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My Scrap Space

Monday, December 1, 2008

School's Back in Session...

Yay!!! The kids went back to school today;) It was an easy morning. No whining or complaining. Let's see how tomorrow goes.

So I got a lot done around the house today. All my cleaning done and a few other things I'd been meaning to do. One of which was dusting. I got all the way to the living room. I still need to do the front rooms of the house, but I'm saving that for next week;)

I did my grocery shopping for the week too. No shopping this week. Gotta save up for Christmas. I have quite a few things listed on Craiglists. Hoping I can get a good amount of $$$. I did pretty well last year, so I'm hoping for a repeat. It really helps with the Christmas expenses:)

I didn't get any pics of my sb goodies I got over Black Friday and the weekend. I just put everything away as I was cleaning up:( I guess there's an upside to that. Sometimes documenting my purchases is a little scary;)

I hope everyone had a very nice Thanksgiving. We spent it over at Steve's parents house. It was just us and his brother Jerry came and ate with us too. My mom had to work:(

After we ate, we left the two younger kids and me Steve and Stevie went out to a movie. We caught Twilight. I really liked it. I'm seriously considering reading the books now:) I also stopped by M's and got one of the Cricut carts (Joys of the Season) I'd been wanting since they were having the $29 cart sale;) They had tons of carts.

We went back and dropped off Stevie back at my inlaws and we came home to get some rest of the Black Friday shopping. I was up at 4am the next day!!! We hit Walmart and Target, took a break for breakfast and then went by Scrapbook Cottage. There wasn't a whole lot that we needed that was on sale, but Black Friday has become sort of a tradtion for us, so we had to go:)

Walmart had the Expressions on sale and they also had lots of carts including the new Storybook and Graphically Speaking. They were price matching M's ad so you could get them for $29!!! Too bad I already have them:( They also had the Solutions carts!!!

Today as I was IMing with Lal she informed me that she fractured her ankle yesterday so I am going over there tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday to watch Mikey so she can rest. Wish me luck;)

Not much else going on...or that I can think of. No scrapping going on yet either. I'm still waiting on the mojo:)

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