My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Giant Dust Bunnies Live Here...'s not even funny. I suppose my OCD does NOT carry over into the dusting department. I HATE it!!! I just know it's going to aggrivate my allergies and make me miserable so I avoid it at all costs. I usually make the kids do it when they are on break of some sort, but just haven't done it in a bit.

So yesterday I did the purging/rearranging/reorganizing in my scraproom. Moved a lot of things around and of course...there was dust. Not too bad, but it still gave me a headache. Took some Ibuprofen. Was good after a bit.

So today after dropping off the kids, I pulled some more weeds out front while it was nice and cool. Came in, cleaned up, did my chores then I decided I'd do a bit more purging since I had those boxes Henry brought me. So I went to go through V's books. It didn't take long at all so I decided to tackle some of the books in Mattie's room. Good Gosh!!! It was like dust bunny breeding land!!! And I mean some BIG ones.

I'm embarrased to say that it was pretty disgusting. I did like three shelves then I had to call it quits. There was just too much, so I'm going to have to tackle this a little bit at a time. I did manage to clear up some space and fill one more box of books.

So today I did some crafty-ness. I played around with my new yoyo maker and made these. I think they came out pretty good...

I bought these fat quarters at M's yesterday to play around with and I added these Rusty Pickle buttons on top. I need to find me some brighter pieces of fabric cause all they had were like dull, dark colors:( But I love the embellies themselves:)

Some Hello Kitty dies I got at J's like last week or so. They were regular $19.99 and I paid $5.97 for them. I got 3 others. I'll update with a pic later. I forgot to take one. They are way cute, but these were Bigz dies so they were $7.97. Still a good deal for a Bigz die.

And here is the pic of the big haul I got at M's last week with my 30% off my entire purchase coupon...

A lot of this was on clearance PLUS the 30% off!!! Score!!!

I also had time to work on a LO today. I haven't got a pic of the finished LO though so I'll post that tomorrow.

Tomorrow I've got to run by the store for a few things and gas up as well. I hope gas has gone down some. For some reason the gas at Walmart will be like $1.79 one day and then like $1.80 something the next. I hope I catch it on the low day;) Also gotta run by the PO and mail off a bunch of envies I have to get out for the Grant A Wish thread on 2Peas. I'm SO loving that thread and I've gotten some really great goodies from some wonderful women:)

Well, I'm hitting the hay. I'll be back tomorrow. Sweet dreams all:)

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Ginajam said...

You have a yo-yo MAKER? What is that? I've made a few before by hand, but is there some fancy little machine that does it for you? Please tell!! And I say this everytime, but you ALWAYS find the best deals. I just can't stand it :-) I'm going crazy without a Michaels here!!