My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Here's the LO I got done yesterday. It was a lift off 2Peas. Can't remember who. I got it out of Lal's BOS:)...

I used Paper Studio grid pp, MME Tres Jolie paper pad, some Bazzill pom pom trim, Prima flowers from M's a while back, adhesive gems, handmade lollipop flower, Bo Bunny chipboard flourish, MM Noteworthy journaling sheet, MS lace border punch and AC Puffy Thickers.

I did a mini photo shoot with V yesterday afterschool...

The last two poses were her idea. She's so funny sometimes:)

I'm totally just bumming around the house today. I have no motivation to do anything. Well I am doing a load of delicates right now and the buzzer just went off so I need to go and hang them in the washroom. Ta for now:)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Update...

Saturday there was a garage sale at Scrapbook Heaven. I am very curious as to what they would have and since it's SO close to my house I decided to go check it out. Sadly, it was quite a disappointment. Not so much how the sale was run and all, but the "merchandise" that was being sold. There was a bit of a line when we go there about 10:30 or so. The sale started at 11. We were like 4th or 5th in line (V and I). There was maybe a dozen "vendors". The crop room isn't as big as I thought it was or as big as it looked from the outside of the store. It's definately not as big as 911. I don't know...I am VERY partial to 911 regardless of the store. I just always compare to 911 which in my opinion, just can't be beat;)

So anyway, I ended up spending like all of $7. This is what I got...
I LOVE the font on these stamps. I should have just bought them all. She had like 4 or 6 more stamps and they were only 50 cents each. Really cute little mini book kit from Amy Butler. LOVE Amy Butler and 2 of the Glitz roller stamps. All of these items were only $1.This what I bought at the actual store; not the sale. They had these Bazzill sheets $10 for $1. Not all the sheets. There was this bin with papers and there happened to be this shade which I LOVE. All the other colors were light colors. I also got some of the big Jenni Bowlin Vday cards and some buttons. I'd been looking for these colors; the black and red. These cool WRMK stamps. I got one for Lal too. There wasn't two of the other stamp set so I only got them one:(
Saturday afternoon I went by 911 to pick up some stuff I had on hold...

I love the new Crate lines. Too cute and I love that it's textured.

Then I found these cute Basic Grey stamps. I didn't even know these were coming out!!! What happened???!!! I'm slipping. And I LOVE these Maya Road flowers. I wish they'd had them in different colors cause I've been wanting some of these for a while. Let's see how I am going to use them.

Sunday we got up pretty early, went for breakfast, then hit a couple of M's and I finally found for of the clearance things I had been looking for!!!

It's funny how some of the stores have some stuff marked down and others do not. The M's on 1604/Culebra had all the MM Sabrina and Chole's Closet marked down. Finally got the flowers/buttons I'd been looking for and the Primas I wanted more of. I did not anywhere in town, find the trims though:(

I picked up a couple of Easter clearance items too. Look at my cute little corner on my shelf...

We went over to Steve's parents after Steve went by the shop to do a haircut and then we all went to a festival at St. Gregory's for a bit. Afterwards, we all went out to lunch at Sea Island. Steve's parents took the kids with them to go to Roland's for a bit and we came home. I took a nice, much needed nap then we ran to the grocery store when the kids got back.

Yesterday I got all my cleaning done and today I managed to get a LO done. I'll upload the pic in a bit. I gotta get ready to go get V and then I gotta run by Walmart to return something for Steve that he bought the other day. Be back in a bit:)

Friday, April 17, 2009

On the Verge...

Of falling asleep, but I wanted to update with my latest LO. I just got this one done a bit ago. This is one I'd been wanting to lift from the Life as Lou blog for a while:) Here it is:

I used a sheet from the MM Chloe's Closet specialty paper pack to trace this shape onto another sheet from the pack and then cut it out with my Cutterbees. I inked the edges of most of the papers on here and distressed some with my HS edge distresser. I used MM paper flowers; I believe last year's Easter line, some buttons, Colorbok chipboard word painted with MM paint and inked. Some Bobbin ribbon, Sizzix diecut stem. All the papers are MM Chole's Closet as well as the little journaling sticker. I did the ruffle thingie again (tutorial on Life as Lou:) Pic is me, my sis and uncle on Easter.

This is the "updated" pic of my LO from yesterday WITH the gem centers in the flowers. HUGE difference;)

Some diecuts I worked on today for someone on 2Peas for the Grant a Wish thread...Cuttlebug butterflies; added some gems/pearls to the centers. Some Sizzix cut butterflies and some Sizzix cut ladybugs.LOVE these!!! Another awesome envie from the Grant a Wish thread. Some FAB fabric stacked buttons. I'm in LOVE:)...did I already say I love these??? ;)

K...I'm literally falling asleep here so I best be getting to bed. I'm SO old...I'm like the Crypt Keeper...ha ha ha...that's a line from Freaky Friday with Lindsay Lohan;) Night all.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Here in my Gloomy Place...

Today was a very grey sort of day. Drizzling and cloudy and least for the better part of the day cause it got a bit chilly as the day progressed. Didn't stop me and Ruby from doing a bit of running around though. Stopped by a couple of stores; didn't really find much. Had to run by Walmart to pick up a few things I needed; laundry detergent, water for the turtle's tank and I had to fill my gas tank...$1.86 today.

I got a chance to do another LO today. This was inspired by peainapod over on 2Peas. And speaking of 2Peas...I've been doing the Grant a Wish thread over there and have been getting the most awesome things. Today I got a brand new tin of Maya Road chipboard cupcakes!!! Woo hoo!!! I also went by the PO today and mailed out like 6 packages of things I owed from the thread. Lots of people will be getting happy mail;) Anyho...back to our regularly scheduled program...The background diecut paper is MM Chelsea's Place. Stripey pp is Cosmo Cricket Gretel. The little piece of text paper is from a K&Co. Life's Journey pad I just recently got at M's. MME diecuts, Prima flowers (LOVE these:) Some Sizzix cut stems. I also made a ruffle again using a strip of another Cosmo Cricket Gretel pp and added a piece of lace trim over it when I sewed it down. This pic is of V and Mattie on Easter morning.This was another LO inspired by the FAB Stephanie Howell. This is NOT my actual finished LO exactly. I can't seem to find that pic:(...??? So I will update this one when I do. The only difference would be that I added blue adhesive gems to the centers of the Prima flowers. MM Passport stamp edge pp on white cardstock. Cricut cut scalloped circle and circle of MME Tres Jolie pp. MME diecut. Stems cut from Scenic Route pp.

And here's the pic of the other Hello Kitty Sizzix dies Steve bought me:)

The one on the end is the one I actually wanted and he got me the other two. I ended up going back to look for the ladybug one and happened to find the last one hiding behind some other dies. Guess Steve must've overlooked it.

Well I was planning to start working on another LO, but now I'm just getting tired and it's getting later so I'll do that tomorrow. I'm also getting tired so I think I'll call it a night. Bye:)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Giant Dust Bunnies Live Here...'s not even funny. I suppose my OCD does NOT carry over into the dusting department. I HATE it!!! I just know it's going to aggrivate my allergies and make me miserable so I avoid it at all costs. I usually make the kids do it when they are on break of some sort, but just haven't done it in a bit.

So yesterday I did the purging/rearranging/reorganizing in my scraproom. Moved a lot of things around and of course...there was dust. Not too bad, but it still gave me a headache. Took some Ibuprofen. Was good after a bit.

So today after dropping off the kids, I pulled some more weeds out front while it was nice and cool. Came in, cleaned up, did my chores then I decided I'd do a bit more purging since I had those boxes Henry brought me. So I went to go through V's books. It didn't take long at all so I decided to tackle some of the books in Mattie's room. Good Gosh!!! It was like dust bunny breeding land!!! And I mean some BIG ones.

I'm embarrased to say that it was pretty disgusting. I did like three shelves then I had to call it quits. There was just too much, so I'm going to have to tackle this a little bit at a time. I did manage to clear up some space and fill one more box of books.

So today I did some crafty-ness. I played around with my new yoyo maker and made these. I think they came out pretty good...

I bought these fat quarters at M's yesterday to play around with and I added these Rusty Pickle buttons on top. I need to find me some brighter pieces of fabric cause all they had were like dull, dark colors:( But I love the embellies themselves:)

Some Hello Kitty dies I got at J's like last week or so. They were regular $19.99 and I paid $5.97 for them. I got 3 others. I'll update with a pic later. I forgot to take one. They are way cute, but these were Bigz dies so they were $7.97. Still a good deal for a Bigz die.

And here is the pic of the big haul I got at M's last week with my 30% off my entire purchase coupon...

A lot of this was on clearance PLUS the 30% off!!! Score!!!

I also had time to work on a LO today. I haven't got a pic of the finished LO though so I'll post that tomorrow.

Tomorrow I've got to run by the store for a few things and gas up as well. I hope gas has gone down some. For some reason the gas at Walmart will be like $1.79 one day and then like $1.80 something the next. I hope I catch it on the low day;) Also gotta run by the PO and mail off a bunch of envies I have to get out for the Grant A Wish thread on 2Peas. I'm SO loving that thread and I've gotten some really great goodies from some wonderful women:)

Well, I'm hitting the hay. I'll be back tomorrow. Sweet dreams all:)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thanks Easter Bunny...;)

So Sunday morning the kids were up pretty early. I tried to sleep in a little longer. I could hear the rain really coming down outside. I finally got up about 9am or so. That's good enough for me, but I'd really appreciate not being woken up at 6 am prior to that:(

So we got dressed. Once we were all ready, we let the kids have their baskets...

V got a Littlest Pet Shop basket I picked up last year on clearance at T's for only $1!!! Funny that she is SO into those right now;) Their baskets only had candies in them. We got them a gift bag of gifts to share instead of individual gifts this year. They got Bolt, Despereaux and Bevelery Hills Chihuahua on DVD and a Disney "quiz" game for the PS2. Kind of like the Scene It game for the Xbox 360.

I really like how this pic of the two of them turned out. It's usually so hard for me to get a decent pic of them together. For some reason, I could not find a pic of Mattie with his:(

So we headed out to go have breakfast at Steve's parents. Jerry went by for a bit and then Roland went by later. I didn't get to get any pics of V and Gaby, but I did get one of her and Briana...
Roland got there not too long before we were getting ready to leave for my uncle's house. Since V hardly gets to see Gaby and just LOVES hanging out with her, she stayed behind. My unlce lives on the same street as my inlaws; just minutes away so Steve's mom said she'd bring her by when they were done there. They did an egg hunt, but I wasn't there to take pics and V missed the one at my unlce's cause she got there right after:(

So we hung out at my uncle's for a while. Ate a bit there, had a couple of drinks and just chatted. Lal and the kids and my mom and aunt and uncle were there too. V and Mikey did the see saw. They loved that thing, but see saws always give me the heevie jeevies. I can just see someone getting hit the jaw or falling off. Those things are dangerous IMO:( Here's some pics I got there...

This would have been a really good picture had Elijah's eyes not been closed...sigh...

We headed over to Jerry's house after that. He lives a couple of blocks away from my uncle's and Steve's mom:) We hung out there for a while and ate our dinner there;) I got a few pics...

My BIL has 3 little chihuahuas so V was in puppy heaven:)

I love this one, but I desperately need to photo edit this. I hope the software I have will be enough. Can someone help me with this. I really want this one to look good:)

Today was a pretty full day. I got my house cleaning done yesterday, so that left today pretty much freed up. As soon as I get back from dropping off the kids I did a little bit of yard work. I figured I'd get to it before it got hot. So I trimmed the hedges out front some and pulled out some weeds. The hedges still need to be trimmed some more, but I need Steve to use the electric trimmer and I still have to pull some more weeds and work on the yard some more, but it's a start:)

So I called up Ruby to see if she wanted to run with me to the Rim, but she had a couple of errands to run so I went with her to do those first. Then went to T's and M's. I bought these 3 canvas bins. They were from that Ora Kiley stuff. Way cute. I just picked up some fat quarters at M's for some yoyos I wanted to work on.

So I came home and had lunch then went by Walmart to buy some boxes. I finally got to purge quite a bit of the stuff in the shelves in my sb room; lots of outgrown baby games and books. I still need to go through the books I kept and see which ones are on her reading level and which she has outgrown.

Henry brought me some smaller boxes today so I can work on that tomorrow. I will be more time consuming cause I have to go through each individual book. But I got lots of things rearranged and reorganized in there. I'll take pics and update tomorrow.

I'm going to close this post now cause for some reason I keep getting knocked off and this is like the third time I've edited this post:( Maybe it's too long;) LOL...Have a great night everyone:)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Day...

Yesterday was a full day. We got up early and headed over to my mom's to spend the day with Lal and the kids and my mom. We planned a mini crop. I only packed 2 LOs and only got one done. I got the other done here at home later in the evening.

This is the one I got done with Lal. We both lifted this one. It was from and I believe it was from Prima. They used the new Prima Mommy and Me, but I improvised and FINALLY used some of the Friendly Forest I got at M's. The background paper is at least. Also used some Prima flowers, a homemade lollipop flower with an epoxy brad center and some felt stitched flowers I got at Walmart a LONG time ago. Some adhesive gems in the center of the blue Primas, Oh, I also used my Friendly Forest stamp set to stamp those little leaves on cardstock and then cut them out. Lal gave me some of her white pom pom trim and some more of her boy Prima notecards that I then cut the little owls out of:) Oh, and she let me use some of her stitched rubons for my little "circles". What a sis:) My little branchie thing is Cricut cut from Storybook. LOVE that cart. Can't say that enough and I have used this branchie cut on several LOs. My title is AC foam Thickers and some Doodlebug cardstock alpha stickers; Simply Sweet, I believe.

This is the one I got done at home. This was a lift off one Lal did. Not sure if it was a lift for her too though. Papers are MME; one of the CHA release lines, WRMK Tiffany and some BG Urban Prairie. I used my Stampin' Up scalloped border punch on the stripey WRMK paper. Oh, and a small piece of some BG Blitzen; the white "solid" in back. Title is AC Puffy Thickers and chipboard Thickers along with some MM tiny alphas. Also added a Prima Sprite and a button, and a MM Chloe's Closet journaling sheet where I still need to add my journaling:)

Lal made Mikey this cute, cool litte puppet theatre from one of those project displays. We got it at HL the other day. It came out pretty well. V and Mikey played with it for a while. Mikey was using these cute monster puppets Lal got him from the T's $ spot some time ago.

The kids played video games and just hung out while me and Lal scrapped. Later in the afternoon, my mom watched the kids while Lal and I ran to T's to do our Easter shopping. I already had their candies, but that's about it. I took Mikey and Lij their baskets yesteday since I wouldn't be seeing them before Sunday. I forgot to take a pic of Mikey's. I know he already ate his little box of blue Whoppers...he had the blue mouth to show for it;) Lal take a pic and post for me:)

Anyway, so we went to Target. I got the kids gifts to share. SO much easier this way. I got 2 DVDs; Beverly Hills Chihuahua and Despereux and a Disney quiz game for the PS2. It's like the Scene It for the Xbox 360 that Lal and Miguel have, but for PS2 and it's Disney stuff so easier for the kids. That was even on clearance for $20!!! When we walked out I joked with Lal...I walked out with only one bag...and a seperate bag with a hat.. and spent almost $80!!!

So on the way home, Lal picked up McD's for the kids. Thanks, Lal:) and we ate. She also got some Nestle Toll House chocolate chip cookies at T's for dessert which the kids LOVED...and so did I...hee hee

After lunch we did our egg coloring. I took some eggs to make hard boiled eggs which my mom boiled for me. Thank you, Mommy. Lal had the empty egg shells for cascarones. I HATE cascarones. For such little things, they sure do make a HUGE mess.

Lal had those little tablets to do her coloring and I took these two spinnie thingies I got on clearance after Easter one year. These things are too cool cause there is little to no mess for the kids. Practically ideal;) Of course the kids start whining. V and M want to do the tablets and Lij and Mikey want to spin the eggs. These kids!!!

So they all took turns doing both and they didn't make TOO much mess. Steve got off work kind of early and decided not to go to the shop in the afternoon, so he came by and watched the kids finish the eggs. We hung out a little longer and then took the kids outside to try to take some pics. My goodness, are these kids difficult!!!

They are like ALL over the place; making these ridiculous "fake" smiles...sigh...I managed to get a handful of good ones. This one is really funny. Mikey just ran in at the last minute and kind of hid behind V. LOL...

Today I was looking forward to M's cause they had a 30% off your entire regular priced purchase coupon for between 8am-1pm. These type of coupons are usually for Sunday evenings and I really don't use them cause I've usually wrapped up my day by that time. These hours worked out perfectly. We got up, I did my chores, got the kids breakfast, got dressed and headed out.

As soon as we got there, I hit the sb section. I picked up a few things I was wanting, then we walked different sections of the store. We took our time and just browsed around. Right as we were getting ready to leave, I went back through the sb section and all this stuff was marked down!!! Pretty much the entire older Designer Corner. I grabbed bunch of stuff and the greatest part. The 30% off coupon applied to the clearance too!!! I saved $17.90 on my purchases today. Not bad. I must share that with Steve so that he knows how thrifty I am;)
I'll update later with pics of all my goodies I got:) Well, I gotta do a bit of dishes. We just had dinner and I gotta go fix up the kids Easter "baskets". Hope everyone has a nice, safe and Happy Easter. Easter blessings to everyone:)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Lost LO...

I did this LO a while back. It was a lift off of one of Lal's lifts. I meant to upload it, but for some reason I could not find it in my files. I just found it a bit ago in searching through my pics...
I really like how this one turned out. The background paper is Jenni Bowlin. The decorative edged strip at the bottom is Sassfrass Lass and the polka dotty strip is Scenic Route. All the little cutouts were from a sample piece of Happy Place I got in one of my sb mags a while back with the exception of the photo corner which was from the Happy Place stickers sheet. Also added a few 7 Gypsies stickers and the little branchie thing peeking out of the left hand side was Cricut cut out of the Storybook cart:) TFL

Today I Am...

I was just thinking that it was about time to do this again and then saw it on Estee's blog:)

Reading:Sadly, I am STILL not reading anything new. Unless you count my scrap mags.

Listening To:Right now my fave songs are The Motions by Matthew West and Does Anybody Hear Her by Casting Crowns

Obsessed with:Twilight; the movie and I just downloaded the Soundtrack. I also just found my t shirt and two COOL keychains.

Thinking About:The end of the school year which is coming up SUPER fast.

Planning To:Do more organzing in the scraproom. I desperately need to get some boxes to purge lots of kiddie VHS movies and books and toddler games.

Dreaming Of:Sleeping in.

Enjoying:The kids being in school cause V had been home for a whole week!!!

Vowing To:Keep working out and watching what I eat. I've been doing a pretty good job. Worked out ALL last week.

Working On:The kids Easter goodies.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy:)

So as soon as I dropped off the kids today, I headed to my BIL's office. I was a little apprehensive. I don't like the dentist:( But it wasn't bad at all and didn't take long either and I'm all good as new now:) Stevie ended up there too cause I guess a tooth was bothering him. He'd called over the weekend asking Steve to make him an appointment. I guess he couldn't wait cause he got there not long after me. I talked to Steve earlier this afternoon, and he ended up having 4 cavitites!!! Brush your teeth, Stevie!!! LOL ;)

Yesterday when we went to drop off Lij we hung out for a while and I was showing Mikey my "missing" tooth to scare him into brushing his teeth when he's told. He just kept looking in there with this "look" on his face and then he goes..."I don't want that to happen to me". LOL...That's right!!! Brush!!!

So anyway, I went back to my mom's today after the dentist and visited with my mom for a while. Then she left to go see my grandma and I hung out with Lal for a bit then we went to HL and J's at Crossroads. They had the Hello Kitty Sizzix dies on clearance for only $5.97!!! I got 3. I think I might go back and get one more; the one of Hello Kitty. I think they'd be cute for V to make cards or something for her little friends.

I plan on going to my mom's on Friday again cause the kids are off for Good Friday. Lal and I are planning our day to hang out and stuff so I can go back to HL then.

I wanted to replace my punch I broke the other night, but punches weren't on sale and that itty bitty punch was $7.99!!! I asked if they took competitor's coupons and the lady said "no", so I put it back. I'll wait for the 1/2 off sale or one of their coupons.

That was pretty much my whole day. I'm really tired cause me and Steve were up a little late messing around with his new DSi. It's pretty cool and you can link up multiple DS games and play up to 8 people at a time on seperate systems.

Since I did nothing today, I have to do all my cleaning chores tomorrow. I did; however, get my laundry done, folded and put away so that's one less thing to do:) Have a nice evening:)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's So Tragic...

One of my worst fears came to be today. We took the kids to eat at Cici's for dinner and as I am chewing my pizza, my crown came off!!! Aaahhh!!! It has been a little loose for a while, but I was being real careful. It seemed to be doing OK and today it just came off!!! :( I had Steve call my BIL immediately. He said to go in first thing Monday and he'd work me in.

OK...anyone who knows me knows I HATE the dentist. Nothing personal to my BIL. I just don't like going thus my procrastination on this whole loose crown thing. I was hoping it would just "fix" itself;)

It's just totally driving me nuts though feeling that emtpy space in my mouth. CRAZY I tell you!!!...sigh....Monday can't come soon enough.

So today Lal brought Lij over. He'd been wanting to spend the night, but last week V was sick so we had to postpone. I was going to pick him up yesterday, but he had CCD early this am, so Lal and Miguel dropped him off after.

I got some crafty time today while the kids played games on the Wii. This is what I worked on...

I saw these on a blog I like to read called Mish Mash. She makes the cutest things; lots of cards and cute embellies. For these I used my 1 inch scalloped circle punch on some K&Co. Berry Sweet pp, some polka dot groisgrain ribbons, buttons (MME, Autumn Leaves and some Junkitz, I believe) and some MM threads. These were pretty easy to make and didn't take long at all. You can go on Mish Mash for the "tutorial":)

Last week I went by M's...twice;) They got some many new things in again. This is getting dangerous. M's is going to send me to the poor house:(...;) They reset pretty much their whole open stock paper section as well as their paper pads/packs. There is also a new little section by the Designer Corner. I am calling it Designer Corner Part Deux;) They got some really cute Prima stuff in there. I picked up these...

The light is this pic is horrible. Sometimes I don't know what I'm doing with my camera...OK...A LOT of the time I don't know what I am doing with my camera:(

These are from a Prima line called Nursery Tales. SO many yummy, very vintagey goodies. SO my style. I got two sets of the felt borders cause I just LOVE them, but only one set of each of the roses. MIGHT get more. I debated getting the 12x12 paper pad. It's just SO much paper and I already have so much. I am thinking of just getting the smaller mat pad once they put it out. One of the few things on the shelves that wasn't put out yet.

So today Steve got off from work early. We hung out for a while after he got home, then we went out for a bit. I went by the M's off 1604/Culebra and found the MM Flower Patch stuff. I'd really been wanting the 8x8 pack of the diecut papers and finally found them. Yay!!! I also picked up a few sheets of the 12x12. Have some plans for some cute embellies;) Also found a pack of the Bazzill they had out at Christmas. The one that matched the MME Festive papers. Got it on clearance for $5.99.

Went by Best Buy and bought a Wii game for the kids. It was a really cool Fiesta Texas game. Went by Game Stop. Cici's and the big tooth drama, then back home.

The kids played the new game and I decided to work on some more embellies. I had this brilliant idea that I was going to make some felt versions of my previous project. Quite a while back I had Steve punch through some adhesive backed felt with my biggest scalloped circle. So tonight I asked him to punch the felt with my 1 inch punch I used early today. BIG mistake.

The first punch went fine. The second...kerplunk!!! Broke it:( Ugh!!! Not such a good idea afterall...So now I gotta replace that punch. Steve tried to fix it, but the plastic casing around the metal part broke and couldn't be put back together:( He still managed to punch through the felt with just the metal part. He was banging it with his hand, but I made him stop before he broke something his hand:(

So he managed to punch out like 5 circles for me and I played around with those. The embellies came out really cute, but I didn't get around to taking a pic of those yet.

Well, it's after midnight and I'm exhausted. Steve went to Game Stop to get the new DS that just came out. He had it on reserve and just HAD to go get it tonight...sigh...

Oh!!! Friday I went by Walmart on De Zavala and finally found my Twilight tee. Yay, me!!! ;) I also found a keychain type thingie with the little werewolf charm on it:) I think I am up to 6 times watching Twilight since I got the DVD...hee hee.

K...time for bed. Who knows what time these kids will be up in the morning. Good night all:)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Part Deux...

My second post for today;)...I got my Hot off the Press 3D cupcake template in the mail today. Happy Dance...:) So I played around with it a bit. It was a little hard to figure out. I'm more of a visual person. So I found this online tutorial on Paper Pizzaz and boy did that help. I got two done and they are just SO stinkin' cute...
and here's a pic of the template. It is 12x12...These would make great little favor boxes for a party or just as a little gift:) Well, that's all for my day. Gotta hit the hay. Have a great night:)