My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Monday, June 1, 2009

Thickers...They're Just Like Stickers, but Thicker;)...

The Thicker Mania continues. I've hit up a few more stores and accumulated several more packages. How many you ask...Well here's a pic...

People on the boards are saying that the stores are restocking and getting new ones in, so I will be back to check up on that. I still would like to find some of the fabric ones as well as some of the Jewelery Box font and also some more yellow and oranges ones...I just need more;)

Here's a LO I worked on the other day. Finally got the title done on this one. I built on white cardstock. I used some of my Prima Rock On papers that Lal shared with me as well as some of the Primas from this line and a piece of one of the cardstock strips. Strips of Love Elsie Roxie, some Magic Mesh as well as some Dottie Mesh. I LOVE the Dottie Mesh!!! Some Prima gems for the flower centers. Lal also shared some of her Prima Rebellious journal cards and I used half of one here. I used some MAMBI chip letters for my title and inked the lighter ones with black Cat's Eye.

This is a pretty simple one I did of Mattie with the pics I took on our mini photo shoot on Mother's Day. I built on DCWV black scalloped cardstock. Used some MME pp and some KI lace pp. 7 Gypsies cardstock sticker and a MAMBI chip title. I love those titles. They are great for "completing" a LO.

I spent this past Saturday with Lal...AGAIN. This is fun:) I went and picked her up and we went by a different Big Lots ISO of the Thickers. We found some. We came back to my house and waited on Steve. He got off early. We decided to make an evening of it too, so we went out to dinner together. Miguel met up with us there (at Mama Margie's). It was nice:) Then we took the kids to see Up. Mikey sat on my lap pretty much the whole time. He was real good:)

Afterwards, Steve took me by another BL where I found some more of the brown Chit Chat and a white chip set. Then I went by one more on the way home and found like 3 different chip sets:)

Yesterday was a very chill day. We didn't really go anywhere or do anything. We had breakfast here at home then Steve went out and got a lot of yard work done. Thank God cause that saves me the trouble of having to do it myself.

He trimmed down our hedges A LOT, cut down some branches and an old dead tree that was out front. Cut the grass in front and back and threw out some stuff we had in the backyard. He got A LOT done. I did some things in the house. Put up some frames and took down some stuff I am getting rid of.

I ran and did our grocery shopping so I got that out of the way. We ordered in Papa John's for dinner. Yummm...and that was our day;)

Today I got my cleaning done. Also washed our bed sheets and got caught up with laundry. So that frees up a lot of my week.

Tomorrow morning is V's awards ceremony; 8:15. I hope I can get some good pics. This will be my first time shooting with my new camera in that cafeteria. I have NEVER been able to get a decent pic in there:(

Well, I'm off to finish dinner. I'm all done with working out for today too. So far my "diet" is going really well. I've lost 3lbs so far:)

Oh, our Blog Hop challenge that we are holding over on started today. I'll be posting the next challenge next week so stay tuned:)


Creative Momma said...

Great Layouts as always..Thickers? I've got to check those out..hope to find some here :)

Lal said...

Love the pages! Especially the one of us with our "summer scarves"...we are TOO cool! "We are the COOLEST chicks in Smithsville" ;)See, you're getting tired of IS possible! Then STOP CALLING ME!! LOLOL :D See ya next weekend? Okay...good! :D

Michelle said...

The pages are great!! And, I am jealous of all the thicker deals you and your sis are finding!! Where did you get those? The M's by me doesn't carry them!!

Ginajam said... wanna be my personal scrappy shopper? If you ever have too many thickers and want to part with some, I will gladly buy them from you!! SERIOUSLY!

Anonymous said...

Hello...Big Lots has a bunch of Thickers...even the fabric ones!