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Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!!

I hope everyone had a nice one:) Yesterday I spent the day over at my mom's. I left the house kind of early, maybe about 10am or so. Steve had to work so I wanted to get over there so I could be there a while before I had to head back.

Steve went over after he got off from the office. He only did a half day and then he decided not to go to the shop and came over to my mom's instead. We played Scene It on the Xbox 360. That game is WAY fun. Lal beat me this time though:) Lal is like my only competition;)

We had a late lunch of tamales, rice and beans and some YUMMY cookies that Lal made and then we headed out. Steve had to come home and clean up and then we were headed out to his brother Jerry's house for the night.

It was a really nice night. We had a good time. They had quite a few people over. We had turkey, ham, mashed potatoes and all sorts of other goodies. I skipped the tamales since we'd already had that at my mom's earlier:)

We got back home about 11pm or so and then we had to hurry and get V in bed and Mattie too so we could get down to the "Santa" business;) We got to bed at almost 1am. Thankfully the kids slept in a bit past 8am. Aaahhh...nice:)

So we get to doing the stockings and as I am taking the first few pics my batttery starts to go out. Then I realize I left my back up battery in the charger back at my mom's house:( I took it yesterday to charge my batteries cause they were both out and I forgot it. Waaahhh!!! So I had to use my old Kodak which doesn't take the best pics. I'll have to see how they turned out. I haven't had a chance to upload yet. But I guess some pictures are better than no pictures.

So the kids had their usual "greed fest"; lots of games for their DSs and Wiis. I got my little Pixie sewing machine (no more lugging my huge machine out to sew on LOs:) This one can stay out on one of my tables. Steve also got me this MM desk top organzier thingie. You can put 12x12 papers in it. I saw this the last time I was there. Not one I'd seen before. Maybe it's new...???

Also got me a sock monkey stuffed toy. LOVE sock monkey, Sex and the City Season 6 Part II. I still need part I, but we couldn't find it:( My Joys of the Season cart for my Cricut and I got the Jillian workout game for the Wii. Then there was all the stuff Steve let me order online for part of my gift; the Sassafras Lass collections and the new Jenni Bowlin bingo and calendar cards. Oh, I also got an iTunes card in my stocking, but when I went to redeem it was no cooperating. I know sometimes they don't active the cards right or something. It's happened to me before:( So we have to take them back tomorrow (Stevie got one too) and have them "fix" it. So t was a fun day...a very nice Christmas:)

We had planned on just laying back and chilling all day here at the house, but then Steve's mom called for us to go over. They made a roast and a ham. I was getting ready to take a nap so just V and Steve went. I slept for almost two hours then one of my cousins called. They were over at my Grandma's old house (one of my aunt's lives there now) and Tin was there too. They got in from El Paso last night, so I got up and got ready real quick and went over there.

I can't even begin to put into words how good it felt to be there. Ever since my grandma went to the nursing home, Christmas has just never been the same for me:( And even though she wasn't there today, it still felt like Christmas. I remember even back when she was there, she'd want everyone over. She'd make all this food, but she'd spend most of her time in her room in back watching her novelas, but we still knew she was there:) And today kind of felt that way. It was good to see all my cousins and my aunts. It's kind of weird being the adults now; with kids of our own and not the kids anymore.

So Steve met me out over there and I stopped by at my mom's on the way home and got my charger. Stevie came over today so he came home and opened all his gifts. He rode home with me and we had some nice conversation as we always do:) Just talked and laughed:)

So we are home now. The kids are all playing games and I'm getting ready to fix myself something to eat cause I'm a little snacky;) I'll update with pics in a while since I got my battery back. Have a good night:)

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