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My Scrap Space

Monday, December 29, 2008

What's Going On???...

Today was a fun, stress free day. I took a break from the ant drama going on over here and got up early, cleaned up and then went over to my mom's. In case I hadn't mentioned, we have these crazy ants...Literally, that IS what they are called. You can google it. So we've had them before, but we sprayed and kept it up and they went away. I think we'd been almost like 2 years ant free. Then a few weeks ago we started seeing some here and there in the house. We did some spot spraying, but it just kept getting worse. They came back with a vengence it seemed:(

So we've sprayed outside like 3 or 4 times. This past Sunday Steve spent like 2 hours outside spraying and he also put out some granules. We'll see how that goes. We have had a couple of "not so bad" days in the course of these last few "ant" weeks, but for the most part it has not been too good. Maybe we just went too long without spraying. Anyway, like I said, hopefully they won't stick around much longer.

So today was not too bad at all. I cleaned up before I left and didn't have to worry about ants all day. Lal and I went to T's at Crossroads, J's and HL. Then we went to M's at Ingram. They had LOTS of clearance. We must have spent like 30 minutes looking in the clearance bins. I'll update with pics later. Haven't had a chance to upload yet.

I started working on a LO I had sitting on my desk for a bit. I'm pretty much done. Just need to reprint my pic cause the 4x6 I printed out is too small for my LO. I'll probably get that done tomorrow, hopefully.

Also kept forgetting to post the pic of my "thank you" gift I sent to my 2Peas pal for our swap. I couldn't post until I knew she received it cause I didn't want to ruin the surprise:) With this last package I sent out, I have officially completed my first swap on 2Peas:)
This was my first attempt at altering a journal. I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out. Here's a bit of a closer look...
That's all my news for today. I'm really tired so I'm going to turn in. Goodnight all:)

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