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My Scrap Space

Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's So Tragic...

One of my worst fears came to be today. We took the kids to eat at Cici's for dinner and as I am chewing my pizza, my crown came off!!! Aaahhh!!! It has been a little loose for a while, but I was being real careful. It seemed to be doing OK and today it just came off!!! :( I had Steve call my BIL immediately. He said to go in first thing Monday and he'd work me in.

OK...anyone who knows me knows I HATE the dentist. Nothing personal to my BIL. I just don't like going thus my procrastination on this whole loose crown thing. I was hoping it would just "fix" itself;)

It's just totally driving me nuts though feeling that emtpy space in my mouth. CRAZY I tell you!!!...sigh....Monday can't come soon enough.

So today Lal brought Lij over. He'd been wanting to spend the night, but last week V was sick so we had to postpone. I was going to pick him up yesterday, but he had CCD early this am, so Lal and Miguel dropped him off after.

I got some crafty time today while the kids played games on the Wii. This is what I worked on...

I saw these on a blog I like to read called Mish Mash. She makes the cutest things; lots of cards and cute embellies. For these I used my 1 inch scalloped circle punch on some K&Co. Berry Sweet pp, some polka dot groisgrain ribbons, buttons (MME, Autumn Leaves and some Junkitz, I believe) and some MM threads. These were pretty easy to make and didn't take long at all. You can go on Mish Mash for the "tutorial":)

Last week I went by M's...twice;) They got some many new things in again. This is getting dangerous. M's is going to send me to the poor house:(...;) They reset pretty much their whole open stock paper section as well as their paper pads/packs. There is also a new little section by the Designer Corner. I am calling it Designer Corner Part Deux;) They got some really cute Prima stuff in there. I picked up these...

The light is this pic is horrible. Sometimes I don't know what I'm doing with my camera...OK...A LOT of the time I don't know what I am doing with my camera:(

These are from a Prima line called Nursery Tales. SO many yummy, very vintagey goodies. SO my style. I got two sets of the felt borders cause I just LOVE them, but only one set of each of the roses. MIGHT get more. I debated getting the 12x12 paper pad. It's just SO much paper and I already have so much. I am thinking of just getting the smaller mat pad once they put it out. One of the few things on the shelves that wasn't put out yet.

So today Steve got off from work early. We hung out for a while after he got home, then we went out for a bit. I went by the M's off 1604/Culebra and found the MM Flower Patch stuff. I'd really been wanting the 8x8 pack of the diecut papers and finally found them. Yay!!! I also picked up a few sheets of the 12x12. Have some plans for some cute embellies;) Also found a pack of the Bazzill they had out at Christmas. The one that matched the MME Festive papers. Got it on clearance for $5.99.

Went by Best Buy and bought a Wii game for the kids. It was a really cool Fiesta Texas game. Went by Game Stop. Cici's and the big tooth drama, then back home.

The kids played the new game and I decided to work on some more embellies. I had this brilliant idea that I was going to make some felt versions of my previous project. Quite a while back I had Steve punch through some adhesive backed felt with my biggest scalloped circle. So tonight I asked him to punch the felt with my 1 inch punch I used early today. BIG mistake.

The first punch went fine. The second...kerplunk!!! Broke it:( Ugh!!! Not such a good idea afterall...So now I gotta replace that punch. Steve tried to fix it, but the plastic casing around the metal part broke and couldn't be put back together:( He still managed to punch through the felt with just the metal part. He was banging it with his hand, but I made him stop before he broke something his hand:(

So he managed to punch out like 5 circles for me and I played around with those. The embellies came out really cute, but I didn't get around to taking a pic of those yet.

Well, it's after midnight and I'm exhausted. Steve went to Game Stop to get the new DS that just came out. He had it on reserve and just HAD to go get it tonight...sigh...

Oh!!! Friday I went by Walmart on De Zavala and finally found my Twilight tee. Yay, me!!! ;) I also found a keychain type thingie with the little werewolf charm on it:) I think I am up to 6 times watching Twilight since I got the DVD...hee hee.

K...time for bed. Who knows what time these kids will be up in the morning. Good night all:)

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MICHELLE said...

Those embellies are SUPER cute!! ;) Good job making them. I feel your pain on the Dentist :( Hope all goes well today! <3