My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Thursday, July 31, 2008


Got one more done. Actually I have one other that isn't quite finished. I'm stuck on a couple of details so it's on hold. I worked on this one yesterday and finished it up today...

I really like the way this one turned out. I used a few sets of my Autumn Leaves stamps, stamped them onto white cardstock, colored them in with colored pencils then cut them out. I layered on the stars for more of a dimensional look, but it's hard to tell from this pic. I should have taken a side view as well:(

Papers are Paper Studio (green) and MME (striped),page from Prima journaling book and Prima Dude flowers with black button centers.

I came home to find the most AWESOME RAK from a friend over on Thanks so much, Renea:)

So much Prima goodness:) I can't wait to use some of this:)

I went over to my mom's for a bit yesterday. My BFF went by and check out my truck...been making some noise, so he's gonna work on that. Came home and mowed the lawn and trimmed up the hedges. Paying for it today with a bit of an allergy headache:(, but at least it got done.

I went through V's armoire and closet the other night to start making room for her new school clothes. I filled up two BIG bags and I still have quite a bit to go. I'm gonna work on that some more over the weekend or next week. I have to get that done pretty soon.

Not much else going on around here. The days go by SO fast. School is just around the corner.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Three More Completed...

That puts me at 73!!! :) I think I'm doing pretty good on keeping up with my goal. At this rate, I just might do double what I had anticipated:) Wouldn't that be cool???

So here are my latest...

This pic is from Oyster Baker this past year:) All papers are BG Color Me Silly. I really like how all the bright colors stand out against the black. Very "fiesta";) I got this idea off of 2Peas.This one's a lift of a lift. Lal lifted it off someone and I lifted it off Lal:) This was a real quick one as well as the previous one. Pic of the kids a few weeks ago when Lij was spending some time over here:) Back paper is MME. Teresa Collins diecut from the Damask, K&Co. Mira diecuts, MM border strip, Cricut cut flourish and Autumn Leaves stamp.

This one was a little more time consuming...a little more my style;) Lifted off of Pic of Mattie, Mark and Nick at his birthday "party" just recently. This is the only pic of them together and the only pic of Mattie with Mark since he was very little. I'm sure this is going to mean a lot to him later in life.

Paper Studio and MME paper (polka dot), Bazzill paper flowers and Prima Collage flowers, MM decorative brads, Tim Holtz Grungeboard that I covered with gold Stickles, HS ghost clocks, bronze Scribbles for my flourishes and Autumn Leaves stamps for the bigger flourishes. I can't remember where I got that little key from:)

So yesterday V spent they day with MIL as she so often does. I just chilled at home and got some stuff done. Went through the school supply lists and checked to see what we had and what we still needed to buy. There was very little we needed to get. Good thing we always stock up when things are really cheap, it pays off:)

Vacuumed out my truck, pulled a few weeds. I was just about to wash my truck when I got a call from an old friend...Yay!!! We met up for some drinks at Chacho's up the street. It'd been about 7 years since the last time we saw each other!!! But really...the time never seems to matter. We always just pick up where we left off:)

Aren't we cute??? ;) This was taken with her camera phone. I think it's pretty good for a phone. It was kind of hard to take the pic ourselves, but she showed me lots of pics she had on the phone and they looked AWESOME. It's one of those new IPhones. I think I want one;)

So yesterday I got a totally AMAZING surprise in the mail. There is a woman on 2Peas whose gallery I totally love. I have lifted a few of her LOs. They are just GORGEOUS. So a couple of weeks back I peamailed her to ask her about a certain paper that I'd seen her use on some LOs and that I'd been seeing quite a bit and couldn't figure out who is was from. So she messaged me back and let me know it was Prima and that she'd pick some up for me at her LSS...How cool is that??? Then she lets me know she's already mailed it out and added some extras...OMG!!! Can this get any better???!!! So I get this in the mail yesterday...

SO, SO loving the papers and the huge crystal flourishes...everything is just SO FAB!!! I can not belive this woman's generousity!!! I feel like I just got mail from a scrap celebrity...TOO cool. I can't wait to do something with all my really great new goodies:)

Today we took in the first showing of Journey to the Center of the Earth...and it just happened to be the 3D showing. It was SO cool. Excellent movie. We all loved it. Went to Target to get the few school supplies we still needed off our lists. Got V another school outfit. Headed to M's. OMG!!! They had the MM Passport line!!! I got a few of the embellies. The papers were not on the shelf yet so I gotta check back in a couple of days. I don't want to miss them. The paper racks were there and marked, but they were empty:( I have SO been wanting those and missed them when they were at 911. Plus got a 40% off coupon for next week so I want to pick up the embellie box:)

Kept hearing about the Cricut Storybook cart. I was planning on buying the Home Accents at HL. They have it for $49.99...Note...M's now has the Solutions carts. Saw them there today...So I go online and look at the Storybook cart and SO fell in love with it!!! I ordered it off of Hallmark for $59.99, regular $89.99. Only $5 shipping. So for $15 more, I got this super awesome cart. It has SO many options as opposed to the Solutions carts which are kind of limited on choices. This cart has TONS of flourishes, flowers, corners, borders...You HAVE to go check this out. It hink this has to be the best cart so far.

That's all I have to share for now. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the rest of the summer. Can't believe the beginning of school is just around the corner.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

And the Grand Total is 70...

I completed two more LOs. Well one I just needed to add the stitching. The other I did today:) So that puts me at 70 LOs for the year. Only 30 more to go to reach my goal of 100. Here they are:

Paper Studio, Miss Elizabeth's and MME pp, DCWV Glitter mat stack for the stars (cut with Sizzix), white staples, 7Gypsies cardstock sticker, Melissa Frances journaling diecut, calendar coaster, twill and Rusty Pickle buttons.This is the one I just had to do the stitching on. I really wish I had a little more space in my room so that I could permanently keep my machine out. I'm sure I'd use it alot more if it were easily accesible. I hate lugging it out of the closet everytime I want to use it:(

Anywho...MME Adore papers here, Cricut cut flourishes, lace, Bazzill paper flower, Foofala button, MME diecut title and a Prima journaling sheet. TFL

Monday, July 21, 2008


So Mattie's actual birthday was last Monday. I took him out to eat lunch at our favorite Chinese restaurant and to Game Stop to spend a gift card he got on Sunday. I brought Elijah home with me Sunday after the party, so he was here to help us celebrate.

I went by HL and got some of the new stickers they got in; 7 Gypsies and some alpha stickers. Cool new stuff they got in:)

Not much else the rest of the week. I spent Saturday over at my mom's and we all made a little trip to Michael's. Didn't find much though.

Yesterday we took the kids to the movies. We went to go see Space Chimps...not too great. Our options were that or Journey to the Center of the Earth and the kids chose the other:( I went by M's at The Rim and found those paper storage units. They were on clearance for $15. The regular price on them was $35, so I think it was a good deal.

I had a coupon for 25% off your entire purchase, but the coupon was only good between 4-8pm. I was there earlier and there weren't too many of the units left so I didn't want to chance it and wait. I picked up four although I could easily fill up quite a few more;)

I got them put together and set up last night and I LOVE them:)...

Here's a couple of LOs I've gotten done. I have one more I need to add some stitching to also:)

Sunday, July 13, 2008

It's Party Time...

So today we celebrated Mattie's 14th birthday. I seriously can NOT believe I am the mother of a 14 year old. Well, I will be tomorrow;) Shocking!!! :)

So we planned to get together at Dave and Buster's at 1pm. I went and picked up my mom and Lij and then we headed over there. Steve took Victoria and got there first. We had a really nice turn out. Matthew's biodad, Mark, and alot of his family came. It was nice being that they are usually not involved in his life. I know that it meant alot to Mattie to have him there as well as his grandfather, aunt and uncle and cousin, his brother and sister:)

Here's a few pics. My cake pics did NOT turn out well. Mark's wife, Jennifer, was taking lots of pics so I hope she got some good ones that she might share with me:)
Here's Mattie with Lij and Victoria.Mattie with my mom.Mattie with Mark and his brother Nicolas.

Matthew with his baby sister, Mia.Matthew and Nicolas:)Victoria and Gabby.

Oh..and everyone loved the cake. We all had a really good time. It was nice that everyone came to help us celebrate:)

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mario Kart Racing Mania:)

So Monday is Matthew's birthday. We are celebrating tomorrow though. We are meeting up at Dave and Buster's and doing our cake/gifts there:) One of the big things on the list this year was Mario Kart Racing for the Wii. I had no idea how popular this game was.

I remember seeing it in the stores when it first came out and even after. I thought I had plenty of time to get it. I told myself I'd start doing my birthday shopping the first week of July. Well, I think I might have even started looking a little before that, but that game was nowhere to be found. Everyone was sold out...Game Stop, Best Buy, Circuit City, Target, one had it. Game Stop said they weren't getting any in until late August!!! Ugh!!! This totally reminded me of the Wii drama of Christmas:(

So I pretty much gave up rather quickly on trying to find this game. I wasn't about to drive all over town trying to find it. Was just gonna chalk it up as a life lesson and not procrastinate next time. Live and learn:)

Well, just a few days later while I was out running around, Steve called me and said they had a used copy of the game at Blockbuster. I had managed to buy a wheel at Walmart for $10. Everyone else had them for $15 or more, so I figured the used game would be just fine. Better than no game at all.

So he says they are holding it so I rush right over. I get there and I ask the guy about it and he pulls it out from under the counter and lo and is a brand new box WITH the wheel!!! Woo hoo!!! Super excited. So now we have an extra wheel, but that will work for two players so the other player doesn't have to use the regular controller:)

So today I spent the better part of the day making Mattie's Wii inspired cake;) I can't take all the credit for this though. I totally got the idea from Estee's race car cake she made for Maddux's recent birthday:) I LOVED it the minute I saw it and couldn't think of how to incorporate this cake into a theme for Mattie. Then I thought of the game.

The idea hit me kind of late in the week so I had to improvise on some things. I saw these REALLY cool Mario Kart Racing pull back mini cars that I SO wanted for cake toppers, but the store was in Hong Kong!!! I'm sure they would not have made it here on time. So I got this idea and then relayed it to Steve and this is what we came up with:

We made the little race cars out of some Lego pieces that are a part of a Lego Racing board game that once belonged to Stevie. I bought it for him a LONG time ago:) But Victoria now plays with it. These worked out great IMO;) We made one other car with Bowser on it, but I think it would have been a little crowded on top of the cake so I left him off:(

Not much else going on around here latey. I'll upload tomorrow, hopefully with lots of great "party " pics:)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Finally Rain...

So the rain has been around for a while. I'm pretty glad about it. We needed it SO bad. Our grass is starting to look greener:) We haven't been able to get in the pool, but that's OK for now;)

The kids have been pretty entertained the last few days. I picked up Elijah from my mom's last week. They have been playing video games and watching movies. Today they spent a good while playing with Legos after I made them turn the TV off:)

Yesterday we took them to Chuck E. Cheese's for a couple of hours. Didn't do much else. I went by M's, but didn't buy much either. I think I have everything already...LOL

A couple of LOs I got done...

This is a total lift from my newest issue of Memory Makers. I used some scraps from the Junkitz Extreme Boy line. They look great even though that's a pic of Victoria:) That's pretty much all I used here except for a couple of pieces of DCWV Rockstar papers as well.This one was an idea I got off one of those idea sheets from M's. This one was in the Designer Corner...or whatever that little area is called;) Pretty much everything here is Amy Butler. I couldn't find the Lotus tags:( so I improvised and made my own:) I used my Stretch Your Imagination Cricut cart to cut out the tree. An Autumn Leaves bird stamp and some tulip punchies. I hand wrote the little quote. I REALLY do not like to use my own handwriting...but I did. The top part is textured cardstock folded over the "tag" and then I used part of the Amy Butler packaging. All the recycled packaging has stuff you can cut out of it to use it all up:)

We didn't do much for the 4th. We took in a movie. Went to go see Hancock. Excellent movie. Then went out to eat dinner at Ding How's...I don't even know if I spelled that right...LOL

I'd bought the kids matching 4th shirts, but I didn't get to get any pics cause Mattie almost immediately spilled on his shirt:( So no 4th LOs here...Total bummer:(

That's about all going on around here. Hope everyone is staying dry:)