My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Desperately Seeking Wii...

So Victoria and Mattie both asked for a Wii for Christmas. I got the inside scoop that Walmart restocks them during the week between 10:30 and 11. So I was there a few weeks the week before Thanksiving and I manage to get one. They had at least a dozen or so left after I got mine. So I call Steve and ask him if we are going to buy both that day and he says wait on the other. So foolishly I listened thinking I'd be able to get a hold of another....How wrong I was.

I have spent the last week going to Walmart EVERYDAY and stalking the people in the electronics department. I was there again at 10:30 this morning only to be told that once again the shipment did NOT come in. So I go across the street to Game Stop where the guy behind the counter tells me they don't have any and they don't tell him when they are getting any in...sigh...Thanks alot.

So I drive to the other Walmart by my house...NADA. Then the guy tells me they got a shipment in on Monday!!! I was at the De Zavala Walmart...So now I am going to have to drive to opposite directions everyday until I find one.

I have a friend who lives out of state who says her Walmarts have lots and she offered to buy it and ship it for me. I am thinking I am be taking her up on her offer real soon.

I am kind of at a stand still on my shopping since I can't really buy games for the Wii until we actually have the other Wii, you know???

So PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for me that I might find one tomorrow morning. Does anyone need me to pick up anything for them from Walmart while I am there??? Hee hee

This afternoon I got in a little yard work. My intentions were only to trim a bit off the hedges out front, but passing through the garage I boxed some Halloween stuff Steve had left out and put it back in the storage room. Then I went through some stuff and threw out a few things. After the hedges I swept out the mess of leaves in the courtyard then just went ahead and raked up a bit and picked up all the leaves and put them out to be picked up tomorrow. I still have more raking to do, but I got quite a bit done. I'll work on the rest later.

I was so afraid all that raking and cutting was going to totally aggrivate my allergies (which is why I was putting it off), but so far so good. A little bit of sneezing earlier, but I hopped in the shower and it's all good now:)

Well, I'm in the midst of making dinner so I gotta get back to that...In the meantime, I made a new Christmas wreath that is now hanging on my door. I added a couple more things to it today, so I'll have to update the pic later.

This is my first Christmas decoration to go up. I hope to get a few outdoor things put up soon. Or at least start pulling them out of the garage:) As soon as I get the chair out of our living room, then I can get our tree up. Hopefully this weekend when Steve is home so I don't have to do everything myself. It will make it much more enjoyable.

Saturday, November 24, 2007


It's been a long busy weekend. Thanksgiving was really nice. We spent it over at Lal's. Stevie came to spend it with us also. Last year he spent it with his mom. The food was good, we were all together. We had a nice time. Lal and Miguel got Guitar Hero for the Xbox 360, so we took turns doing that. I am not so good at it. Stevie played most, trying to "win" them more songs...which he did:) I didn't really get any pics though:( So not much to scrap for Thanksgiving:(

Mattie had been staying over at Lal's with my mom, we dropped Victoria off at the inlaws and Stevie went back home that night. We went to bed pretty early to rest up for Black Friday shopping. We were up at 4am to be at Walmart before 5. There wasn't too much we wanted/needed, but it's become somewhat of a tradition for us so we were there:)

At Walmart I just got a few things...those wheelie type "shoes" for Victoria and Mattie, some pj's for Mikey and some DVDs for my collection.

We hit Target next. I got a really nice throw blanket for my bed that I'd been wanting, but didn't want to pay $50 for. Got it for $20:), some more DVDs, a video game for the Xbox 360 for Stevie and I got Steve the gold DS with the Zelda game.

Went to M's next. Got two Cricut carts (Base Camp and Tear Drop) and one of those Ott lights. Had been wanting one of those for a while and they had one on sale for $20. These are Xmas presents for me from Steve. He already opened his DS and has been playing it since yesterday so he said I could open my gifts he got me yesterday, but I haven't:)

We went and picked up Victoria after and went for breakfast then came home and took a nice break. Napped a bit, had lunch, watched some TV. I went by HL by Embassy later in the day and found the BG Mellow paper pack. I had already found the Figgy Pudding one the other day; both 1/2 off. Someone on mentioned they were also carrying Infuse, but I have yet to come across that one. I hope they get some of the other newer ones. I really want Periphery.

So after HL we took Victoria to the movies to see Magorium's Emporium. It was OK. She liked it.

We took Victoria to see Santa Claus today at Ingram. I was expecting a line like last year, but was SO pleasantly surprised to find a line of only about six ppl ahead of us!!! We were done in less than like 20 minutes:) We looked around the mall for a bit. Went to JCPenny and found Victoria quite a few pants for 60% off. She really needs some cause she is just growing SO fast and keeps outgrowing them. Not width wise, but length wise:) Let's see how long these last.

We went by Target later in the day and Steve got me the Ipod docking alarm clock...another Xmas gift:) I can't wait to use that one. I wanted it in pink, but they were out so I just got the black one. Maybe if I find the other one later, I'll take this one back and exchange it for the pink:)

So that's been my long weekend. I just got through watching Music & Lyrics; one of the DVDs I got yesterday. It was really cute and now we are watching Santa Clause 3. We just had some hot chocolate and cookies too:) Yummmy. It's back to the diet on Monday cause I have been so naughty:( So it's back to the couch to relax and wrap up in my throw. Although the colder weather is a welcome change, I hate being cold.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Almost Thanksgiving...

Only a couple more days. We'll be spending it over at Lal's with my mom this year.

Today I hung out over at my mom's for a bit. Lal was over there and we went over to Crossroads. I got some of the Bazzill blingie rubons and a new swatchbook and the BG Figgy Pudding...all 1/2 off:)

Last Sunday I went by Michael's and picked up these awesome 12x12 baskets for only $2!!! My intentions were not to use them for that reason, but when I saw my papers would fit in there, I was psyched:) Now I'm wishing I had picked up more than just four. I grabbed mine on the way into the store (they were in one of those big bins out front) and by the time I walked back out, the bin was CLEANED out!!!

So I came home and reorganzied my area some. I updated my space pic here on my blog so you can see the baskets I am talking about:)

We took the kids to see the Bee Movie on Sunday as well...very funny:) I love Jerry Seinfeld.

We cropped on Saturday and I got four LOs done. We got there about 3 or so and I stayed until about 9:30. Adriana came out too, so they stayed a little later. Lal got 8 LOs done!!!

Here's what I got done:
I actually dug into my stash and used some of my older papers for this one; some Daisy D's French Market, Gypsy and I think I even used a sheet of Attic Heirloom. The butterfly is an Autmn Leaves stamp I stamped on cardstock and then cut out. The title is a Daisy D's rubon. I traced some of the Cosmo Cricket flourish thingies from my paper pack onto thin chipboard, then cut them out and painted with MM paint. I also used my Scribbles on this one and a Prima Sprite.
This one was inspried by a LO I saw on the CK site. It's a pic of me and my little cousin a couple weeks back at a party for his son. This is right before they moved to El Paso for his new job as a border patrol. I used Elsie Riley papers and cardstock Trinkets, some buttons and just plain textured cardstock.

This one was inspired by a LO I saw on 2 Peas. It's a pic of Victoria at the park sitting on the bench with the statue:)...textured cardstock, Bazzill edge cardstock, Primas...Sprites, daisies and some of the roundy petal ones:). I stamped with my HS stamp and cut out the title. Used adhesive gems and some Bobbin Ribbon that looks like a ruler. The lace looking stuff I got at the Dollar Tree. It's paper and it's adhesive backed. I GOTTA get some more of that stuff:) 7 Gypsies journaling card, chipboad flourish and some sheer polka dot ribbon.

I got the idea for this one out of a mag...can't remember which one. I used all Foof A La papers, 7 Gypsies journaling card and arrow turns and some rubons from one of the Swatchbooks. I stamped the heart with one of my Autumn Leaves stamps and then cut it out and mounted on cardstock.This is one I worked on a couple weeks back. It's a pic of Victoria on Halloween. I was just dying to use these Rusty Pickle Pirate Princess papers. The flowers are Doodlebug and DCWV and the letter stickers are Doodlebug Simply Sweet. The skulls are from the Creative Imaginations Skull/Crossbones kit.

My papers came in Monday!!! I ordered my Zoe papers from 2 Peas cause I couldn't find them locally. I can't wait to use them:)

I also ordered some of the Noel line:) TFL

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Well, I started to blog on Monday, left to pick up the kids and totally forgot about finishing it up. I turned off the computer and lost what I'd written so far:(...Not that it was anything super exciting as not much has been going on around here, but still...:)

I have been fighting this horrible cough/cold for over a week now. I am finally starting to feel some relief. SO glad:) I've been drinking alot of hot tea. That seems to help alot. I hadn't been getting much sleep cause the cough was keeping me up or waking me up and I couldn't get back to sleep:(

Despite my cold I was still able to get my weekly housework done with the exception of dusting. I am not ready to tackle that cause I know that is going to aggrivate my allergies and I am just beginning to feel better. I also need to trim the hedges outside...but same thing there. The turtle tank needs to be cleaned, but I so despise doing that. I need to get him a new filter though cause I am pretty sure that one has had it.

This Saturday we are cropping at 911 so I need to start getting my stuff ready. I only have one LO sketched out and possibly another. My mojo usually kicks in right before so I am hoping that will be the case.

We are going early so we will have alot of crop night so I need to have alot of LOs planned. Adriana is going to be cropping with us too. I really wish we could get more of our friends to make it out. It's been pretty scarce for a while, but I know everyone gets busy with work and kids and such.

I got a nice surprise in the mail last week. My friend Steph sent me a $20 gc to Hobby Lobby. Woo hoo!!! Can't wait for them to have a good sale so I can go do some shopping:) Thanks Steph!!!

I have not been working out since this whole cough/cold thing, but last night I did 10 minutes on the Eliptical before I took a shower. I weighed myself this morning and was surprised that I hadn't put on as much weight as I thought I had:) I only need to lose 5lbs. That is totally doable before Thanksgiving:)

Well, I am off to grocery shop and stop by the LSS for something I need for one of the LOs I am working on this weekend. I sure hope they have what I need.

I got a couple of LOs done, but have to take pics and upload. I'll put them up on my next post and probably this weekend's work as well:)

Monday, November 5, 2007

Update to Now...

So Halloween went well. We got a bit of an early start. Victoria and I both dressed up as pirates and Mattie was Superman. We gave out a little bit of candy, then Steve took the kids up and down our street and up the next street. They got a good amount of candy. When they got back, we gave out some more candy for a bit longer, then we called it a night. We didn't get a whole lot of trick or treaters again. Last year was pretty slow too, but we anticipated and didn't buy a whole lot of treats. We wrapped it all up and the kids were showered and in bed by 9pm:)I picked up my mom on Thursday evening and we spent Friday shopping around. Elijah came over Friday; Steve picked him up after work and he spent the weekend with us. I hadn't seen him in quite a while, nor had the kids, so they were all really excited.

I also got my box of goodies from My friend Ang got me a $45 GC for my birthday and here's all the goodies it paid for:

I also baked up a couple of Duncan Hines dump cakes. Gosh, I LOVE this stuff!!! We went through an entire one that very evening. Yuuummmy:POK...I am just loving this little guy. Too bad it is seasonal. I found him at Walmart. He was part of the Halloween stuff. It's called Prettyfreekinscary. I got this bobble head, a stuffed one and lots of other cool stuff:
Saturday we got up early and took the kids to eat at Burger King for breakfast. I planned on taking them to the park afterwards, but there was some sort of Health Fair or something going on there and there was no parking and TONS of ppl so we came back home and they played games and stuff all day then I took them back to the park in the evening. We stopped for chocolate dipped cones on the way home and then I made them hot dogs for dinner. I started getting a bit of a headache and took a little nap after dinner.

I also got a chance to work on this LO Saturday during the day. It's a lift off of either or 2Peas...can't remember. I picked up the Flair Autumn paper pack at HL and used my 40% off coupon and got a really good deal:) Other products used: American Crafts felt ric rac, Scribbles, 7 Gypsies journaling card, Heidi Swapp bloom, MM paint, Sizzix cut chipboard alphas; Doodleblock and flower gems from the Target $ Spot.

Sunday was another early start especially with the whole time change. The kids were up REALLY early. I woke up with a bit of a sore throat, but it wasn't too bad. We went for breakfast then dropped my mom off back home. We headed to the air show at Randolph. It was sooo cool. The kids had a pretty good time even though there was lots of walking involved. It was a great day; not too hot and a nice breeze blowing.

As the afternoon went on, my throat started hurting a bit more and by the early afternoon, it was killing me. I could hardly swallow. We dropped off Elijah and headed home. By this point my body was aching horribly. The minute I walked in the door I took a shower and went to bed. I was in bed by 7pm!!! I anticipated waking up feeling ALOT worse this morning, but fortunately I don't feel too bad. My body is still VERY achy, but my throat is nowhere near as bad as yesterday. I've got a bit of a cough and my throat's a little scratchy. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

I've spent most of the day doing chores I neglected over the weekend and my weekly cleaning. I'm not quite done yet, but I'm taking it kind of easy since I'm not really feeling 100%. Well, gotta get back to work. I'm starting to feel icky again, so I might just lie down for a bit before I continue.