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Thursday, June 4, 2009

School's Out!!!

So today was offically the last day of school. Both kids had full days; no early release. We however had a meeting at Mattie's school. Yesterday I got a call that Mattie did NOT pass his Math TAKS. This was his second attempt and he missed by ONE question!!! :(

So today we had an ARD to review his goals and discuss our options. He will be going to summer school and retesting on June 30. This also sleeping in:( He goes from Monday through Friday from 8am to 1pm until July 8 or something like that.

It is so frustrating because all this year he managed to stay on Honor Roll; something he has never been able to do before. It's just this darn test that is hindering him.

So hopefully he will pass it the 3rd time. Once we get the scores, we will discuss options again, depending on the outcome.

Tomorrow I'm planning to go and spend the day at my mom's. Once summer school starts I won't be able to go during the day cause I have to wait for Mattie to get out. Luckily, the session is going to be held at his current school so I don't have to drive out of my way. I guess that is the silver lining;)

Didn't really do much today besides the meeting and running to gas up my truck this morning. Also made a quick stop at the BL across the street to pick up some Thickers for an out of town friend:)

That was my day. I hope everyone had a great one:)


Anonymous said...

Glad your kids are out. Mine don't get out until the 24th!! I work at a school, too and have to stay until the 30th and then go back for 1 week during the summer. Ugh! Is that TAKS test a statewide like our MCAS? If it is -- I'm not liking it very much!!

shopgirlaudi said...

Yes, I do believe it's statewide. It's one of those standardized tests.

When I was in school, we had them and I took them and had no problems with them. I got the grades, I passed the test.

Now it's really irking me, that my son is on the Honor Roll and not passing this test and he cold possibly be held back for it. Grrr!!! I'm not liking them so much anymore either:(

Ginajam said...

I'm sorry to hear about the TAKS test!! Hopefully he'll pass this summer. And thank you again for helping me with the Thickers!! You're the best :-)