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My Scrap Space

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Thanks Easter Bunny...;)

So Sunday morning the kids were up pretty early. I tried to sleep in a little longer. I could hear the rain really coming down outside. I finally got up about 9am or so. That's good enough for me, but I'd really appreciate not being woken up at 6 am prior to that:(

So we got dressed. Once we were all ready, we let the kids have their baskets...

V got a Littlest Pet Shop basket I picked up last year on clearance at T's for only $1!!! Funny that she is SO into those right now;) Their baskets only had candies in them. We got them a gift bag of gifts to share instead of individual gifts this year. They got Bolt, Despereaux and Bevelery Hills Chihuahua on DVD and a Disney "quiz" game for the PS2. Kind of like the Scene It game for the Xbox 360.

I really like how this pic of the two of them turned out. It's usually so hard for me to get a decent pic of them together. For some reason, I could not find a pic of Mattie with his:(

So we headed out to go have breakfast at Steve's parents. Jerry went by for a bit and then Roland went by later. I didn't get to get any pics of V and Gaby, but I did get one of her and Briana...
Roland got there not too long before we were getting ready to leave for my uncle's house. Since V hardly gets to see Gaby and just LOVES hanging out with her, she stayed behind. My unlce lives on the same street as my inlaws; just minutes away so Steve's mom said she'd bring her by when they were done there. They did an egg hunt, but I wasn't there to take pics and V missed the one at my unlce's cause she got there right after:(

So we hung out at my uncle's for a while. Ate a bit there, had a couple of drinks and just chatted. Lal and the kids and my mom and aunt and uncle were there too. V and Mikey did the see saw. They loved that thing, but see saws always give me the heevie jeevies. I can just see someone getting hit the jaw or falling off. Those things are dangerous IMO:( Here's some pics I got there...

This would have been a really good picture had Elijah's eyes not been closed...sigh...

We headed over to Jerry's house after that. He lives a couple of blocks away from my uncle's and Steve's mom:) We hung out there for a while and ate our dinner there;) I got a few pics...

My BIL has 3 little chihuahuas so V was in puppy heaven:)

I love this one, but I desperately need to photo edit this. I hope the software I have will be enough. Can someone help me with this. I really want this one to look good:)

Today was a pretty full day. I got my house cleaning done yesterday, so that left today pretty much freed up. As soon as I get back from dropping off the kids I did a little bit of yard work. I figured I'd get to it before it got hot. So I trimmed the hedges out front some and pulled out some weeds. The hedges still need to be trimmed some more, but I need Steve to use the electric trimmer and I still have to pull some more weeds and work on the yard some more, but it's a start:)

So I called up Ruby to see if she wanted to run with me to the Rim, but she had a couple of errands to run so I went with her to do those first. Then went to T's and M's. I bought these 3 canvas bins. They were from that Ora Kiley stuff. Way cute. I just picked up some fat quarters at M's for some yoyos I wanted to work on.

So I came home and had lunch then went by Walmart to buy some boxes. I finally got to purge quite a bit of the stuff in the shelves in my sb room; lots of outgrown baby games and books. I still need to go through the books I kept and see which ones are on her reading level and which she has outgrown.

Henry brought me some smaller boxes today so I can work on that tomorrow. I will be more time consuming cause I have to go through each individual book. But I got lots of things rearranged and reorganized in there. I'll take pics and update tomorrow.

I'm going to close this post now cause for some reason I keep getting knocked off and this is like the third time I've edited this post:( Maybe it's too long;) LOL...Have a great night everyone:)

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