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My Scrap Space

Monday, April 6, 2009

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy:)

So as soon as I dropped off the kids today, I headed to my BIL's office. I was a little apprehensive. I don't like the dentist:( But it wasn't bad at all and didn't take long either and I'm all good as new now:) Stevie ended up there too cause I guess a tooth was bothering him. He'd called over the weekend asking Steve to make him an appointment. I guess he couldn't wait cause he got there not long after me. I talked to Steve earlier this afternoon, and he ended up having 4 cavitites!!! Brush your teeth, Stevie!!! LOL ;)

Yesterday when we went to drop off Lij we hung out for a while and I was showing Mikey my "missing" tooth to scare him into brushing his teeth when he's told. He just kept looking in there with this "look" on his face and then he goes..."I don't want that to happen to me". LOL...That's right!!! Brush!!!

So anyway, I went back to my mom's today after the dentist and visited with my mom for a while. Then she left to go see my grandma and I hung out with Lal for a bit then we went to HL and J's at Crossroads. They had the Hello Kitty Sizzix dies on clearance for only $5.97!!! I got 3. I think I might go back and get one more; the one of Hello Kitty. I think they'd be cute for V to make cards or something for her little friends.

I plan on going to my mom's on Friday again cause the kids are off for Good Friday. Lal and I are planning our day to hang out and stuff so I can go back to HL then.

I wanted to replace my punch I broke the other night, but punches weren't on sale and that itty bitty punch was $7.99!!! I asked if they took competitor's coupons and the lady said "no", so I put it back. I'll wait for the 1/2 off sale or one of their coupons.

That was pretty much my whole day. I'm really tired cause me and Steve were up a little late messing around with his new DSi. It's pretty cool and you can link up multiple DS games and play up to 8 people at a time on seperate systems.

Since I did nothing today, I have to do all my cleaning chores tomorrow. I did; however, get my laundry done, folded and put away so that's one less thing to do:) Have a nice evening:)

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