My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas...

I am finally done with all my shopping. Hooray!!! I wrapped everything yesterday afternoon after I picked up the kiddies from school. Locked myself in my bedroom and got it all done in just a couple of hours. I got my goodies made (the pretzel recipe I got off Gina's blog:).

I am getting Victoria ready right now to make up her goodie bags for her class. They are having their class party on Friday so she is taking them then. Tomorrow is Polar Express Day. They get to wear their pjs to school and have activites all day long. She is SO excited:)

The only things I have left to get done are some tags I want to make to go along with the teacher gifts and some ornaments. Every year I make a set of ornaments for our tree and a set for my mom and MIL. I usually do something using the kids pics.

So most things are crossed of my list. It's not feeling as overwhelming anymore and I can relax a little more:)...Took a little break in the middle of writing and got the goodie bags for the class done:)

I hope to get a good pic of the kids in front of the tree. Maybe I'll do that later today...tomorrow for sure:)

Off to get a few more things done.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Gave Up...

Looking for the darn Wii. We decided to just go with the Xbox 360. I know Steve really wanted it to, so it's kind of present for him also. We went to Target today and bought it. Steve says that he was informed that this morning they had 71 Wiis...sigh...Of course...Best Buy had them too, but not as many. Supposedly they were giving out numbers at like 5am for the systems and then you just had to be back by 9am to pick yours up...!!! If I had know I would have most definately waited in line and whatever hour to ensure I was going to get one as opposed to driving around town for weeks like a dummy hoping to find one. I don't know how everyone knew they were going to have them and the whole number thing though. I wonder if and when they were going to be doing this again. Possibly next Sunday cause I had a friend how lives in FL tell me about the Best Buy thing so it might work the same for Target. And I kept wondering why Target never had them and no one was there looking for them during the week...I see now.

Anyway, we bought the Xbox today and I got Victoria a game for it the other day and Steve bought her another one today. I bought Steve a game for it too.. last week. I know he's gonna be really surprised because he thought that all he was getting was the DS that he opened the day I bought it (Black Friday)...:)

So with the exception of my mom's gift which I already know what I'm getting her, I just need to go back and get it, I am all done with my shopping FINALLY:) Woo hoo. I still have to work on my gift for Lal. We are making our gifts to each other this year. I got all my envies mailed out with the gifts that needed to go out of town.

I bought the goodies for Victoria's goodie bags for class, bought what the kids need to take to school for their parties. All that's left to do is wrap. I have not wrapped a single thing. Luckily most of the gifts aren't too big or too hard to wrap; lots of games, DVD's...that sort of thing. I need to make the goodie bags and make these pretzels snacks that Gina posted the recipe for on her blog. I am making some baggies for Victoria to take to her teacher and her teacher from last year and some for Steve to take to some of his employees.

Every year I also make a set of homemade ornaments for myself, my mom and my MIL so I need to get that done this week too. Actually the more I think of it, the more it seems I still need to get done.

The kids go to school all this week so that's a good thing. I still have this whole week to get things done. They go on vaca Friday and won't go back until the beginning of January.

I have house cleaning to do tomorrow then I will spend the rest of the week doing all my last minute Xmas preparations. Will upate soon. And just in case...I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Another day of searching for the Wii with no luck. So I am ready to go and drive to the GameStop since the woman working there told me the other day that they should be getting them in on Wednesday. I arrive at 9am and realize they don't open until 10, but I figure I've got the upper hand being there first.

A woman arrives a bit after and mouths to me through her closed window if I am also waiting for the store to open to get a Wii...I nod yes...At least I'm not the only crazy person still looking. I feel a little better. A man arrives right after...he's there for the same thing. We we start discussing how long we've been looking for this thing. The other woman has been searching every day for two weeks. I tell her I'm going on three. The man looks shocked at both of us.

A bit later one of the women who work there shows up and right after another. The second woman informs us that since we are the first three there we are guaranteed one. Yay!!! So she goes in and comes back and tells us we have to immediately go into the store as soon as they open so that we can get one if they come in. If we are not physically THERE when they arrive and someone else is, they get it. So we wait. She comes back out a few minutes later and informs us that they will NOT be coming in today. Come back tomorrow:( Sigh... Oh, and they only get three in a week, so we would have been the three.

So I will be there by 9:30 am tomorrow hoping. The other woman said she'd be there too.

So I head to the Walmart on Bandera. Several Walmarts got them in yesterday (Steve called around), but they had already sold out in minutes:( So I ask in electronics...Nope...not come in and didn't come in yesterday. So I hang around...for 3 hours!!! Steve said they had put them out at about noon yesterday so I am determined to stay until at least that. I walk around and keep checking back in. I am exhausted and hungry and SUPER bored. Afterall, I've been there everyday for the last three weeks. There isn't THAT much to look at:(

Finally about 12:30, I give up. I go and ask and nothing. The girl says it's not looking good for the day, but that they might come in over night. No one ever knows:(

I am catching a cold or something again:( My throat is hurting pretty bad. I came home and took something and then laid down after I got the kids from school. I slept on and off from about 4:30 until 7:30. I am not feeling good:(

Well, I've got dishes to do and a shower to take before I start over again tomorrow. Wish me luck...again:)

Saturday, December 8, 2007

More To Share...

Well, I've got the tree up and our indoor decorations. Got my two wreaths done for my double doors and we got our lawn decorations out. All we need to do now is put up our outdoor lights which will probably go up tomorrow:I still have shopping to do and I am hoping that I will be able to find that damn Wii this week or I don't know what I'll do:(

I've got several gifts wrapped and a few packages ready to be mailed out. I'm still feeling like there is too much to be done and just not enough time:(

Today we went over to Lal's to celebrate Mikey's birthday. He turns 3 on Monday:) I can't believe how time has flown. It seems like only yesterday I went to the hospital and held this teeny tiny baby and now he's this rambuctious, non-stop, hilarious little boy:) I love my little Mooky Monkey:)

I went by HL with Lal and my mom while I was over on Lal's side of town. I bought me a heat embossing gun and one of those Tim Holtz felt ink blending thingies and two Christmas wood mounted rubber stamps.

I was looking at the amazing stuff Tim Holtz has put up on his blog lately and I am so in love with it all. He has some AWESOMELY AMAZING Christmas tags on there. They are simply gorgeous. I am slowing going to try to accumulate as many of his products as possible:) I really want some of his embossing powders and some of the alcohol inks. I need to add those to my Xmas wish list;) Oh, and the Grungeboard. GOTTA get some Grungeboard. I'm gonna go by 911 tomorrow and hope that they still have some. It's been 10 days since they got it in so I'm hoping (crossing my fingers).

So when I got home I went through the old totes Steve has with all his old stamping stuff...Yes...Steve used to do stamping...LOL...Anyway, I found quite a few embossing powders and stuff in there that I can play with until I start getting my Tim Holtz goodies:)

I got these pics of Victoria the other day afterschool. I need to go some of Mattie, but I'm not sure how happy he'll be about putting the Santa hat on. But first he REALLY needs a haircut which we are giving him tomorrow, so I'll get some pics on Monday:)

Even though it's still fairly early, I'm really tired. The kids NEVER sleep late on the weekends, but come Monday they can't get out of bed...Go figure. I'm off:)

Ooops, one more thing before I go. I did a quick LO the other day. Was a lift from a LO I saw hanging at 911. Loved that Urban Lily paper so I just had to copy the LO.The background paper is Urban Lily. I really didn't need to add much to it all. The paper is so pretty. I added a "silhoutte" heart I cut out of another Urban Lily Paper (black with white polka dots), some black Doodlebug Paper Posies (that I've had FOREVER), a couple of Doodlebug blooms and a Prima Esprit, some Foof A La and Paper Studio buttons, a stamped image using one of my Autumn Leaves stamp sets and another Autumn Leaves stamp for the "title"...Love. TFL:) I'm off to bed.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Seriously Frustrated...

Ok...I have been searching for this Wii for too long. I had been on Monday and on Tuesday of this week AGAIN, by 10 am both days, so I decide today to go a little later and wouldn't you know it... By the time I get there, they had come in and sold out!!! Grrr!!! They can't be serious!!! I just KNEW they'd be there today and despite my instinct, I waited and then I was too late:( Now I have to wait until next week and check in every day to make sure I don't miss the next shipment. This is SO extremely frustrating. If I don't find one soon. I am going to SCREAM!!!

And it seems they all got them in today. Both Walmarts and Game Stop. How do I know??? Because after I heard the first store had them, I ran around like a crazy person hitting all the closest stores trying to see if I could still manage to get one, but no luck:( Ugh!!!

I really hope I get one soon. We were debating the Xbox, but I think the older Xbox is on it's way out and the new one is just too pricey IMO. I also don't think the Xbox's are geared towards younger kids. It seems to me to be more of a serious gamer type system; for the older gaming crowd. Nintendo just seems have to have more of a selection of the younger kid games.

So next week, I start my searching adventure again. Wish me luck before I go nutty...