My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

So last week was the big truck drama. My truck was overheating and I could hardly get down the street to drop off the kids before it started hissing under the hood:( So Thursday night a tow truck came and took it away. It was SO sad:( And I guess that saying is true...when it rains it pours. I literally came and sat down at the computer after watching my truck be carried away and it freezes up. Turns out it caught an internet virus and our Norton had expired. Aaahhh!!! So I couldn't get to the store to buy a new antivirus software cause I didn't have any transportation and I couldn't get on the computer. I don't know how I managed...but I did.Fortunately I got my truck back Friday night... $281 later. So Saturday after breakfast I got my Norton and got my computer back up. Yay!!! My uncle's wedding was also that night and I was so afraid I was going to have to miss it if I didn't get my truck back. We have no other form of transportation that fits us all.Here are some pics from the wedding...

Mikey, Mattie and Lij.

All the kids; Victoria, Mikey, Lij and Mattie.

Victoria and Mikey.

Me and Lal. Aren't we lovely??? ;) hee hee The wedding was very nice and the kids had such a blast. V danced the WHOLE night. When the music first started I told her she should go and dance with her daddy and she said she was too embarassed, but as soon as the dance songs started, she went straight to the dance floor and never sat down. LOL

Here's V with Steve.And me and V. My head scarf came out of my hair twice so I just took it out...LOL

Sunday my inlaws took the kids and we took in a movie. Went to go see Watchmen. Steve had been wanting to see that one. Ugh!!! The movie was 2 1/2 hours long and it was not fun:( And it was so cold in there and I forgot to take my jacket. I hate being cold:(

Afterwards, I went by 911 and picked up these goodies...

I'd really been wanting some of the JB gem buttons. I improvised on a LO I recently did where I wanted to use some of these:) And that WRMK paper...they didn't have that one when I picked up the others from that line a while back so now I have it;) LOVE, LOVE this new Comso Cricket line; Ever After. This is the only one of their new lines that really caught my least so far. This one is more my style, I think.And this new My Little Shoebox is just too stinkin' cute!!! I LOVE the shaped papers and the tags. All this I got with my store credit. I still have near $80 left and only $15 to go to hit my free $10 again. Woo hoo!!! Bring on the new goodies;)

So the kids started Spring Break this past Monday. I doubt we are going to do much though. It's hard for Steve to go off from work especially right now. They are closing the company they have in Oklahoma. In fact, he has to drive out there tomorrow to pick up a trailer. This past week he had to drive out to San Angelo. Too much driving:(

So anyway, I did my grocery shopping on Monday. While I was at Walmart I decided to go check out the cameras. They had quite a few on clearance. I saw this one Fuji camera was on sale from $298 to $199, but they were all out except for the display one:( I came home and kept thinking about it, so after lunch I headed to the other Walmart up the street to see if I could find it. I am SO glad I did. It was the only one there. It is 10 megapixels and 18x optical zoom!!! I've played with it a bit and I LOVE it. I still have quite a ways to go, but I'm determined to learn how to use this camera to it's full potential:)

I also got my DCWV 8x8 pad in the mail on Monday. A short time ago there was some kind of promotion. You had to go and watch this video of all the new DCWV pads and be one of the first 1000 and you could chose a free pad and I won one!!! Here's the one I chose...There are glittered and embossed and all sorts of lovely papers in it. Lal chose the Whimsy and we are going to split them:)

Some updated pics of my room. There is just too much stuff in here now. You'd never be able to tell that I purged for the 911 sale back in the end of January.
Eventually I'd like to get those two big bookshelves out of at least minimize what's on them so I can use some of that space to "branch out" onto;) Those two shelves have V's books, some games, DVDs, too many VHS that we are trying to get rid of and stuff like that. Then she has her easel there in the corner. Please ignore that pile of stuff on the floor in front of one of the shelves. I started purging again and got stuck with it. There's all the back issues of my mag subs and tons of stickers I cleared out from my sticker basket. I put up a thread on for locals who might want them. I got 2 responses so I started clearing out and then I didn't hear back and I'm stuck with this stuff on my floor:( Just what I didn't want to happen...sigh...So if anyone local sees this post and is interested PLEASE leave me a message and a contanct email. TIA:)My desk area...

The table next to my desk. I have a little more space since I cleared out my older mags off the table.

A hanging basket over my table which holds a lot of my smaller wood mounted stamps. It's kind of overflowing and I just bought some new ones today:( hee hee The shelf in the back has a bunch of clear jars with different embellies; chipboard letters, tubies of bling, other stuff...not really sure what...LOL Also some of my knick knackie things up there:)

Just a quick little simple LO I did last night. I just can NOT seem to get the mojo back and flowing. It's been SO long:( Anyway, it's a pic I've wanted to scrap forever. Not the most glamour pic. You always see those pics of women who just gave birth holding their newborns and they look like they just stepped out of the salon or something. Well...that was NOT me...LOL But it's still something I wanted to document. I have lots of pics from my hospital stay and those first pics of V we took there so I need to get those done eventually. I got the sketch idea for this from this little paper mache box Lal altered for Miguel for Vday. I just LOVED the little MM quote sticker that she used and knew it would be just PERFECT for such a pic:) I was thinking of maybe adding some type of "title" there above the pic, but not quite sure what. Any idears??? ;)

I made spaghetti for dinner and it was ever so yummy. Then Steve brought me home a Bill's tea and some dutch apple pie for dessert:P Today was the first day I haven't worked out in over a week, but I still might later today;) It's cold here tonight; we cooled down this morning. Also some rain...some much needed rain. We'll see how long that lasts. Oh...yesterday I rented a movie out of the redbox...The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Excellent movie.

Well, I believe I am all caught up on my happenings around here. I am some dishes in the sink calling my name:( Have a great night:)

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