My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pretty in Pink...

Only if you are Molly Ringwald. V woke up yesterday with pink eye. OMG!!! It's just one thing after another with this little girl. It looked horrid:( It was SO red:( I'm guessing it was from her infection; must've spread to her eye cause it was the same side as the really bad ear.

So I put some allergy eye drops in it twice yesterday. No fever yesterday, but today...earlier this evening, she was running a very low grade again. Then this afternoon, right after we went to pick up Mattie she broke out in hives!!! She came up to me and asked me what was on her cheek/neck cause it was itchy and I noticed them. I took her to the bathroom to put some anti-itch cream on it and noticed it starting to show on the other side. It was SO red. So I put some on both and then a few minutes later, she is sitting in the kitchen at the island and says she feels some under her eye and there they were!!! So I gave her some Benadryl. That seemed to do the trick cause about 20 minutes later it was all gone. Let's just pray that she doesn't wake up with something else tomorrow:(

We stayed in all day today. Good thing cause it looked pretty dark and cloudy this am and then the rain kicked it. It rained for the better part of the day then cleared up around the time I went to go get Mattie.

I got a chance to scrap yesterday. Got two done. Both are lifts from my latest issue of Memory Makers.

I used some MM Passport pp on this one. AL flourish/word stamps and a sticker mounted onto cardstock and cut out. Some Prima flowers and Center Kiss, CI rubon, Paper Studio glitter flourish sticker and some MME and Paper Studio pp strips.

I used some MM ledger paper for this one. An Anna Griffin transparency I got at M's, some old Daisy D's French Market pp, Prima lace and some 7 Gypsies cardstock stickers. Also a Jenni Bowlin mini bingo card and some adhesive gems.

I worked on another one today. Took me a bit longer as I kept going back and forth. It took a little more work than either of these two and it's still not quite finished. I want to add one more thing if I can find it, so I will update with that one tomorrow. Hopefully I can get some more scrapping done.

I have to go by the school tomorrow to pick up V's classroom work for this week so she can catch up on what she'd missed. The only thing she had done was her spelling assignments cause I got her list off the online class newsletter. She was real apprehensive about what she was going to have to make up so now she'll have the weekend to work on it:)

Well, I best be getting to bed. Praying this will be an easier night and we can all get some much needed rest:)

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