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My Scrap Space

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Not Easy Being Sick...

or caring for the sick:( V got hit pretty hard. Ended up taking her in to the dr. on Monday morning. She'd been running fever and had started complaining about her other ear as well. Turned out she had a very bad throat and ear infections. Got some antibiotics and she's home until at least Thursday. She's still running some fever. Not as bad as the first few nights though Thank God, but still low grade. So I'm having to get her up to take her meds, watching the fever as so on. I can't wait for her to be back to her old self again.
So I haven't done much of anything, but stay indoors with her. She's also still got a bit of a cough. I might just keep her home this whole week. Friday is an early release day anyway. I know she's really bored already, but you can see it in here eyes; she is not well. She just hates missing school and being home. I'm sure she's dying to interact with her little girlfriends, but I don't want to send her back before she's ready. The doctor said ear infections take a bit more time and being in school, she'd be missing a dose of her meds and I want to get her off to a good start. By next Monday she'd be pretty far along on them. We will see how things play out.

Some pics to share from last week. Finally got the cupcake stamps pic up:)

I bought two others that are not pictured here. One is a border type on that says "cupcakes forever" and the other is two cherries that says "love you with a (pic of cherries) on top". The chicks border stamp is from the barn animals section. There were LOTS of other stamps from both of these themes. The cupcakes ones had wood mounted and clear. The farm animals ones were just wood mounted and then there was a whole fairy set in the just the clear ones. All these have all sorts of other themed goodies as well. Go check out your M's:)

A couple of pics from last Friday. It was group picture day for V at school:) This was the day she came home not feeling well at all. Poor thing:( And I just realized that this is the same time she was sick last year cause she missed group pic day and in Kindergarten she came home sick on group pic day and then missed the individuals school picture day. Uncanny, but must be whatever is in the air around this time.

And here is poor Baby Girl...bored, bored, bored. She was laying on the floor today playing with different board games. Here she was with Mouse Trap...The mice were "eating" the cheese:)You can see it in her eyes; she just doesn't feel well:(

Well, not much else going on around her except blowing of noses and such. I'll update later. I'm hoping to get some scrapping time in later this week. Fingers crossed:)


Lal said...

Poor Victoria :( Mikey is coughing this morning...I sure hope it doesn't come back right away or he catches something else. I'd hate to pay $50 AGAIN so soon!! I think I'll give him allery meds every four hours to try to control his allergies. It must be something in the air. I had a mother headache yesterday AND the day before that and I've been sneezing. I'd rather be sick than either of the kids though! I love that pic of V and I LOVE her top! I wish they had it in MY size!! I need to get my scrap on today. It's been THREE whole days with no scrapping going on!! ~ GASP ~

Ginajam said...

She's still adorable!! Hope she's better now!