My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Slow Week...But Not...

This whole week has been kind of off. First cause of the long holiday weekend and then my days have just been all mixed up. And despite the long weekend/short school week, this week has seemed to go by so quickly. It seems like it was just Tuesday and now tomorrow is Friday.

Next week is the kids last week of school. They go until Thursday which kind of doesn't make any sense. They should just go Friday too. I'm going to send mine;) hee hee

This coming Tuesday morning is V's awards ceremony. Not sure if and when Mattie has his graduation ceremony. I asked him, but he says he doens't know and then I told him to ask today and he didn't...SIGH...

This past week someone over on 2Peas and mentioned finding Thickers at BL. Then someone local found them as well. So yesterday after Steve got home from work we went ISO. I found a good selection and got like 12 or so packs; two of each font/color I liked that we found. Zandra also picked up several for us, so YAY!!! TY!!! I also got a pack of MM Chelsea's Place diecut papers at TM on Tuesday (can't recall if I mentioned that already:) I SO love that paper. Anywho...

I'm going to go look at the BL here by my house again tomorrow. I gotta run by Walmart and gas my truck and also gotta go by HEB and stock up on sodas. They are on sale again and with summer coming, we could really use them;)

I didn't run anywhere today, just hung out at home after I got my chores done. Did a little purging in the kids paper stuff. I also got to work on a LO...

I hadn't been feeling the mojo ALL week, but finally got a little today. This was a lift off 8supermum on I had used this pic last week when I tried to lift a LO that Lal had done of Mikey, but I REALLY didn't like the way it turned out. Thankfully, the way I had used the pic, it was really easy to take off the LO and that's what I used here:)

The background paper is WRMK Over the Rainbow. The blue solid is BG. I used a scalloped paper to trace onto the back then hand cut. All the flowers and the bird/branch are WRMK Nonsense. All hand cut as well. I doodled a border on the scalloped paper and also added some little swirlies:) I used Pop Dots on all the flowers and on the one little bird by the pic to add dimension. MM tiny alphas and AC foam Thickers for my title. TFL and have a great night:)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LOOONG Weekend...

It really did seem longer than just 3 days. Saturday I went over to my mom's early in the am and had breakfast there then took Mattie to get a MUCH needed haircut w/ Steve. Lal left Mikey with my mom and came with me. V went to spend the day with my MIL.

Lal and I went to M's...seems like we are always there lately...LOL...I got a few things.
Sassafras Hog Heaven and Whale of a Tale. Got both for 1/2 off of the $14.99 clearance price...$7.50!!! These were $24.99 at M's!!! The Soft Spoken embellies were clearanced for only $1!!! I got one pad in the am and the second later in the afternoon when we met Miguel at The Rim.We went by SB Heaven, but all I bought was ONE sheet of paper and 2 yards of some Prima lace. I SO prefer 911. The rain caught us on the way back once again. It was like a repeat of last week only not quite as bad.
We had lunch and then got a little bit of scrapping done. I got started on one LO, but not sure it's quite finished yet. It's still sitting on my desk. Gonna try to finish that up tomorrow hopefully.
My 2Peas order came in on Saturday also. Yay for Happy Mail!!! Cosmo Cricket Early Bird. SO love this line. Not sure what I'm doing with it yet, but it is so stinkin' cute:)
And one of my absolute FAVES...Jenni Bowlin. So lovin' those birthday bingo cards!!! I think she needs to make some for Halloween too;)
So after Steve got home Saturday afternoon, we met up with Miguel at The Rim at Cold Stone. The kids, Steve and Miguel all had ice cream. I'm still dieting. Afterwards we went to Game Stop next door. Game Stop to Steve is like M's to me;) Mikey was totally entranced by the Sonic game on the TV there. He was actually pretty good at it too. From there we went to M's and I got the other paper pad.
Sunday was an early day as always. These kids don't know what it means to sleep in especially on the weekends:( We went out to breakfast and then did some running around. Went by some different M's; J's Superstore, a plant nursery and Scrapbook Cottage. I got all these goodies...They had a sale and I got a 25% off discount:)
Afterwards we took the kids to go see Night at the Museum. It was good. We all really liked it. We went to dinner at Mama Margie's then came home.
Monday Steve was off. We dropped the kids off with my inlaws and had a day to ourselves. Steve wanted to go see Star Trek so we saw that. We didn't have time for breakfast so we got popcorn and nachos at the movies. Breakfast of champions;) I cheated one day this past weekend. Gotta have my 7th day;)
We went by M's and Steve bought me this!!!...

I've been wanting this for a while now. We got it for 40% off as well as the large embellishment jars. I put some of my buttons in them and moved some of my Prima jars from my flower shelf over onto it too. This way I can see more of what I have cause my flower shelf is packed 3 and 4 rows of bottles deep and it's hard to see what's in back without pulling them all out:(

We had lunch at Chick-fil-A. We can never eat there with the kids cause V hates it. What's wrong with that girl???!!! I also got my grocery shopping done.

Today I had to keep V home from school. She was up late last night with a stomache ache. She had an upset stomache on Sunday as well, but I gave her some children's Pepto chewables and she was fine after a while. So she tossed and turned and kept me up for like an hour. Then when I finally got to sleep it started to rain and thunder loudly which in turn woke me up...again. I was really tired this am, but I got to sleep in until 7:30 since I didn't have to take V.

I got all my cleaning done today. I took a little break and V and I went to the PO and then to TM. Someone on 2Peas mentioned finding the MM Chelsea's Place diecut paper pack and I SO love the artisan in there so I went ISO. I've already used all but one sheet in the 2 packs I bought at M's last year when they had it. I found them, but only got one pack. I MIGHT go back for another pack just for those artisan papers;)

I went by BL's too ISO of the Thickers that people were saying they'd spotted there, but no luck today. Then this afternoon someone local posted that two stores on a different side of town had JUST gotten them in today so I gotta go back and look again tomorrow and gonna hit up another store over on this side of town too. I hope I can find them. I so LOVE Thickers and they even had the Puffy Chit Chat!!! Gasp!!!

So I got back and got all my chores done which leaves me the rest of the week with more play time;) I'm hoping to scrap tomorrow. Well that's about all the news in my little piece of the world. I'll update tomorrow if I happen to find any goodies...Blessings all:)

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where or Where has my Mojo Gone???

OK...I lost it. It's lost. Mine's broken:( I did the 3 LOs and now I've got nothing. I did one last night, but I'm not liking it too much. It was inspired by a card I saw on 2Peas...

The background paper is K&Co. Mira. The two strips are BG...can't remember which line...and K&Co. Que Sera. I used my MS lace border punch to make the lime strip underneath. The card used real lace, but I didn't have any lace or nice, fancy trim in this color. How can it be that in ALL this stuff that I have, I do NOT have that. That always seems to be the case...Sigh...Anyway...continuing...MM tiny alphas, K&Co. Madeline diecut (LOVE these, I think I need another box;), various Prima flowers...I cut the bird cage out of a sheet of BG. Once again...not sure of the name of the line as this is the only sheet I got from that particular line. Well two of this same sheet actually cause I just love the whole birdie/bird cage thingie.

I did another LO today. I tried to lift this one that Lal did last night of Mikey and improvise on the papers, but I just wasn't feeling it. I'm seriously not even going to upload it cause I REALLY don't like it. It's pretty simple and straight lined so I should have no problem removing the pic from it cause I love the pic and still want to use on that on a LO.

I think I just have a bit of cabin fever or something. I haven't gone anywhere all week other than to do my grocery shopping on Monday and back and forth to take and drop off the kids at school. Saturday I'm planning to go to my mom's; God willing, and Lal and I are going to do some shopping;) In a way it's a good thing. I'm really trying to limit my shopping trips and my spending and this once a week thing is working out pretty good. It's too easy to do the shopping thing when you are bored.

This week has been a nice weather week for working out in the yard. Monday I put out the potting soil and planted the wildflower seeds in that one area in my courtyard, but that's been the lot of my yardwork. The next two days I woke up with a bad allergy headache; all sniffly too. Boo!!! Hopefully next week I'll feel better and the weather will cooperate so I can do a little more work in the yard cause we all know once the summer heat hits...that's it!!!

Well, I'm off to peruse some galleries and message boards in search of some inspiration. I've got a load in the laundry right now, but right after I get it in the dryer, I'm hitting the sack. I completed day 4 of my semi-Atkins. So far so good. Seriously. I don't know why I couldn't do it before...and the reason I say semi-Atkins is because I am not following it precisely.

During induction it's strictly protein with little else, but I have not elminated fruits and veggies nor my diet sodas although I have cut my consumption of them in a day by like half. I haven't weighed myself either so I'm not really sure what my exact starting weight was, but I have a fairly good idea. I will weigh in on Monday cause that will mark my one week. We shall see how that goes.

Oh...Lal is IMing me so I must go and "talk" to her cause it's been like a whole hour!!! SO much to catch up on;) Goodnight all.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Field Day and Fiesta Texas...Photo Heavy

V with Bugs. This one came out too dark:(
Mattie with Batman and Wonder Woman.

V with Batman and Wonder Woman.

Mattie with Bugs. I should have used the flash on these pics:(

V on the carousel. They moved the carousel cause of that new Wiggles World place they added in. It's WAY cute. I can't wait to take Mikey. I think he's going to love it.

This is not the actual ride. It's the "fake" seat out in front of the ride. I should have had her scream to make it look more "real";)

V on the big ship at Wiggles World. WAY cool...

By the Bugs Bunny Rapids ride. We didn't get on though. Didn't want to walk around the park wet. It was a rather cool day.

V on the train ride...

Field Day...This one activity was hilarious. I wish I could get Blogger to upload videos. It never works for me:( They had to pull this rope that was attached to this big mat that the coach was standing on. So they were literally pulling him. It was funny. Poor kids...I think there are laws against this;) hee hee

V was the ball retriever for this activity. Boy was it hot out that day. Look how red her face is:(

Running the balls back to the "pitchers"...

V and some of her classmates and Haley's little brother there at the bottom:)

V and Haley. They had to walk across this area using a jump rope as their "plank"...
V in action, throwing a ball...

This one came out way too blurry:(...

Of all the hats V owns, she does not have one single baseball cap. I took her one of Steve's, but it was too big and kept falling foward or backward on her:(
Thanks for being patient with all the pics:)

Scrap Happy...

I finally got some scrapping done. I did this one yesterday. This one was actually all my own idea. That might explain some things;) hee hee
All papers are from my recent purchase WRMK Over the Rainbow paper pad:) The clouds are cut out of a sheet of Love Elsie paper. Journaling spot is from T's Dollar Spot. AC Puffy Thickers, HS block alphabets and MM tiny alphs for my title.
The pic is of V this past weekend at Fiesta Texas on the "big swings". She has always wanted to get on these, but wasn't tall enough. Last year we didn't get passes so she might have been last year, but this year we got the passes. She was so excited and already knew what she wanted to get on.
I know this is a totally "mommy" thing, but I was a little scared for her to get on. Letting go isn't easy. It's just another step closer. My baby is growing up so fast:( But the look on her face was priceless. She LOVED it.
I started on this one last night. The pic is from Fiesta Day at school last month. These are V's friends Haley (on the left) and Carolyn (on the right). She's known Carolyn since Kindergarten. They were in the same class, but this year she's in a different class and she just met Haley this year. They are in the same class.
My background paper here is Friendly Forest. Diecut border by Carolyn Gavin. Diecut title by K&Co. Mira line as well as the butterfly. Sassafrass Lass border underneath the pic. 7 Gypsies cardstock stickers. Maya Road sheer and an MM rubon onto a cardstock circle.
I worked on this one today. It was a lift off of 2Peas. Background paper is plain Kraft. Crossword paper is MAMBI. Ruler strip is from a sheet of Scenic Route. Title is Cricut cut Graphically Speaking. MM tiny alphas and AC chipboard Thickers to complete the title. Sassafrass Lass stickers; heart, corner and cloud.
Going to update with pics of Field Day and Fiesta Texas in a seperate post. TFL:)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Boy did it come down today!!! I mean, it really poured. For about an hour or so.

Lal spent the night last night. I went to pick her up yesterday afternoon. V had her Field Day yesterday. Steve and I went. I'll post pics of that later. Afterwards we pulled her out and I drove Steve back to the office so he could bring home one of the work trucks. Since I was over on that side of town, I went by and picked up Lal and Mikey.

We were planning on getting together today cause Miguel had an all day event to go to, but he said he had to be there super early so Lal just decided to spend the night.

So last night we played some games of Boggle and then a game of Scrabble. We are a couple of wild and crazy gals;) We just hung out and talked and laughed...yada, yada, yada...the usual;) We also ordered pizza so no cooking dinner;)

Today after breakfast and cleaning up we headed out to M's. We had hardly been there about 30 minutes or so. We were getting ready to check out and as we neared the front of the store by the registers, we caught a glimpse of outside and it was getting pretty dark. We paid and were thinking about going next door to the Dollar Tree, but as we got outside, it was chilly and windy and not looking very good at all, so we decided to hurry up and head back home.

We were about half way home when it started to pour. It was really coming down. I had to put the wipers on high and drive really slow. Luckily everyone else was driving pretty good. Usually there are some crazies who don't seem to notice that it's raining and want to drive like maniacs and weave in and out of traffic, but thank God today was not one of those times.

So we finally made it home after driving those some fast flooding streets, but we had to sit in the truck for a while until the rain let up. Then we took the kids out one by one and then us:)

We made lunch and the kids played. Steve got off early and made it home just as we were sitting down for lunch.

After we cleaned up from lunch, Steve took a little nap then drove us to 911. I'd seen on the blog that the new October Afternoon had come in and I desperately wanted the Wild Cards. Sadly, when we got there, Mimi said those weren't in yet:( I did get the papers though and the journaling cards from one of the lines. It's so very lovely. I also got two packs of AC Puffy Thickers; the Rainboot ones. I finally found the yellow ones and I got a pack of some light blue ones too.

Also hit up the M's at Northwoods, but we didn't really find too much. They are clearancing quite a bit so I am wondering if even more new stuff is on it's way...???...Impressive:)

Well, I'm pretty tired and ready for bed. I'll update with photos tomorrow. Have a good night:)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Another One Bites the Dust...

I got one more done today!!! This puts me at 37, I believe. This was another lift off of Life as Lou blog. I used my new Lily Bee Designs papers I got as a RAK on 2Peas. The greenish flowery papers is the only non-Lily Bee paper. It's MME. I used a Phrase Cafe rubon, some Maya Road flowers, some MM and Paper Studio lace trims and my Apron Lace punch for a border. This pic is of us on Mother's Day.
Not much else to talk about today. Did a quick run to T's with Ruby and that's about it. It's SO hot:( Tomorrow is Field Day for V, but I think there is a chance for rain. We shall see...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Current count is 36...

I got one done yesterday and another done earlier today. This is the one from yesterday. I got the idea from my latest issue of CK that I picked up at J's over the weekend. There was a lot of inspiration in there:)

Lots of MME here. I hand cut the flowery viney thingie on the top right hand side as well as the little orange flower on the lower left side. Both of the pps are MME too. The background stamped edge is MM Chelsea's Place. The diecut and small rubon is also MME. Also used a piece of Bazzill scalloped edge pp on the side. I made my little label using my Cricut cart and Storybook cart then outlined the inside with a marker. My "title" stickers are Scrapworks and Remarks along with a tiny Prima and a gem center. Also added a Wild Saffron dimensional butterfly sticker and some Jenni Bowlin gem buttons.
Lift off of 2Peas. MM Sabrina for the background pp, black cardstock behind the pics. Strip of pink cs cut with the MS Simple Scallop border punch, HS chip crown (with gems) and cherries and Verb Stickers. My title is Cricut cut using my Graphically Speaking cart. I outlined my pink strip and the title using a black Zig to make the stand out from the background. I made my little "tag" using some MM rubons and white cardstock. Also added some AL and Paper Studio polka dot buttons.

Not much going on here today. Just chillin' at home. Did a little dusting and washed my big fluffy blanket from my bed and put it away for the summer.

Yesterday I went by HL after I picked up V and got some glue cause it's 30% off right now and I was on my last one and had very little left. Also picked up a box of Glue Dots and a sheet of MME paper that I used in my first LO:)

Mattie is done with his Math tutoring and will be retaking his TAKS next week. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Only about 3 more weeks of school left. Sigh...

Monday, May 11, 2009

A Tribute to the Women Who Matter Most in My Life...

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day. I didn't get a chance to get on the computer yesterday so I am doing my "Mother's Day" post today:) I just want to say how very thankful I am for my mom and my sister. The two most important women in my life.

I have such great admiration for my mother. She raised us by herself, sacrificed so much and pretty much taught me everything I know. I think my mother has to be one of the strongest women I know. She taught me that anything is possible and that you don't need a man to do it.
My mother has always stood by me, supported every decision I have ever made (even when they weren't the best ones) and always listened to me. My mother is one of my best friends and I am forever and eternally grateful for all that she has ever done for me.
My sister is my other half (that's what my mom always says;). We talk pretty much 24/7. On the phone, on the computer, in person, on the phone WHILE we are on the computer. We talk about EVERYTHING. I don't think two people could be any closer. It's almost like we are the same person...LOL And regardless of how much or how often we talk, we never run out of something to say...and if we do, then we just stay on the phone and listen to each other breathe and yell at the kids until we think of something else to say...ha ha ha...No one knows me like my sister. No one "gets me" like my sister. When we are together there is a lot of laughing involved...oh, and more talking...and then more laughing. Then we take out the camera and take silly pics and laugh a whole lot more;) I don't know what I'd do without her and I hope I never have to find out.

So on the day AFTER Mother's Day;)...I just want to say "thank you" to them both for all that they are to me. I hope that yesterday was a good day for them both:)

So that being Mother's Day kind of started off early for me. Saturday after Steve got off of work, he took me out to eat dinner at my fave Chinese place. Afterwards he took me to Michael's ISO of the new K&Co. Greenhouse line. Found it (thanks to Lal;) and bought some of it. Also got my MM desktop carousel with a 40% off coupon. I also got a new outfit to wear and this LARGE collage frame I wanted for our living room. We also stopped for ice cream at Baskin Robbins on our way home.
Sunday I got to sleep in until almost 9am. Yay!!! I got lots of nice cards. V had been giving me cards since last week and on Sunday she gave me like 3 more. She must REALLY love me;) Mattie's card had $5 in it. So sweet.. and Steve gave me $50 in my card to spend. Here's a couple of pics from the morning before we headed out...
We went out to breakfast then I went by my mom's to drop off Lal and my mom's card. My mom was not there:( She was off visiting my grandma. But I got to spend last Friday with her, so that was nice:)

We went by Steve's parents and took them out to lunch. Dropped them back off , then did a little more M's shopping. Didn't pick up much. Just a few things...The Recollections felt trims and those most adorable little owls for only $1 pack.

We took in a movie. Finally got to see the new Matthew McConaughey movie. It was really good.

One more quick shopping trip to J's before we headed back towards home. The Sizzix die, fat quarter, stamp and mag in the above pic:) The die was on clearance for only $5.97. They had lots of others. Some were $7.97 or something like that, but those were Bigz dies and some were those long like border strips and the Sizzlits strip sets.

Stopped at Culver's and had dinner, then came home. Did a few chores, got the kids in bed and then Steve and I watched a movie; The Reader. It was also a really good movie. A little long, but good still.
Today I got all my cleaning done early then did my grocery shopping after I picked up V from school and before I had to pick up Mattie from tutoring. I got Squirt a new tank cover so I refilled his tank, changed his filter and put the new cover on. We seriously need to set this poor turtle free cause the kids do NOT pay any attention to that poor thing. He deserves to be FREE!!!...;)
Hopefully I'll get some scrapping done tomorrow. I have some pics to "play" with and quite a few new goodies. I did a little photo shoot with Mattie yesterday morning. I'll post those pics later cause I'm having one heck of a time putting pics into my post.
Off to do a little internet surfing and check on my fave scrappy sites. Ta!!! ;)

Friday, May 8, 2009

TGIF, But Boy Is it HOT!!!

About 7pm this evening, Ruby came by and when I opened the door, I was just hit by this overwhelming heat. 7pm and it was still HOT. I heard on the news that the heat index for today was supposed to be like 107!!! Horrible!!! I didn't even work out today cause it just didn't feel too cool in the house. I might still work out in a bit. Now that the sun has gone down and it's cooling down a bit. Although now I am totally unmotivated:( Maybe I should start working out first thing in the morning.

Anyho...I didn't do much today. The kids had early release. V got out at 11:45. Mattie got out at 12:30, but he had a TAKS tutoring workshop to go to that ended at 4pm.

I worked on a LO this afternoon after I got dinner done. It's a LO for the challenge that Lal and I are holding over on

We had to use polka dot paper. I used two different ones. The yellow is Doodlebug and the orange with the hedgehog is Colorbok Friendly Forest. We aslo had to incorporate some type of bingo card. I used a mini Jenni Bowlin. Our color combo was yellow/orange/blue and we also had to use some sort of trim, ribbon, etc. I used Doodlebug Paper Frills on mine. Also used a T's $ Spot journaling spot, Prima notecards, a Colorbok chipboard tab, Doodlebug Hopscoth alpha stickers and some buttons. This LO was inspired by a LO on always. Just LOVE that gallery;)

Yesterday the kids both had dentist appointments with Roland. Steve had the first appointment, but he never made it sot he kids took his slot. We weren't there long at all. The kids got their teeth cleaned. Both were good. No cavities. V had just been not too long ago, but Mattie hadn't been since he was like 6 or 7!!! And not one single cavity. He inherited his dad's good teeth. I'm SO glad.

So since we got out so quickly, I went by to visit with Lal and she made us a most delicious lunch; chicken fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. SO YUMMY!!! Thanks, Easter Bunny...;)

The kids last day of school is June 4. Not very much left to go. It'll be over before you know it. Next Friday is Baby Girl's Field Day. 1-1:55 pm. I guess since it's so hot out, they are cutting the time down. I remember it being longer than that in previous years. I guess that's a good thing though;)

Well, not much else to tell. In case I don't update before Sunday, I just want to wish all the moms out there a very blessed Mother's Day. Take it easy cause you deserve it!!! ;)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

33 LOs...

I got another one done today. This was inspired by 2Peas once again.

I dug into my BG stash and used a sheet of Gypsy...or Romani. I think this line had two different names. Also used a sheet of DCWV scalloped cardstock. MM Noteworthy journaling sheet, AC foam Thickers and MM tiny alphas. Lots of Primas and buttons.

This is a pic of V on Fiesta day at school. We bought her that dress and flower halo at Walmart. She looked so cute:)

This is pretty much as productive as I got for today...except for a few small loads of laundry. I was still so tired...and sore fro,m the yard work yesterday.

Ruby came by for a bit in the morning. Little Ariel is getting so big. She is too cute. I love her:) She is laughing out loud and it is SO funny. I had her laying on the floor trying to get her to crawl. She wants too, but not quite there yet.

The kids both have appointment with Ro tomorrow so I gotta run them over there. Probably won't get to do much else, but I'm going to try to go by M's on the way back. We'll see:)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My LO Count...

Just wanted to post for my own benefit... I am at 32 LOs and a mini album to date. I had originally set a goal of 200 LOs this year, but realized that was NOT going to happen at the rate I have been scrapping at. I set a goal of 100 for last year and went over by maybe 20 or so. I wanted to double it this year, but I guess I'm back to 100. I'm hoping to go over some like last year and hopefully I will...and maybe next year I can set the 200 LO goal again and try harder;)

Baby, It's HOT Out Here...

The last few days have been pretty hot in the afternoons. I don't know how we are going to manage this summer. Yikes!!!

This weekend, I had Elijah over. Saturday we just hung out at home. Just ran a quick errand to the store and then back home. The kids played video games and hung out all day. I made spaghetti and meat sauce and garlic toast for dinner.

Sunday we got up early, went to breakfast and then took the kids to the movies. We were going to see the Planet Earth movie, but then Steve started saying her wanted to see the Xmen movie. So I said he could take the boys and me and V would go see the new Matthew McConaughey movie.

Well we got our tickets, they sent us to theatre #3 and we sat for like 10 minutes and the movie still had not stared. A few minutes after the showtime, I decided to check my ticket stubs and the time printed on there said 11:30. We bought for 10am.

So I go back out and the ticket person tells me there is no 10am showing, just 10 pm...??? we got ticket to the Xmen movie and went and joined the boys. I was really bummed out, but the Xmen movie was pretty good and we all enjoyed it.

We took Lij back and picked up Fred's on the way and ate at my mom's. Came back home and dropped off Mattie then went to do our grocery shopping.

Yesterday was my cleaning day and I got all my chores done. Mattie also started his new tutoring session. He did not pass the Math part of the TAKS so he is doing more tutoring before the May 19th test date. I REALLY hope he passes this next one. This is totally stressing me out.

Today I spent the morning doing more yard work. I tilled the soil in the one area in our courtyard, trimmed the hedges some and pulled LOTS of weeds. I need to get some weed and feed cause I can't keep pulling them up manually. There are just too many:( I also cut the grass. Well as much as I could cause in the backyard, I can't get the mower past the pool. Steve needs to start taking that down.

We got our Fiesta Texas season passes on Sunday so we are good to go for the summer. Woo hoo!!! I need to keep working out cause I am NOT wearing a bathing suit otherwise;)

Today Mattie had a dr. appoinment for his Rx refill. I went and pulled him out in the afternoon and Steve came home early to take him so I wouldn't have to pull V out as well. We met up after and went to eat at Bill's while we waited on the Rx.

Earlier today I got to work on a LO I started on last night. Finished it up a bit ago. Here it is...

This is a lift off of 2Peas. Background paper is MME. Also used BG Urban Prairie, Elsie pp and a strip of Colorbok Friendly Forest punched with the Fiskars Uppercrest. Friendly Forest puffy sticker border, Daisy D's rubon, Sandylion dimensional owl sticker, T's $ Spot journaling spot, Cuttlebug butterflies and handcut flowers from a sheet of DCWV Green Stack pp.

I'm heading to bed early. The yard work wore me out. TFL and have a good night.

Oh, forgot to mention that me and Lal are doing a 4 Product Challenge over on if anyone would like to join. It is limited to US residents only as there will be a small RAK sent to the winner. You can go over to to on the Challenge forum and check out all the details:)

Friday, May 1, 2009

First Day of May...

Today I spent the day with my mom. I took her shopping to find her Mother's Day gift. Miguel is doing a lot of work on her yard so I wanted to get her something to put out there. We went by HL, but she didn't find anything she really liked. I picked up something for a wish RAK and two cute stamps that were half off.

So I was going to take her to Big Lots to look at this really cute planter thingie I had seen earlier in the week. On the way over, I went by M's by Ingram. On the way there we saw this really cute wishing well planter out in front of this little store. I had just seen one in the morning on the drive over to my mom's and was thinking I'd love to find her something like that, so we stopped to take a look.

They had the cutest stuff out front. The small wishing well was $45. As we were heading into the store, I noticed a much larger one out front. I checked the price and it was only $9 more!!! So I got her that one instead. My mom is always saying not to spend money on her, but I think she is worth it and so much more. I wish I had more $$$ to buy my mom all sorts of things:)...but I do what I can:)

So that completed our M day shopping. I went by M's and found some cool goodies in some $ bins; some MM velvet stickers, some chipboard letters, some Vintage Hip flowers and a few other goodies.

Afterwards we went and had lunch at this Chinese restaurant we like. Hadn't had Chinese in a while. Ended up taking my mom to Big Lots anyway then went by Walmart real quick. My mom bought me a pair of sandals I wanted. I just LOVE the Earth Shoes that W carries. They are my FAVE shoe.

Took my mom home after I picked up the kids and hung out there for a while. Brought Lij home with me for the weekend.

Got a couple of LOs done over the last few days...
This one was inspired by a LO by Sasha Farina. I used CI paper; background and Cosmo Cricket Hello Sunshine pp. I LOVE this line. Prima flowers and bling flourish, AL buttons, 7 Gypsies A La Card sticker strips and a small doilie.

This one was inspired by a LO I saw on the Prima blog. Background paper is Prima as are all the flowers. Lil' Davis chip alphas and number circle, Bazzill Edge, BG pp and HS verb sticker.

This past week I spent some time outside working on the courtyard. I started clearing out the area; got all the leaves raked out and pulled a whole bunch of weeds. This coming week, I hope to get those pavers out, clean out some more and then start leveling the ground. I wish I'd taken some before pics, but I'm going to try to remember to take some as I make progress.

I'm exhausted so I am heading off to bed. Hope everyone has a nice National Scrapbooking Day tomorrow. Maybe I'll get some scrapping done myself. I just gotta make a quick run to Walmart and the PO, so the rest of my day is free:)