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My Scrap Space

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update on my "Situation"...

Well, my test results came in and I went to the Dr. yesterday morning. All the blood tests were fine. I'm in perfect health in that aspect, BUT...he said my "episode" was caused by stress/anxiety/tension and prescribed an anti depressant; low dose, but nonetheless.

I'm not quite sure how to feel about it. I've been feeling pretty bummed out about it. So if I wasn't depressed before, I sure feel like it now:( It kind of makes me feel "inadequate" I can't handle everyday life stress because I certainly don't have an overly stressful life. At least I don't feel like I do. My life is pretty chill. I'm well "taken care" of. I thought I was doing well, then, what seems like out of nowhere, this comes up.

Since the "episode", before the results, I'd been tired, not much of an appetite, don't really feel like doing anything. Just don't feel like myself. THAT bums me out... A LOT.

Right before this, I feel like I was on a huge "up". I was getting all sorts of stuff done. My diet was going great. I was working out everyday. I was happy...then it kind of all crashed:( I don't like feeling like this. I just want to be myself again.

I am thinking maybe this is some sort of "test" from God. I know I am not being punished for anything. I know that everything happens for a reason and I am trying to understand this and take what I need to from it. I am trying very hard to hold tight to my Faith and turning to HIM to give me the Strength to get through this. For whatever reason this needs to happen, I accept difficult as it may be. This sort of thing runs in my family so that is a HUGE factor.

So that night was most likely a tension migraine. It can mimic the symptoms of a stroke which is a lot of what I was feeling.

Today was not a good day. I woke up with a headache. Not a really bad one. Nothing like that day, but still no fun. I took an Ibuprofen as soon as I got up. Just one, thinking it would do the trick. Laid down for a bit...didn't work. Took the other...Nothing...Laid around alot in between my daily chores.

After I picked up Mattie I took my first dose of the med. It said to try it out to see how you react to it before you drive and stuff so I decided to take it then since I don't have any running around to do after I pick him up. I fell asleep for about 2 hours. Not sure if that was the med or just the headache or a combo...who knows. I'll try again tomorrow, but I'm thinking it's best to take it later in the day so I can avoid having to drive "just in case". I can take it in the am or pm so I think that's the best option.

Steve brought me all sorts of stuff when he got home for my headache and the pain I'd had in my neck for quite a while. I see where the neck pain was coming from now; the migraines...which I didn't even know I was having:(

So I took some Excedrin Migraine that he brought me and that took care the headache...FINALLY. I feel a bit of improvement. Thank God. I'll take any bit of improvement right now.

So that is what is going on right now. A bit of a rough patch, but praying to get through it.

For Father's Day we just went out to breakfast with Steve's parents. Stevie came in for the day, so we were all together. Went to a movie and out to eat. Just chilled at home. Couldn't really do much running around with my constantly needing to lay or sit:( I have some pics to share that I will upload later. Hope everyone has a good night:)

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