My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Final Count Is...

115!!! My goal for 2008 was to complete at least 100 LOs and I went 15 over:) For 2009 I am doubling it and hoping to get 200 LOs done. Wish me luck;)

We are just staying in tonight. Steve picked up Lij on his way home from the shop. He has spent like the last 3 or so New Year's Eves with us so it's kind of like a tradition. We got pizza and the kids will be having ice cream sundaes in a bit. They are watching TV and reading a scary stories book that Steve got V for Christmas. V and Lij love that book...Mattie...not so much.

V had bought some party poppers yesterday at the store, but it kind of got a bit late on us and now I really don't want to go outside:( We are all just chillin' in the living room. Everyone should be showered up and in their jammies after sundaes so then they can just stay up and play games or whatever so when bedtime goes we are all ready to go;)

So for everyone out there. Have a safe and Happy New Year. May the year to come bring only good things and lots of great memories to blog about;)


Lal said...

I still have to count up my pages too. I don't think I went that much over 100. Me and Mikey and are home alone watching Elf over and over and over..yes, it on continuously. But I love that movie so it's okay! Happy New Year :)

Ginajam said...

Hope you had a great New Years!! Did you reach your goal??