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My Scrap Space

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tuesday Update...

Saturday there was a garage sale at Scrapbook Heaven. I am very curious as to what they would have and since it's SO close to my house I decided to go check it out. Sadly, it was quite a disappointment. Not so much how the sale was run and all, but the "merchandise" that was being sold. There was a bit of a line when we go there about 10:30 or so. The sale started at 11. We were like 4th or 5th in line (V and I). There was maybe a dozen "vendors". The crop room isn't as big as I thought it was or as big as it looked from the outside of the store. It's definately not as big as 911. I don't know...I am VERY partial to 911 regardless of the store. I just always compare to 911 which in my opinion, just can't be beat;)

So anyway, I ended up spending like all of $7. This is what I got...
I LOVE the font on these stamps. I should have just bought them all. She had like 4 or 6 more stamps and they were only 50 cents each. Really cute little mini book kit from Amy Butler. LOVE Amy Butler and 2 of the Glitz roller stamps. All of these items were only $1.This what I bought at the actual store; not the sale. They had these Bazzill sheets $10 for $1. Not all the sheets. There was this bin with papers and there happened to be this shade which I LOVE. All the other colors were light colors. I also got some of the big Jenni Bowlin Vday cards and some buttons. I'd been looking for these colors; the black and red. These cool WRMK stamps. I got one for Lal too. There wasn't two of the other stamp set so I only got them one:(
Saturday afternoon I went by 911 to pick up some stuff I had on hold...

I love the new Crate lines. Too cute and I love that it's textured.

Then I found these cute Basic Grey stamps. I didn't even know these were coming out!!! What happened???!!! I'm slipping. And I LOVE these Maya Road flowers. I wish they'd had them in different colors cause I've been wanting some of these for a while. Let's see how I am going to use them.

Sunday we got up pretty early, went for breakfast, then hit a couple of M's and I finally found for of the clearance things I had been looking for!!!

It's funny how some of the stores have some stuff marked down and others do not. The M's on 1604/Culebra had all the MM Sabrina and Chole's Closet marked down. Finally got the flowers/buttons I'd been looking for and the Primas I wanted more of. I did not anywhere in town, find the trims though:(

I picked up a couple of Easter clearance items too. Look at my cute little corner on my shelf...

We went over to Steve's parents after Steve went by the shop to do a haircut and then we all went to a festival at St. Gregory's for a bit. Afterwards, we all went out to lunch at Sea Island. Steve's parents took the kids with them to go to Roland's for a bit and we came home. I took a nice, much needed nap then we ran to the grocery store when the kids got back.

Yesterday I got all my cleaning done and today I managed to get a LO done. I'll upload the pic in a bit. I gotta get ready to go get V and then I gotta run by Walmart to return something for Steve that he bought the other day. Be back in a bit:)


Ginajam said...

Too many fun things...I don't think you'll be able to use them all, so you can send em all this way :-)

Emily said...

Looks like you got lots of great deals! I LOVE those stamps! What a steal on those! :-)

(I found your blog while I was blog hopping.... it's always nice to meet fellow scrappers! :-)