My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


For some reason, I couldn't finish adding on my previous post...??? So I have to start another one:(

Besides the two poses from the previous post, we got three other poses framed. It looks really nice:) I was very happy with the whole experience there. I'd love to take the kids to take a pic there to give my mom for Xmas or something:)

Yesterday both kids had their awards ceremonies. Mattie's was first thing in the morning.
Mattie will be going into the seventh grade next year and my baby is going into the first!!! Big day yesterday:) So today is the last day. They both took cameras to take pics. I hope they get some good ones;) Most of my pics from yesterday did not come out very well. I always have such a hard time adjusting for indoors photos where it isn't very bright:( Anyone have any advice???

I think that sums up my week. Or at least the interesting stuff:) I have tons of house chores to do today since Steve was off for three days and we did alot of running around and catching up with stuff we needed to get done.

I renewed my ID yesterday and plan on going back next week to take the written part of my driving test:) Also had to go and get a new filter for our fridge. The water wasn't tasting so great:( Then I got the wrong one and we had to go back and return it. Of course, no one else thinks to look at the filter...sigh...We also took the kids to Craft Night at McD's. They made Shrek crowns. I still need to upload those pics.

Well, I am off to clean like a mad person. Will write more later.

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Today is the last day of school. I've been pretty busy lately so haven't had time to blog.

This past Saturday the kids went to my MILs and I went over to my mom's. Spent the day with my nephews who ended up being over there. We went to see my grandma and Miguel's brother was selling bbq plates, so we had that for lunch. My aunt and uncle also got back Saturday with my other nephew, Nick, who lives in Mississippi. That kid is too funny:) My MIL dropped off the kids before she went to church, so Victoria got to play with Nick for a while. They get along so well. Too bad I wasn't toting my camera that day:(

I hit 911 that evening and picked up several sheets of the new Elsie line:)

I also stopped by the HL on Bitters and found this:

Hobby Lobby now has all the Queen & Co. felt ribbons!!! I had really been wanting the black one:) And those buttons are fab. The bags are the same size as the large Autumn Leaves ones that are $5.99 and these were only $3.99:) They also have all the AC chipboard, plastic, foam and felt shapes and stuff. Even some like holiday ones. I didn't get any of those though. I am doing REALLY good with my spending lately:)

Sunday we took the kids to see Pirates of the Caribbean. The movie was over 2 1/2 hours long, but it was pretty good. From the looks of it, there will be a new Pirates movie soon...I can't wait for the new Harry Potter. We are big Harry Potter fans:)

We took Victoria to take her "graduation" pics at the Picture People at North Star. They came out soooo good. It was so hard to chose between all those poses.

Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Monday Again...

I spent Saturday at Lal's. We did some scrapping and the kids played all day. It was alot of fun for all of us;) We ended up spending the night and the kids were really psyched about having a sleepover. They all slept on the floor in Mikey's room:)

Here's a couple of the LOs I got done on Saturday.

I scraplifted this LO from I went by 911 and picked up a few sheets of Stella Ruby. I really like the way this one came out. This is a pic of Victoria, Anabel and Alize at the Fiesta party at school.

I saw this LO in the Creative Imaginations gallery and fell in love with it and this paper. This was one I DIDN'T happen to pick up the night we cropped so when I went back to get the Stella Ruby, I was lucky enough to still find this. I am made a very similar LO with a pic of Victoria and her teacher, but I just need to add her report card on the LO when she gets it...then I'll upload a pic:)

This is Mattie's school Spring pic from last year. I just got around to scrapping it, but I am totally in love with how it turned out:) I need to find a copy of his last report card from fifth grade to copy them onto the library card in the slash pocket.

Sunday I took Lij for the day. We went out to breakfast at Bill's then took them to the first showing of Shrek 3. We did our grocrey shopping and Steve bought all the kids a skateboard. We went home and while I put the groceries away, they stayed outside and tried out their boards.

We finally got the grass cut...well at least in the front yard. Steve got the mower started and let Mattie cut the yard. I wish I'd taken some pics of that, but I totally wasn't thinking:( Victoria and Lij did a super job of picking up all the branches that were in the yard. I trimmed the hedges and then Victoria and Lij raked up all the twigs. They were such a big help:) So we got it all done and then took the kids out to lunch at Cici's Pizza.

We dropped Lij off afterwards and then headed back home. I know the kids had a great weekend and now that summer vaca is coming up, we'll be able to do that alot more.

I am on about day 8 of my diet/workout routine. I have done a really good job of keeping up with my workout; only missing Saturday:) So far my body fat has gone down 4% in about 7 days!!! I really want to lose about 15lbs. I hope I can do it by July:)

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Something of a Morning...

Starting on a good note, I got a good night's sleep and we got up in a timely manner this morning. We weren't rushing to get out the door and we had a pretty smooth morning. Just like I like it:)

So we head out the door, Victoria and I, on our way to school. Backpack, lunchbox, keys and phone. As we are getting ready to go I notice Victoria's pants are a little loose around the waist so I squat down to adust them. On a side note, I just gotta say, I LOVE the adjustable waist on kid's clothes!!! It's the next best thing to velcro and Z-strap shoes!!! :) So then we are gone.

We get all the way to the block with the school yard and I notice this piece of the metal gate sticking out along the sidewalk. The last time we were walking home a little boy tripped on it and fell and I stopped to "fix" it so it wouldn't happen to someone else. So I notice it has come out again or somebody pulled it out. So again, I bend down to fix it and then we continue on our way.

I walk Victoria to her class, say our good-byes and I head back. I walk out the front door and get about a block and a half away from school when I reach down into my pocket to feel for my phone and IT'S GONE!!! OMG!!! I totally start trying to run through my head where I could have dropped it. I KNOW I had it on the way to school cause I remember feeling it in my pocket.

So I head back to school, trying to walk the way that I went there, looking on the ground. I walk back down the hallway, get to Victoria's class and ask Mrs. Jensen if any of the kids found my luck:( So I go by the office to ask if anyone might have found it and turned it in. I just gotta say the women in there were SOOO helpful...NOT. They didn't even speak words or ask any questions, simply nodded their heads "no"...sigh...FRUSTRATING!!! I'm glad I don't have to deal with them on daily basis!!!

So I start walking back home, still looking on the ground, following my usual route and praying that I'll happen upon it. I can already hear Steve's b**ching about it like I did it on purpose. It's a pretty pricey phone he got me for my birthday. I mean, it didn't cost a million dollars, but close to $200 plus like $30 for the case it was in. So I am dreading having to hear it, but thankfully God heard my prayers and right as I was about to turn the corner onto my street...THERE it was!!! I was soooo relieved and happy:) I almost kissed it except it had been on the dirty ground;)

So, that was my morning. Another perk after the drama...the Spurs won!!! Woo hoo!!! Just like I predicted;) Yay, for me:)

So it is only 10am and I've got all my chores done , finished my workout for the day and the rest of my day is free. I'm gonna hit the showers and have my breakfast then work on some scrappy things. Hope everyone has a great day today.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Another One For Today

This is the last LO that I packed for Saturday and didn't get around to. These pics are from Victoria's field trip when they went to read to the elderly. All papers are Scenic Route. I LOVE these papers. I sure wish I'd bought entire collections at the Scrap Expo:( TFL


Posting my most recent LOs. The first one is one I completed at crop on Saturday.

All papers are Junkitz Extreme Boy and the rubon is Daisy D's.

The next one I didn't get to finish Saturday cause the flourishes I cut out were too large for my LO and I couldn't find anything to improvise with so I just finished it up here at home. It's a smaller version of the altered canvas I made for Mrs. Jensen for Victoria's book.

The next one I started like last week and just hadn't gotten around to finishing it up. I used a sketch LO by Tiphini on

The big chipboard heart was made for me by my good friend Ang in our Bag of Tags swap a while back. I LOVE it;) Thanks, Ang:)

The pic in this LO is from Christmas Eve at my BILs house. I absolutley love the pic, but it was very grainy and unfocused. I REALLY wanted to scrap it and couldn't find a way to "fix" it. I photo edited it some and printed it out in antique. I think I like the overall look of the pic on the LO, but I REALLY wanted it to be sharper and in color:(

The papers are Basic Grey Blush. I used a combination of a sketch from and a lift off of a LO by Jennreneta. I used Prima daisies and the top of the title is Basic Grey cardstock alpha stickers. I cut the bottom of the title; the word "heart" with my Cricut using my All Mixed Up cart and did the shadow option. The little journaling square was cut using my Wishblade. TFL

Monday, May 14, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

Hope everyone had a nice Mother's Day.

Back tracking a bit, we cropped at 911 on Saturday and we got to meet Gina!!! It was too cool. She is super nice;) I hope we'll be able to crop again soon:) I also got to meet Michelle who I just met on a few days ago..."hi, Michelle":)

The kids spent the day at my MILs and spent the night as well. We met them for breakfast on Sunday and picked up the kids, then went to my mom's for lunch. Afterwards, we all went to see my grandmother. She was really happy to see us all.

Steve got me an Eliptical and three new pairs of Skechers shoes:)

I've got alot of house chores to do today:( So I best get moving. I'll upload what I workd on Saturday later today or tomorrow:)

Friday, May 11, 2007

Happy Friday

So this week was Teacher Appreciation week at school. Victoria took Mrs. Jensen some jewelery she picked out herself, some chocolates and some flowers. She was very proud of herself. I wanted to make her something special to remember her class from this year. While browsing the gallery at, I came across this absolutely gorgeous altered canvas someone had made for a teacher as well. So I was on a mission.

The whole process actually didn't take as long as I thought it would. I completed the whole project yesterday while the kids were in school. The hardest part was trying to Modge Podge the paper to the canvas. That did NOT work very well. I ended up stapling the papers edges and then adding a coat over it all. It didn't look all that great; kind of wrinkly, but the pics and embellies did an excellent job of covering that up:)

So here it is:

So I was quite apprehensive about giving this to her since I don't normally scrap for other people, but when I took it to her this morning, she was absolutely thrilled. She loved it and showed it around to all the other teachers in the hallway:) I am so glad that she liked it.

I also made her this little card thanking her for making Victoria's first year at school such a great one. Victoria just loved kindergarten and she loved Mrs. Jensen:)

Tomorrow we are cropping at 911 and I don't have a single solitary idea in my head:( I was thinking I'd make a smaller version of the altered canvas for Victoria's book because I eventually want to do that, so I may just work on that. Also wanted to scrap a pic of Victoria and Mrs. Jensen along with a note that she wrote her thanking her for the gifts she brought her this week. I am just stumped on details...what papers to use, how to lay it all out, etc. etc. etc...I need to get moving, but I'm just feeling a little unmotivated and pressured to come up with something...Waaahhhh...

Monday, May 7, 2007

National Scrapbook Day :)

Here are the "projects" I worked on Saturday at Lal's for NSD:)

This LO was inspired by the new Marah Johnson Intentions papers. I just LOVE them, but I improvised and used my Cosmo Souvenir that I had for ages:)

I did these in 6x12; something new I read about and saw on I really like working with this size especially with the larger 5x7 pics. These are my Easter pics. I used Rusty Pickle Chocolate Bunnies papers. They are too yummy:) I think the last page needs some embellies. Anyone have any suggestions??? I think it looks a little plain. All the lettering was cut out of textured cardstock and my Stamped Cricut cart.
This LO is still missing a quote I am going to add. I am still a little undecided as to how I am going to go about it. The big chipboard heart was made for my by my good friend Ang in a bag of tags swap we did a while back. Thanks, Ang!!!;) I used a sheet of my edged Bazzill to cut the patterned paper. Can't remember who the pp is...I think it's Sweetwater. The LO is inspired by a sketch on posted by Tiphini. I'll upload another pic when I add the quote. TFL.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Sunday...Tomorrow is Monday...

It's been a busy weekend. I spent Saturday at Lal's for NSD:) My mom was over too so we had a little catching up...and of course, Mikey kept us entertained as always. Gotta love that little imp;)

So we got quite a bit of scrapping done. I'll upload my LOs tomorrow. I am being lazy about taking the pics right now:( I did a "mini album" with some of my Easter pics and got two LOs done.

So today after breakfast I headed out to Michael's ISO a scalloped oval or circle Sizzix frame die, but found nothing. Looks like Mike's is clearing Sizzix dies again so keep an eye out for that. They don't have much selection in that department though after the first time they clearanced, but it's still worth a look:)

At lunch we met up with one of Victoria's school friends at McD's and then we took the kids to the movies to see Spiderman 3. It's was a pretty awesome movie!!! It ran kind of long though so we only had a little bit of time to bring Victoria and her little friend Anabel over to the house to play for a bit. We gotta set up a sleep over or something for her and her little friend soon:) They are sooo cute together.

Just a couple of pics. Tammy uploaded a pic of Hannah with her new Cabbage Patch doll so I thought I'd put one up of Victoria as well;) Let's all put up pics of Cabbage Patch dolls...LOL...Also a pic of Victoria and her twin babies:) I was telling Tammy about this the last time we are too funny.

Here she is with her doll and her doll's dog:)
Here she is with her "twins":)

Thursday, May 3, 2007

One for Today

I worked on another LO today. I was in a bit of a funk today. I guess I've wasted my scrappy mojo over the last few days:) I think I need a little scrappy break and need to do some more shopping;)

I scraplifted this from Grandma_sue on

I took some pics of Victoria afterschool today. She loves to blow dandelions. I tried to get a pic with the seeds blowing in the wind, but for some reason there was a delay in my camera...I HATE when it does that:( So here they are...

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Some new LOs

I worked on a couple more LOs today. Both are scraplifts off of and Robinzberdz.

I just love this pic of Victoria. It really shows her personality. Girly, but still kind of tomboyish and always acting silly.

I finally used a sheet of my Magnolia paper pad. I used one of the Bazzill shaped cardstock sheets to trace the pattern onto the back of my paper and then I hand cut with my Cutterbees. Wasn't as hard or time consuming as I thought it would be:) I also used some of my new Prima Sprites and some of my Primas from my bra...or panties...can't remember which one;) I cut the swirlies with my Wishblade.

The pic is Victoria and Shelby at the Fiesta party last week. Shelby was the first friend Victoria made in Kindergarten. She just loves her!!!

Well, we are getting some more rain here tonight. Not bad at all though. The worst has passed us over, but still getting a little rain and some thunder. I'm heading to bed early though cause I am tired. I hope to get a little more scrapping done tomorrow.

Victoria has a field trip to a nursing home where they are going to read to the eldery. I really wish I could come, but they didn't ask for chaparones this time. It's not a long trip. She is really excited about it and glad that she has gotten better at the books they are reading tomorrow. She was also really psyched afterschool today cause she did really well at counting to 100 today without being prompted. She was soo proud and kept mentioning it:)

K...I am off to bed. Goodnight all:)

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Scrappy Day

I got some scrapping done today...finally. I had done an awful lot of shopping and hadn't gotten the chance to scrap. Here's what I got for today...

I scraplifted this idea from someone on (Mama2my3princes). I had these pics from Cold Stone for a while and had somewhat of an idea of what I wanted to do, but the LO put it all together:)

I finally scrapped my Thanksgiving pics. I did a "grid" sketch. Lal did something like this a while back. I cut the flourishes with my Wishblade and all the leaves and pumpkin are Sizzix cut.

I previously uploaded this LO, but I was feeling like it needed something more so I added the cardstock arrow today. I used one of my Scenic Route cardstock arrows as a template and cut it out of white cardstock. Then I "stitched" the edges with a black Zig pen. TFL:)