My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Last Day of Vaca...

Tomorrow is the first day of school. I am not looking forward to the early mornings, but I'm hoping to start a lot of cleaning and purging projects around the house.

So tomorrow V will start 3rd grade. We did Meet the Teacher last Thursday. She will be in Mr. V's class and she's really excited. Two of her former classmates will be joining her; Kassandra and Isabel as well as a former kinder classmate; Shelby. We've got our first day outfit all picked out and hanging for the morning already:)

Mattie will be starting high school. Boy am I nervous wreck!!! Mattie always makes me the most nervous:( I know he has more trouble adjusting to new changes and I know he's not very social. Not like my little chatterbox;) I'm just praying it will all be OK for him. He will be riding the bus this year too. He rode the bus in 6th grade, but after that they made some changes and our area wasn't eligible for bus pickup anymore:(

So he's got his outfit set out; a Nintendo shirt and some jeans, his backpack ready and his new schedule good to go.

Thursday we also had dr. appointment for Mattie to get a refill on his meds. Then I finished my grocery shopping I didn't get done last week.

Friday I spent the day at my mom's. Went to Skechers and got V's last two pairs of shoes and to T's for a couple other things we still needed. Took Mattie to Steve to get a hair cut.

Friday was also our 9 year wedding anniversary. 9 years!!! We didn't do anything since Steve worked both the office and the shop and be the time we got home, it was too late.

Saturday V spent the day at my MILs so I took it easy chillin' at home. Watched a movie, did some laundry, a little more shopping. When Steve got home we made another T run for socks for V and I found this patio swing I'd been wanting all summer long and it was half off!!! We snatched that right up as part of my anniversary gift:) I can't wait for Steve to put it together. Once the weather gets cooler I'm sure we'll get a lot of use out of it. Sitting out and watching the kids ride bikes or play out front:)

Today we went out to breakfast, dropped the kids off at my inlaws and went and caught a movie. We saw Post Grad. It was a good movie. We were going to go to lunch, but my inlaws wanted to catch a movie too so we had to go get the kids. So we all went to lunch at Logan's. ONE more T run then Steve took me by James Avery and bought me a chain/crucifix. I'd always wanted one from James Avery. The cross and chain I had before...well the chain actually...broke a week or so back so I wasn't wearing anything. I LOVE my new one:) That was the other part of my anniversary gift:)

Well, it's about one hour to bedtime routine. Let's see how quick and smooth that goes. Crossing fingers;) Will update tomorrow with some back to school pics:)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Ram Camp

This morning I woke up to a very nice little visitor. Ruby and Ariel came by. I hadn't seen Ariel in a while. With the kids being home and all and running around for back to school and since Ruby started watching Bella, we just don't have the time to hang out like we used to:(

Today Mattie had Ram Camp. I dropped him off. It was from 1-4pm. Basically they were showing him around; where everything is at. How things work. That kind of stuff.

V and I killed time while he was there. I went by M's...found nada...went to the Dollar Tree next door; we just got drinks and V got some Cheetos:) Went to Tuesday Morning. V found some little wooden doll house furniture so we bought a set; a little bedroom I think. I took her to eat at Whataburger, then we went to Hobby Lobby...didn't buy anything there either.

So we picked him up at 4 and then came back home. It is SO SUPER hot out:(

I got two LOs done yesterday. They are both the same LO. A lift off Ginger Williams. I had done both these pics on a 6x12 LO a long time ago and I never liked how it turned out. I always wanted to redo it. When I saw her LO, I knew I had to lift it for these pics. I had to reprint the pics though cause when I tore them off the other LO, they kind of "warped". Besides I needed larger pics since I did individual LOs instead of the ONE they were both on before. I am SO much happier with these LOs than the one I did before. LOVE it:)...them:)

The pics are from Valentine's Day a couple of years back. I used on both...Papers: kraft, Cosmo Cricket Early Bird and Girl Friday, AC and Paper Studio. JB journaling spot, Doodlebug Hopscotch alphas, MS fabric cupcakes, felt star trim from M's $ bins, bracket punch and MS large scallop punch and a couple of buttons:)

Right now I am reading The Time Traveler's Wife. I'm hoping to go see the movie this weekend so I want to finish the book before then. I SO love it and I SO LOOOVVVEEE the Lifehouse song Broken that plays on the soundtrack. I've had that on repeat on iTunes and my iPod for the last couple of days:)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

LOTS of LOs...

Lots of recent LOs to share. Everything I've got done since our Scrapapalooza:) Not in any particular order though. I can't recall which went where:)

Mattie and his little sister, Mia @ his birthday celebration last month. I lifted this off the Sass blog. Kraft paper, Sass papers, Bazzill Edge, Bo Bunny alpha stickers, MM tiny alphas and some MM chip stars.
This was a lift off Kelly Goree. I used BG Urban Prairie, Scrapworks pp, black cardstock for the background, MME diecut, Urban Prairie rubon and some things cut out of the paper to embellish.
Lift off Ginger Williams. Another one of my fave artists right now. Pic of V when she was 5!!! asleep on the living room floor. Kraft pp, AC pp, Colorbok pp, MM chip shapes and Doodlebug cardstock alphas.
Can't recall where this one is from. Either or 2Peas. Pic of Mikey in the pool. Built on white cardstock. Used some Cosmo Snorkel, Doodlebug pp and alpha stickers, P. Etc. stickers I've had FOREVER and some foam alphas from T's $ Spot.

Inspired by a LO in the latest issue of MM. My second Twilight LO. SO in love with this one:) I used some Creative Imaginations paper I had in my stash from who knows when:). A little bit of Foofala pp and WRMK. Prima velvet border and bling flourish, MM Vintage Hip flower, AC chip Thickers, 7 Gypsies stickers. Also stamped an AL image in the top left hand corner. The pic is an image I got online of a movie poster. My pic I took at the theatre of the poster did not come out well AT ALL:(

Another mag lift; Scrapbooks Etc. this time. Pics of V when she was in kindergarten; 2 years ago. Pics taken throught the rearview mirror. White cardstock background, Scenic Route pp, Colorbok pp, vinyl and puffy Thickers, 7 Gypsies stickers.

K...this one I just did last night. This is a pic of me and Lal and a friend of ours from school that we have known since kindergarten. We just recently reconnected on Facebook. We saw each other again for the first time in a LONG time at the last class gathering we had in June, then a couple of weeks ago, we got together with another childhood friend of ours and had lunch...a very long lunch...a SIX hour lunch @ Sea Island. It was such a blast!!!
This pic was taken just last week @ our second class gathering we had @ Cha Cha's. We had a lot better turn out for this one and got to catch up with a lot of old friends we hadn't seen in about 10 years. We are starting to plan our 20 year reunion. 20 years!!! We are also trying to plan more gatherings for us to just get together and hang out. I am really enjoying these gatherings:)
K...that's all I got for now. I'll update more later and post some more of our recent gathering pics:)

Prep Day...

Seems I haven't updated my blog in forever. It's not that I haven't been on the computer. I guess I've just been lazy about updating:(

Today was Mattie's prep day @ school. He is going into high school!!! Yikes!!! So today Mark went w/ me. Thank God cause it was chaotic in there and I don't know what I would have done by myself...well, I guess I could have managed, but it was nice to have someone else along:)

So we went and had to get his schedule, locker, student ID, books...all sorts of stuff. I think we were there for about 2 hours. Whew!!! All I can say is, I'm glad it's not me. I feel so overwhelmed for him...though I'm sure he'll do fine. I always get all paranoid for nothing cause he seems to be very good at adapting:)

Today I met up with a lady this morning from Craigslist. I put up a listing for a bunch of clothes V outgrew and got a nice $45 for it all:) It's fairly easy to sell her stuff. I listed Mattie's school uniforms, but nothing on that though. Luckily the school accept gently used uniforms to offer those who can't afford them so I need to call the school about dropping them off. We have LOTS and they are all in very good condition so hopefully someone can benefit from them:)

I also went through all of our school supply stash and got it all packed up in V's new backpack for her. There are only a couple of things I am going to need to get. Sure am glad I stocked up with sales and clearance last year:)

V has her Meet the Teacher day next week on Thursday so we will find out who her teacher will be and we can drop off her supplies. I can't believe the start of school is just around the corner; the 24th here. V will be in the 3rd grade!!! I can't believe how fast these kids are growing:(

I've gotten a couple of LOs done. Not much since our Scrapapalooza. I'll upload those later. There's the lazy again:)

Gotta go get dinner finished and serve it up. Hope everyone is staying cool. It is SO hot here. Like CRAZY hot:( I can NOT wait for Fall or at least our version of it;)