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Monday, June 22, 2009

Scary, Scary Stuff:(

So this has been a kind of rough, scary weekend. I was pretty excited about getting to sleep in on Friday since there is no summer school on that day, but it just didn't work out that way.

I had a normal, oridinary day on Thursday. Did my usual routine and such. Worked out in the evening, came and sat at the computer for a while then went to shower for the night. As I am about half way through my shower, I start to see some "light" spots. I proceed and so does the light spots and blurred vision. By the time I get out of the shower, I can hardly see. My vision is SUPER blurred. I kept trying to focus in the mirror, but it was almost impossible.

I came back to the computer to let Lal know and she suggested I go tell Steve about it, so I did. He was already asleep so wasn't really paying the best attention to me. I decided to just go to bed and see if I could just sleep it off. By this point, I have almost developed somewhat of a headache. Not a painful headache, but a dull headache like "inside" my head. That is the best way I can think of to describe it.

I went to lay down and I just have to be super grateful that V was with me cause if I'd yelled for Steve, he would have never heard me:( I was laying on my back and my arm started to feel numb and tingly, so I had V run for Steve. He couldn't find any aspirin so he brought me two Ibuprofen. I took them and told him to sit with me for a while "just in case".

So I lay back down. After this I kind of lost perception of time. Everything kind of happened fast, but in slow motion...if that makes any sense. I remember that at one point I grabbed my throat cause I remember Steve asking me why I did it. I was having a little trouble swallowing. I got like this one sharp pain in my chest; closer to my left side near my arm. I started getting like the sensation that I was like "floating" and my whole body started going numb; like that tingling feeling ALL over. I got the overwhelming feeling like I was going to pass out even though I was laying down; flat on my back. This totally freaked me out so I told Steve we had to go to the ER. I think the all over tingling thing lasted like 5-10 minutes. REALLY scary. All the way to the ER, the fainting sensation kind of came and went, but not as strong as the first time. I felt really strange. The best way I can think to describe it is like I was "buzzing". For lack of a better description. I felt like I had to try really hard to "put my words together" when I was trying to when you are buzzing, you know??? We left to the ER about midnight.

We had quite a wait in the ER; like 1 1/2 hours. But once we finally made it back, it went rather quickly. They put me on a BP monitor and heart monitor. My BP was normal. They did a CT scan and it came back normal. The most they could tell me was that MAYBE it was cause by a migraine (which I have never suffered from before)...sigh... I think the whole "episode" from start to finish, lasted about 2 hours.

We got out of there like at 4:30. Poor Steve had to go to work an hour later. I slept unitl like 8am when V called and woke me up. (we took her with us to the ER and Steve's mom picked her up from there about 1:30). So I couldn't fall back to sleep and headed out to our family doctor over by my mom's house. I went in and had blood work done.

Went back to my mom's and just laid around all day. Felt drained, tired and still not myself. Real "out of it". Had to drive myself back home and about half way, started feeling faint again. No blurred vision, just the "felt like passing out" sensation. Made it home...barely, and came straight to the couch where I stayed for the next few hours. Got up and had a bit to eat, showered and went right back to bed.

I had some trouble falling asleep. Probably fear more than anything kept me awake, but once I got to sleep, I slept straight until like 9am the next day. Still feeling very "out of it" this day. Had to lay and take a nap every few hours. Still had that verge of a buzz feeling sort of.

We did manage to go to the class of 90 gathering and it was nice. We were there for a few hours and I managed OK.

Sunday was Father's Day. We met Steve's parents for breakfast. They went and picked up Stevie from Natalia then we all met up to eat. It was kind of a non-stop day which wasn't too good for me. We took the kids to the movies and out to eat. Felt very tired, short, small dizzy "spells" on and off. I keep getting that feeling like I want to pass out. More noticeable when the truck starts to tremble for some reason. Really strange feeling, but that's what I'm noticing. Showered and went to bed almost as soon as we got home. Didn't sleep as well as the night before either.

Today Steve took off and he dropped Mattie off at school this morning. (THANKS:)...Went and picked up a copy of my CT report for the doctor. The blood work results were supposed to come in today or tomorrow, but I called in this am and she said they would probably get in this afternoon, so to call back tomorrow morning. So I'll probably have to make the drive out there tomorrow and I'm kind of scared. Haven't been driving these last couple of days. I hope it'll be OK...

So that's been my super eventful weekend. Not so much in a good way. Hoping the results will come in tomorrow and shed some light on all this. Prayers would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone has a good night:)


Ginajam said...

ESMIE...omg! I was starting to wonder what the heck was going when you said you weren't feeling well on FB. Geeze girl, I sure hope you're all right! Let us know when you hear about your reports. Thinking about you...praying for you!! Feel better!

senora_x said...

Esmie, what a scary thing to have to go through! I hope you get some answers soon! Take care of yourself and I'm praying for you!

Crapcrop said...

Es,thank God you had a family with you, and for your dh to take care of you. How scary! Lots of prayers going up. [[]]