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My Scrap Space

Friday, December 26, 2008

Some Christmas morning pics...

A pic of all the kids last night:) I haven't been able to get a pic of all 3 together in a REALLY long time:)

The kids at my mom's on Christmas Eve day...

Lij opening the gift we bought him...

Mikey and the pjs we bought him:)

Can you tell he loved the chocolates??? :)

V and Mikey...they love each other:)

Today we chilled at the house this morning while Steve went in to the office for a bit. Then we went out to lunch at Sea Island and used the gc that my BIL gave us for Christmas:) After I stopped by 911 real quick to pay off my garage sale table. We headed to Embassy to catch a movie. You would not believe how many people were there. It was insane!!! There was even a line to get INTO the theatre after you bought your tickets.

We saw Bedtime Stories. It was a really cute movie. We all liked it. Afterwards Steve took the kids to Game Stop and I went by M's a couple of stores down. I got a Christmas stamp at 70% off, the BG Mistletoe and Pear pad at 60% off and a MS gingerbread men border punch at 50% off:)

Rented Fred Claus and watched that when we got home. Another good movie.

I think Steve is taking the day off tomorrow so not sure what we are going to do. Mark called about picking Mattie up tomorrow, but he hasn't called back so we'll see about that. I'm heading to bed. SO very tired. Good night all:)

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