My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Pre-Thanksgiving;)

It's been a long week with the kids here at home. Tomorrow we will be having our Thanksgiving meal over at my inlaws. My mom is working tomorrow:(, but we get to spend Christmas with her:)

Monday I got all my house cleaning done and I also did a bit of rearranging and purging. Since I got rid of that big Dora doll house of V's and all the furniture for it, it freed up quite a bit of space in one of the toy trunks. I was able to move lots of stuff that was in one of her toy bins to the trunk and the rest was condensed onto the bigger toy bin unit. That freed up a bit of wall space in the room:)

So I went to Walmart and got a smaller TV cart and moved her TV, game systems, DVD player, etc. to the back where she MIGHT use them more and moved the bin unit into my scrap room where her entertainment center used to be.

I also got another of the smaller craft tables. I was hoping to use one of the larger banquet tables we already have, but that was just too large, so I got a smaller one like the one I already have in my room. That went where the entertainment center was and the bin unit went underneath.

I finally moved all my punches to the front (they were still in the back hanging on the closet door in one of those pocket pouchie thingies:) and put them in the bins. Worked out great;)

This is also the table where my new little sewing machine that Steve is giving me for Christmas is going to go;)I got this from my 2 Peas holiday pal on Monday. TOO cute. LOVE the cute little sign and the gingerbread man on the card. I LOVE gingerbread men:) V was very excited about all those peppermints. She LOVES peppermints. I can't wait to try this recipe:) Thank you, Marla:)

A little shopping on Sunday. Sizzix was 1/2 off at M's. I used my coupon for the snowflakes and the bling was only $1.

Yesterday I went to my mom's cause Lal said I could have her tree cause they were using my mom's smaller one this year. I really did not want to fuss with putting up our ginormous tree this year. It's SO big for our small living room and it's always SO crowded in here while it's up. So I wanted something smaller...well, just not so wide.

Anyway, went over there and we hung out, went by J's and T's at Crossroads and I picked up a few things. I got some clear lights at T's cause I wanted to do all clear this year with my gingerbread ornaments...kind of like icing;) Then at J's I got some felt snowflakes, some bead trim and a Sizzlits Christmas die. It has a penguin, an angel and a reindeer. I made the penguin and the angel yesterday and they are too cute:)

So anyway, back to my mom's and we looked for the tree and we couldn't find it:( So I ended up going to Walmart and picking up a temp for now. After Christmas I hope to get one I like at a good deal and that's what we'll use from now on:)

So I got home and we got the tree up in about 1 hour:) Yay!!! It was so much more fun and didn't feel like such a chore spending the whole day getting the huge tree up. Once again "yay"!!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow surrounded by family and friends:)


Lal said...

Your pics came out good! Is that just with the tree lights on? It looks like alot of light....they look good! And so does the tree! We are STILL trying to figure out where that tree went! Miguel also thought it was in the back shed! Who knows where it went!! Sorry!!

Lal said...
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Ginajam said...

Hope you had a great THanksgiving!! Your Christmas tree pics are darling...I just took a few like that yesterday:-)
You are so so organized in your scrap space...can you come over and help me when I get settled???