys of the Season cart for my Cricut and I got the Jillian workout game for the Wii. Then there was all the stuff Steve let me order online for part of my gift; the Sassafras Lass collections and the new Jenni Bowlin bingo and calendar cards. Oh, I also got an iTunes card in my stocking, but when I went to redeem it was no cooperating. I know sometimes they don't active the cards right or something. It's happened to me before:( So we have to take them back tomorrow (Stevie got one too) and have them "fix" it. So t was a fun day...a very nice Christmas:)

We had planned on just laying back and chilling all day here at the house, but then Steve's mom called for us to go over. They made a roast and a ham. I was getting ready to take a nap so just V and Steve went. I slept for almost two hours then one of my cousins called. They were over at my Grandma's old house (one of my aunt's lives there now) and Tin was there too. They got in from El Paso last night, so I got up and got ready real quick and went over there.

I can't even begin to put into words how good it felt to be there. Ever since my grandma went to the nursing home, Christmas has just never been the same for me:( And even though she wasn't there today, it still felt like Christmas. I remember even back when she was there, she'd want everyone over. She'd make all this food, but she'd spend most of her time in her room in back watching her novelas, but we still knew she was there:) And today kind of felt that way. It was good to see all my cousins and my aunts. It's kind of weird being the adults now; with kids of our own and not the kids anymore.

So Steve met me out over there and I stopped by at my mom's on the way home and got my charger. Stevie came over today so he came home and opened all his gifts. He rode home with me and we had some nice conversation as we always do:) Just talked and laughed:)

So we are home now. The kids are all playing games and I'm getting ready to fix myself something to eat cause I'm a little snacky;) I'll update with pics in a while since I got my battery back. Have a good night:)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fun Shopping Day...

Today I went over to my mom's early. We had breakfast together then we went to M's to check out the sales. My mom wanted to get some beads and I was just wanted to see what was marked down and get some packs of flat cardstock. I realized the last time I was trying to use one of my MS border punches that it wasn't working so well with the textured cardstock and I realized I didn't have any flat cardstock. So that's what I got; 3 packs.
As I was walking around I stumbled upon some Valentine's Day stuff. Can you believe it???!!! They are already putting it out!!! But lucky for me;

LOVE these stamps. They are TOO cute. I didn't get all of them though. There was maybe 6 or so more that I didn't get. There were a lot, but I just chose the ones I thought I'd use:)

Later in the evening, Steve and I ran to Target and I found these in the Target Dollar Spot. I guess M's isn't the only one putting out Vday stuff already...

They had other cute things like gem brads, some felt flower brads, canisters of foam shapes, some dimensional stickers...,but I don't think they had everything out yet. There's still lots of Christmas stuff in there so I'm anxious to see what else they are going to have:)

Went over to the M's at the Rim after T's and they had all the BG Sugared and Archaic stuff that they just put out a short bit ago on clearance!!! I got a little book of rubons for $3.99 as well as a chipboard bracket album. They had some really good deals. Tomorrow they are having a 15% off your entire purchase including sale items during certain hours, so that would be a good time to go and check things out:)

This past Wednesday was Polar Express Day at V's school. Here's a pic of her that morning...

Looking at these pics a bit ago when I uploaded, I noticed how short the sleeves were on her robe (good thing her pj sleeves were pink too;) so I went to check the size on it and it's a 4/5!!! Uh, yeah...I think it's time for a new robe...hee hee...Fortunately earlier today at T's I picked up one for her that we had seen last week and it was 50% off tonight. Funny how things work out;)

Friday was her Christmas party and she took cupcakes. I didn't get any pics:( We also made goodie bags for the class ( pics:( I kind of themed them after the Polar Express. We put in an envelope of hot cocoa with marshmallows, a gingerbread cookie and a peppermint stick:)

So the kids are off for over two weeks. Hopefully things will go smoothly;) Have a great night everyone:)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lights, Camera, Action...

Found this on a friend's blog. Thought it was cute:)

01. Name a movie that you have seen more than 10 times. Where the Heart Is
02. Name a movie that you've seen multiple times in a theater. Don't think I've ever seen a movie twice in the theater.
03. Name an actor who would make you more inclined to see a movie.Matthew McConaughey
04. Name an actor who would make you less likely to see a movie. For some reason I'm not too fond of Jim Carey
05. Name a movie that you can quote from. Tons...Where the Heart Is, Mean Girls, How to Lose a Guy...the list goes on and on
06. Name a movie musical that you know all the lyrics to all the songs.none. I'm not too fond of musicals.
07. Name a movie that you have been known to sing along with. Oliver
08. Name a movie that you would recommend everyone see.August Rush
09. Name a movie that you own that may surprise people. Hmmm...probably none. They're all "me":)
10. Name an actor that launched his/her entertainment career in another medium but who has surprised you with his/her acting chops. Can't think of anyone.
11. Have you ever seen a movie in a drive-in? yes, back in high school.
12. Ever made out in a movie? yes;)
13. Name a movie that you keep meaning to see but just haven't gotten around to it. Nights in Rodanthe
14. Ever walked out of a movie? Yes, a couple of times.
15. Name a movie that made you cry in the theater. I'm not a big cryer.
16. Popcorn? Don't really like it.
17. How often do you go to the movies? Just about every weekend.
18. What's the last movie you saw in the theater? Twilight
19. What is your favourite/preferred genre of movie? Comedy
20. What was the first movie you remember seeing in the theater? King Kong
21. What movie do you wish you had never seen? Cloverfield. Ugh!!!
22. What is the weirdest movie you enjoyed??? Vanilla Sky
23. What is the scariest movie you've ever seen? I don't think I've seen a decent scary movie in ages:(
24. What is the funniest movie you've ever seen? Chuck & Larry
25. EXTRA CREDIT - Favorite Christmas Movie? National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

HAPPY, Happy Mail Day...

I came home today from picking up the kids to find TWO boxes waiting for me at my door. Happy Mail Day to me!!! ;)

The first was the Life at the Pole collection. I'd been so desperately trying to find it. Lal found it for me and ordered it on her card and then I paid her back;) Pictured is also the Happy Place I got from that woman on Ebay and the matching chipboards. I LOVE the little chipboards.I SO love these papers and can't wait to use them:)

The second box was from my 2Peas Holiday pal. Wow, was this some box;) Here's everything that came in it:) There were SO many goodies in there:)

Here's a pic of everything. And then some close ups;)...Look at all this Jenni Bowlin goodness. I LOVE, LOVE Jenni Bowlin. She sent me some crepe paper ribbons, journaling cards, the mini Christmas bingo cards I'd been dying for as well as the mini calendar cards and some journaling tickets. :) Aren't you just drooling???K&Co. goodies. Another one of my fave lines. Christmas Cheer mat pad, chipboards, tag pad and gems and then some dimensional stickers (Urban Rhapsody:) I happen not to have those ones, but now I do:) Woo hoo!!! And still there's more...Some really cute MAMBI kits. LOVE the Christmas one and the little reindeer. I LOVE reindeer. Just bought V some pjs today with deer on them for Polar Express day tomorrow...OK...and also an MM paper pad:) Anyone getting jealous??? ;) Lots of stickers (love the glittered ones), some bling words, Christmas paper clips, crown brads, gem brads, really cool acrylic snowflakes on a key chain...thinking Maya Road and a little Christmas album. And it goes on...

A cute little MM embellie container and it's got some brads in there too. Some Paper Studio lace trims. I absolutely LOVE these trims, I mean LOOOVVVEEE. Some spools of ribbon and my fave glue...Zig:)And last, but certainly not least...this adorable little snowman container filled with candy canes. I got a Santa one from Marla for the candy week and now I have a matching snowman. Oh, the candy from Santa is gone now;)...A very pretty stocking. I'm going to take mine off the mantle and hang this one up instead:) A pink and brown tool tote. LOVE the pink/brown. That is my fave color combo and the color of all my other scrappy "luggage" ;) and a very nice set of Old Navy flannel pj pants and thermal top. Boy do those pjs look super warm and comfy right now. I am SO wearing those Christmas morning.

So I just have to send out a super HUGE "thank you" to my pal. Marla, thanks for making this my best swapping experience so far. It has been absolutely wonderful. You were a super great pal and I LOVE all my presents.

Today I also did a little more running around/shopping. I got V's cupcakes for her party on Friday. She volunteered herself for cupcakes. Both my kids have always volunteered for the $12+ for cupcakes. I still need stocking stuffers, but I think I'm going to let Steve do that. I wrapped a few more things and I need to wrap a few more and I'm done. Tomorrow is totally chill day. I will NOT leave the house tomorrow. I'm hoping I won't leave the house until Friday when I have to make a run to the PO to drop off my pals "thank you" package;) Hopefully it will be warmer too cause today was too cold.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Holiday Swap on 2Peas...

Well, I got a message from my 2Peas pal that she received my package on Friday. VERY glad it reached her. She said she loved it all. So I am very happy about that too;) I can now post pics of all the goodies I sent in her box:)...

Then I filled up this cute little bag...

With these goodies...

Added a few last minute things...

This is the tag I made to go along with everything. The white background isn't part of the tag. It's an envelope I put behind it and also the envelope I sent the tag in:)

I used one of my Purple Onion Noteblock stamps I got a short while back. First time I used them:) A bit of Cosmo Cricket Christmas paper; not the new line, the older one...can't remember the name:) Paper Studio lace trim and some felt poinsettias I found at HL in the Christmas crafts. I LOVE these, but I was not able to find anymore...Boo hoo:( Anyho...I also used one of my Cuttlebug embossing folders. One of the Christmas ones. This one has ornaments on it:) It's the burgundy paper. Most of it is covered by the layers.

In other news, today was a pretty laid back day. I got to sleep in some. Didn't have to get up early and rush to make any first showing at the movies. We just took it easy. Had breakfast. Steve did some things outside real quick. Got dressed and ready, then we headed out to do a little Christmas shopping. Went by Best Buy, Target and Old Navy. Went for lunch at Cici's then went to Walmart to meet up with a woman I found on Ebay.

I'd been looking for the Sassfras collections, but they are SO hard to find. Especially all in one place. I hate ordering just one item and then having to pay shipping for just the one thing. Anyway, so as I was looking on Ebay I found one of the collections and noticed the woman was in SA too. So I messaged her about meeting up and saving the shipping and she agreed:) So I met her at the Walmart by Leslie Rd. and got my paper. I also got these really cute matching chipboard shapes. VERY cute:) If anyone else local wants her online store link, LMK and I'll pass it along. Or for anyone who would like to order, I can pass it along also:)

So after that I gassed up at $1.41. It only cost me $17.50!!! This was at that same Walmart. When we came back over by our house to do our grocery shopping at our local Walmart (Bandera/Mainland), it was $1.39!!! So I got my grocery shopping out of the way for the week. There are a few gifts I need to go pick up tomorrow. I couldn't get them today with the kids hovering all over me. It's funny how they will follow so closely when they know we are Christmas shopping as opposed to their usual wandering off that they normally do...sigh...

Very little shopping left to do though. I just need to get these few things tomorrow and Steve just needs to buy a few things for the kids and for his parents and nephew...oh...and ME. Let's not forget me;) and then he's done:)

Today was also some beautiful weather. Hoping for more days just like today. Hope everyone had a nice weekend and have a great Monday:)

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Time Flies...

I can not believe tomorrow is Friday already. Time sure is flying by lately. Christmas is SO close. I can't believe how fast it came this year.

I'd been putting off a lot of my shopping cause I was hoping some things would go on sale, then I realized how close it was. The kids only have this next coming week and then they are off. I can't do any shopping after that. Also, there will be people out of work and stuff and just too many people in the stores and I refuse to shop then for that reason. I much prefer to go early in the morning when everyone is at work and shop in peace and quiet:)

So, this past Tuesday I went and pretty much knocked it all out with the exception of a few things I'll be getting this next coming week and I am DONE. It's funny how even though I spent quite a bit of $$$, I only came home with two small bags. It seems the smaller the gift, the bigger the price tag:(

Yesterday I mailed out my 2Peas pal "big" package. I am anxious for her to get it. I really hope she likes it. I will post pics of all that I sent after she receives it. I also have a few things I have worked on that I am sending her as a "thank you" gift, but I can't post pics of those either for a while.

Today I got most of my wrapping done. It took me all of like 30 minutes. It doesn't take long to wrap a bunch of video games and DVDs:( Our tree looks so bare with our small little piles. I did V's stuff in some really cute pink wrapping paper with penguins on it that I got in the T Dollar Spot and Mattie's in some blue with snowmen on it. REALLY cute. I'm going to go back and get this cute red one with Santas on it to do Stevie's stuff with. That way everyone's presents are all wrapped the same. I thought that was a pretty cool idea;)

I worked on one LO in the evening yesterday and finished it up tonight. I got the inspiration for it from this woman Jilliand's blog banner (Crazy Beautiful:)

Papers are Elsie and the black/white polka dot is MM. Doodlebug Paper Frill, HS ghost flower, AL button, some polka dot ribbons, Hero Arts butterfly stamps, some KI epoxy alpha stickers, adhesive gems, buttons and some chipboard letters from Miss Elizabeth's (good AC knock off;)

Also got some pics of V in her Santa hat in front of the tree. I still need to do Mattie's and then some of them both together. That's going to be fun:(

That's all the news for today:) Have a great night:)

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Feeling Crafty;)

So today I got my ornaments done that I'd been working on. It took me quite a while cause I just couldn't figure out what to put on them:( But I finally found something I liked:) The ornaments I lifted the idea from used the MM Fa La La Poinsettias, but since I didn't have them, I wanted to use something I DID have and not run out and buy them as I usually do;) So here they are:

I've got two more just like these and then I have two that I still need to add Stevie's pic to, but I need to get him to bring me those small school pics.

These are some unfinished wood sled ornaments I got at M's. I painted the sled part with acrylic paint then added a coat of Tim Holtz Crackle paint in Antique Linen then inked with Tim Holtz Walnut Stain using the felt applicators. I used my Cricut Base Camp to cut stamp edged "frames" for my pics and then inked with Cat's Eye in Cocoa. The felt poinsettias I got at HL for 40%; part of the Christmas crafts. I SO need to get me some more. I LOVE them:) I added the date with MM tiny alpha stickers.

So one set of these are for me and one is for my MIL. As long as Steve and I have been together, or just about:), I have made her a set of ornaments for her tree. She still has them all:)

So today I just chilled at home. Didn't really do much. Oh, I've been dieting this whole week and I have lost 4 1/2 lbs. already!!! Woo hoo!!! Everyday for breakfast I am eating a can of soup. It IS really filling. For lunch I usually just have kind of a snack; an apple and some nuts and a bottle of water and for dinner, I'll pretty much just eat my normal stuff, but no carbs which means no bread, potatoes, rice...that sort of thing. Like today I had a chicken parmesan breast that my mom sent me yesterday. The other day I had a bowl of chili. It seems to be working cause I hadn't been able to get weight to come off in quite a while even though I was working out. I have not worked out once this week and the numbers are going down;)

It's kind of a bummer though to be on a diet during the holidays. Kind of makes it not feel like the holidays cause I'm not eating goodies:( But if I don't lose some weight before Christmas, I know I'll really be regretting it right after, so I'm just getting a little head start. Then I can take a little break for Christmas/Christmas Eve and New Years. I can't wait:)

Not much else to share right now. Christmas is coming up so fast and I still have most of my shopping to do. I need some stuff to go on sale;)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Happy Scrappy Day

Well I packed up a couple of LOs to do today while I was over at my mom's helping Lal. Wasn't sure I'd be able to with Mikey and all, but I got most of one done and some of the other. Mostly cause I didn't have what I wanted to add to them.

I'm happy that I got some scrapping done cause I'd been in a bit of a slump for quite a while. Now I'm in the scrappy mood, but my printer is out of ink so I need to go to the store and get some. Thinking now that I only need color ink though. Not sure if it's a better deal to buy seperate or just go ahead and get the two pack with the color and black and white...??? Anyho...Maybe I'll go check that out tomorrow if I get some time in the afternoon. If not, I'll do that on Friday. Also want to go by HL and check if they have these new stickers we found at M's cause HL has stickers 1/2 off this week. At M's I want to get this reindeer stamp I'd seen in the $ bin, but kept debating, but then I saw someone use it so now I want it;) Oh, and these K&Co. Christmas Cheer glitter snowflakes. Want to try to make some ornaments with them:)

So here are my two LOs...

Both of these are lifts off of Lal;) I really like the bright, fun look of this one. I had to print the pic in black and white cause I printed it off Lal's printer and we couldn't edit it well cause she doesn't have an editing software:(...and I'm out of ink:(

Background paper is American Crafts, some pieces of Sassafrass Lass (LOVE it:), Prima journaling card, AC felt flowers, Paper Studio polka dot buttons and Berry Sweet chipboard stickers. Oh, I freehanded and cut out that cloud from some Paper Studio grid paper and then outlined with a Slick Writer:)

The more I look at this one, the more I notice that the color is off on one of the pics. I printed these off at home. You can tell the ink was getting low:( I might reprint and swap out if I can without messing anything up.

K&Co papers, not sure which, I got them from Lal:), Paper Studio lace trim, Rusty Pickle buttons, Tim Holtz Addage ticket, small paper doilie and Heidi Grace cardstock quote:)

Must go shower and get to bed now. Oh, I inked my ornaments I'm working on tonight. So one step closer to getting done. I'm going to work on them some more tomorrow...hopefully. Will upload a pic as soon as they are complete. Have a good night:)

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Happy Mail Day!!!

Yay, yay!!! I got this great package from my 2Peas pal today:)

The CUTEST Santa container filled with chocolates; Recess, York Peppermint Patties and Hershey's Chocolate Santas. V is already eyeing those chocolate Santas;) The yummiest smelling Gingerbread Applesauce candle, some ribbons, a stamp set and a bling word. LOVE it all. Thanks so much, Marla:)

Today I spent the day over at my mom's helping Lal with Mikey. He was pretty good. Don't want to jinx myself for tomorrow;) I took him a few Hershey's Kisses as a surprise and he was pretty happy about it. He didn't want to share with Lal,but I had an extra one. Then he came back and asked me for more cause he said, "they are SO delicious"...LOL

I'm working on some Christmas ornaments right now. I'll upload some pics as soon as I get them done:)

Monday, December 1, 2008

School's Back in Session...

Yay!!! The kids went back to school today;) It was an easy morning. No whining or complaining. Let's see how tomorrow goes.

So I got a lot done around the house today. All my cleaning done and a few other things I'd been meaning to do. One of which was dusting. I got all the way to the living room. I still need to do the front rooms of the house, but I'm saving that for next week;)

I did my grocery shopping for the week too. No shopping this week. Gotta save up for Christmas. I have quite a few things listed on Craiglists. Hoping I can get a good amount of $$$. I did pretty well last year, so I'm hoping for a repeat. It really helps with the Christmas expenses:)

I didn't get any pics of my sb goodies I got over Black Friday and the weekend. I just put everything away as I was cleaning up:( I guess there's an upside to that. Sometimes documenting my purchases is a little scary;)

I hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving. We spent it over at Steve's parents house. It was just us and his brother Jerry came and ate with us too. My mom had to work:(

After we ate, we left the two younger kids and me Steve and Stevie went out to a movie. We caught Twilight. I really liked it. I'm seriously considering reading the books now:) I also stopped by M's and got one of the Cricut carts (Joys of the Season) I'd been wanting since they were having the $29 cart sale;) They had tons of carts.

We went back and dropped off Stevie back at my inlaws and we came home to get some rest of the Black Friday shopping. I was up at 4am the next day!!! We hit Walmart and Target, took a break for breakfast and then went by Scrapbook Cottage. There wasn't a whole lot that we needed that was on sale, but Black Friday has become sort of a tradtion for us, so we had to go:)

Walmart had the Expressions on sale and they also had lots of carts including the new Storybook and Graphically Speaking. They were price matching M's ad so you could get them for $29!!! Too bad I already have them:( They also had the Solutions carts!!!

Today as I was IMing with Lal she informed me that she fractured her ankle yesterday so I am going over there tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday to watch Mikey so she can rest. Wish me luck;)

Not much else going on...or that I can think of. No scrapping going on yet either. I'm still waiting on the mojo:)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving;)

It's been a long week with the kids here at home. Tomorrow we will be having our Thanksgiving meal over at my inlaws. My mom is working tomorrow:(, but we get to spend Christmas with her:)

Monday I got all my house cleaning done and I also did a bit of rearranging and purging. Since I got rid of that big Dora doll house of V's and all the furniture for it, it freed up quite a bit of space in one of the toy trunks. I was able to move lots of stuff that was in one of her toy bins to the trunk and the rest was condensed onto the bigger toy bin unit. That freed up a bit of wall space in the room:)

So I went to Walmart and got a smaller TV cart and moved her TV, game systems, DVD player, etc. to the back where she MIGHT use them more and moved the bin unit into my scrap room where her entertainment center used to be.

I also got another of the smaller craft tables. I was hoping to use one of the larger banquet tables we already have, but that was just too large, so I got a smaller one like the one I already have in my room. That went where the entertainment center was and the bin unit went underneath.

I finally moved all my punches to the front (they were still in the back hanging on the closet door in one of those pocket pouchie thingies:) and put them in the bins. Worked out great;)

This is also the table where my new little sewing machine that Steve is giving me for Christmas is going to go;)I got this from my 2 Peas holiday pal on Monday. TOO cute. LOVE the cute little sign and the gingerbread man on the card. I LOVE gingerbread men:) V was very excited about all those peppermints. She LOVES peppermints. I can't wait to try this recipe:) Thank you, Marla:)

A little shopping on Sunday. Sizzix was 1/2 off at M's. I used my coupon for the snowflakes and the bling was only $1.

Yesterday I went to my mom's cause Lal said I could have her tree cause they were using my mom's smaller one this year. I really did not want to fuss with putting up our ginormous tree this year. It's SO big for our small living room and it's always SO crowded in here while it's up. So I wanted something smaller...well, just not so wide.

Anyway, went over there and we hung out, went by J's and T's at Crossroads and I picked up a few things. I got some clear lights at T's cause I wanted to do all clear this year with my gingerbread ornaments...kind of like icing;) Then at J's I got some felt snowflakes, some bead trim and a Sizzlits Christmas die. It has a penguin, an angel and a reindeer. I made the penguin and the angel yesterday and they are too cute:)

So anyway, back to my mom's and we looked for the tree and we couldn't find it:( So I ended up going to Walmart and picking up a temp for now. After Christmas I hope to get one I like at a good deal and that's what we'll use from now on:)

So I got home and we got the tree up in about 1 hour:) Yay!!! It was so much more fun and didn't feel like such a chore spending the whole day getting the huge tree up. Once again "yay"!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow surrounded by family and friends:)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Here in My Gloomy Place...

Oh, dear...Oh, was such a gloomy and dreary day. I couldn't motivate myself to do anything:(

I did get up and run to the grocery store early this am cause I couldn't get Steve to move fast enough. So I ran for some things I needed for breakfast then came home to make it. This is where my day started to go downhill. As I was trying to cut the plastic on the mexican sausage, the knife slipped and it sliced through my finger...OUCH!!! The sadder thing is...I've done this before:( This time was not as bad as the last time, but it was throbbing for quite a bit and I've had to change my bandaid quite a few times cause it keeps slipping off from getting wet from all the hand washing:(

So anyway, the rest of the day just kind of drug on and I just couldn't get myself to do anything productive...or maybe I should say "fun"...cause I got my house stuff done and I washed out some bins in the fridge I'd been meaning to do. Washed a load of delicates then hung them to dry in our wash room. Took pics of some things and listed them on Craigslist.

So earlier I had a bit of a headache coming on too so I took some Ibuprofen to nip it in the bud and then I laid down for a while and took a little nap. Later in the afternoon, after I got up, I decided to work on some Christmas cards.

I am always saying I am going to make my cards and have them ready to mail out then I just keep procrastinating and never get them done and we end up not sending any out at all. So I thought I'd start today.

I don't consider myself a very good card maker in the least, but I had these MME Festive/Frost card kits I bought on clearance at 911 last year. I LOVE these lines...(remember I found the big pad at M's recently;) So I brought out my kits and started to work on them.

I did the first 3 and was pretty happy with how they turned out...

I added some things that didn't come in the kits like the green scalloped square behind the cardstock quote, the Sizzix cut snowflake and the twine. I used adhesive mounts on the quote and snowflake to give them more dimension:)
Oh, I need to add a quick note here. My knee had been killing me the last couple of days (I credit it to the Eliptical), so I took a couple days off to see if it would feel any better which by today it significantly was. So as I'm going to scoot in my chair at my desk, I knocked my knee on a shelf I have under there. I mean, I really slammed into it. Duh!!! I hope my knee doesn't start hurting AGAIN:(

So we ate dinner and chilled for a while, then I went back and worked on 3 more:) These went a lot quick and were easier. I really enjoyed working on them.

To these I added the dimensional snowflake sticker, again a scalloped square and some lace trim on the bottom. I used the plain silver staples to attach it:)

Here's V reading her school journal. I thought it was so funny. She wanted to wear the Indian hat. They made them at school on Friday. I love the part when she says..."Uh...I don't know what I wrote there"..."or when she says..."I'm just going to make something up"...Too funny:)

Ugh...I can NOT get this video thing to work:( I'll try again later:)