My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Countdown...2 days...

Until the last day of school. I feel like a kid couting down, but I just hate the time restraints of the school year. We have to be home early, get the kids in bed in time...yadda, yadda, yadda. Summer means FREEDOM!!! No schedules and a more relaxed day:)

Today was V's awards ceremony at school. She got 10 awards!!! The dimmed the lights in the cafeteria for some reason and just kept some stage lights on so it made it nearly impossible to get a good pic:( I just video taped instead:)

After the ceremony, I went by Walmart to get a new TV cart for Mattie's room. The one he had was wobbly. After setting up the new one I realized that it was wobbly under the weight of the TV cause it was just fine after. But I had nowhere to move it to, so I put it out at the curb for someone to pick up:)

I spent what felt like an eternity untangling all the wires and cables and what not from the back of the TV, DVD, game systems...SUCH a headache:(, but I finally got it done. Whew!!!

I went by HL too and got some things I wanted for the living room wall. I also got two frames up for my frame wall. I like how it's looking so far. I need to spray paint one of the ones I found at HL a while back and then I just need a smaller oval or roundish one to go inside this one frame.

I got my workout done for today too. I'm going on almost 3 weeks on the diet/exercise thing. I'm so proud of myself;)

Oh and at HL today I found some really cool chip stickers that are VERY similar to Thickers. I just had to pick up a few packs cause I just LOVE the chip Thickers...

The chip stickers were 1/2 off so they were only $2. Same as the Thickers from Big Lots;) They had a few different fonts and colors. Not sure if there was anything other than chip though. I got those two stamps too; 1/2 off. LOVE the birds one. There was another similar bird on that I wanted, but it wasn't stocked:( Gonna see if I can find it at a different HL on Friday.

I'm planning to go to my mom's on Friday and spend the day since the kids are off and Miguel is going away on his retreat. So we'll probably hit up Crossroads for a little shopping:)

These last few days the base of my neck has been killing me. I was thinking that maybe it was from laying on too many pillows at night, but last night I only slept on one and I woke up with the worst pain this morning. I've been putting ice on it on and off, but it's just a temporary fix. I can't imagine what it could be from...???

Anywho...gonna be hitting the hay soon. I have two LOs I need to work on. One for our Blog Hop challenge and one for a color challenge on Hopefully I can work on these tomorrow. Or at least get started. I have zero ideas so far. Seems my mojo is on vaca:(

Have a good night:)


Lal said...

I love those chip stickers! Of course Paper Studio HAD to come out with a knock off! Love those stamps too! This will be FOUR weekends of seeing each other...I think we are officially "dating" :D LOLOL Smell ya later ;)

MICHELLE said...

Oh I didn't see any of those when I went to HL on Monday. Hmmmmm..... Perhaps I'll make an adventure around town on Saturday.

FYI (b/c I like to bargain hunt) There's a lady in Boerne having a SB garage sale at 8am (found it on craigslist)... but I don't think you're a morning person LOL!

shopgirlaudi said...

What do you mean, Michelle;)LOL Yeah, I don't like getting up early, but I do (these darn kids:).

Boerne is close by, but do I really need more stuff??? Let me know what you find. I'll live vicariously through you;)