My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Feeling Crafty;)

So today I got my ornaments done that I'd been working on. It took me quite a while cause I just couldn't figure out what to put on them:( But I finally found something I liked:) The ornaments I lifted the idea from used the MM Fa La La Poinsettias, but since I didn't have them, I wanted to use something I DID have and not run out and buy them as I usually do;) So here they are:

I've got two more just like these and then I have two that I still need to add Stevie's pic to, but I need to get him to bring me those small school pics.

These are some unfinished wood sled ornaments I got at M's. I painted the sled part with acrylic paint then added a coat of Tim Holtz Crackle paint in Antique Linen then inked with Tim Holtz Walnut Stain using the felt applicators. I used my Cricut Base Camp to cut stamp edged "frames" for my pics and then inked with Cat's Eye in Cocoa. The felt poinsettias I got at HL for 40%; part of the Christmas crafts. I SO need to get me some more. I LOVE them:) I added the date with MM tiny alpha stickers.

So one set of these are for me and one is for my MIL. As long as Steve and I have been together, or just about:), I have made her a set of ornaments for her tree. She still has them all:)

So today I just chilled at home. Didn't really do much. Oh, I've been dieting this whole week and I have lost 4 1/2 lbs. already!!! Woo hoo!!! Everyday for breakfast I am eating a can of soup. It IS really filling. For lunch I usually just have kind of a snack; an apple and some nuts and a bottle of water and for dinner, I'll pretty much just eat my normal stuff, but no carbs which means no bread, potatoes, rice...that sort of thing. Like today I had a chicken parmesan breast that my mom sent me yesterday. The other day I had a bowl of chili. It seems to be working cause I hadn't been able to get weight to come off in quite a while even though I was working out. I have not worked out once this week and the numbers are going down;)

It's kind of a bummer though to be on a diet during the holidays. Kind of makes it not feel like the holidays cause I'm not eating goodies:( But if I don't lose some weight before Christmas, I know I'll really be regretting it right after, so I'm just getting a little head start. Then I can take a little break for Christmas/Christmas Eve and New Years. I can't wait:)

Not much else to share right now. Christmas is coming up so fast and I still have most of my shopping to do. I need some stuff to go on sale;)

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Ginajam said...

Your sled ornaments are too cute!! I love that idea! I really really miss M's...wishin I could just run over there and grab some supplies :-(

Great job on your diet. Your strategy is working...gotta remember it for after the baby!! Happy Holidays!