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My Scrap Space

Saturday, March 21, 2009

In Addition...

Don't know how I could have forgot to mention in yesterday's post that Mattie once again made A/B Honor Roll. He has made it every grading period this year so far. Well, he made straight A's on the first one, but these are super good grades. The best he's ever had and I'm not sure if this should be credited to the slight increase we made on his meds, but I am SUPER pleased. This is seriously a HUGE sigh of relief for me. I have always worried SO much about how much he struggled in school. If I had known that this TINY increase would have made such a difference I would have done it a lot sooner rather than delaying it. Seriously.

And in other super fab Mattie news...he passed the reading part of his TAKS!!! OMG!!! Another HUGE load off my shoulders. I was SO stressing this cause he totally needs to pass to go to the 9th grade. We still have the Math part to go, but I am feeling a lot more confident on this as well.

He is still doing the morning tutoring, but now only for the math part and next Friday there is a Math TAKS workshop on early release day that he is doing also. He needs all the extra help he can get and I am SO grateful for all these opportunities he has at his school to help him achieve his goals.

Today Lal and Lij came over early in the am. Oh, thanks for the bacon, Lal;) I'll get you on that later. Totally forgot. So we hung out here for a while cause we were just getting up here. Got breakfast going, tidied up and then we went to M's at Ingram. Found the new goodies there too and I got the stamp I accidently put down yesterday. Also this really cute jouranl that will work great for some journaling sheets. Also picked up the K&Co. Que Sera Sera paper pad with my 50% off coupon and shared it with Lal. Mattie used a coupon for me too and I got another pack of these like layered Primas that I LOVE.

Went by T's and got my 3 disc exclusive Twilight...!!! Came home and watched while we ate McD's that Lal picked up for us. LOVE it!!! Maybe I'll watch again in bed;)

V started feeling under the weather again this afternoon; complaining of a headache and sore throat. I gave her some medicine and then after Lal left early this afternoon, we took a little nap on the couch.

We had planned on going out to eat Cici's when Steve got off work cause V had been wanting that, but she got up complaining of an earache and she was running a fever again so we stayed in and ordered Papa John's instead. Lucky for us it was Customer Appreciation Day and we got large pizzas for only $6.99.

So I gave V some Motrin and put some drops in her ears. The fever went down and hasn't come back so far. Gotta keep an eye on it through the night. I hope it's not a rough one:(

Not sure what we have planned for tomorrow yet. I am going by the big J's though. I had planned on going today too, but that got postponed as well. So let's see what I find. I heard there were some SUPER good clearance deals. I hope I can find some. More tomorrow...and I'll update with the stamps from M's pic too. Night.

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Lal said...

WTG Mattie! I'm so proud of him! That is SO great! Sniff, sniff, I can't believe he will be HIGH SCHOOL next year!! I want time to stand still for a while! Or can we put our kids in a time bubble forever? :) lol I hope V feels better. Mikey is pretty much good now. Hmm..that's all...I have nothing else to say! LOL