My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Where or Where has my Mojo Gone???

OK...I lost it. It's lost. Mine's broken:( I did the 3 LOs and now I've got nothing. I did one last night, but I'm not liking it too much. It was inspired by a card I saw on 2Peas...

The background paper is K&Co. Mira. The two strips are BG...can't remember which line...and K&Co. Que Sera. I used my MS lace border punch to make the lime strip underneath. The card used real lace, but I didn't have any lace or nice, fancy trim in this color. How can it be that in ALL this stuff that I have, I do NOT have that. That always seems to be the case...Sigh...Anyway...continuing...MM tiny alphas, K&Co. Madeline diecut (LOVE these, I think I need another box;), various Prima flowers...I cut the bird cage out of a sheet of BG. Once again...not sure of the name of the line as this is the only sheet I got from that particular line. Well two of this same sheet actually cause I just love the whole birdie/bird cage thingie.

I did another LO today. I tried to lift this one that Lal did last night of Mikey and improvise on the papers, but I just wasn't feeling it. I'm seriously not even going to upload it cause I REALLY don't like it. It's pretty simple and straight lined so I should have no problem removing the pic from it cause I love the pic and still want to use on that on a LO.

I think I just have a bit of cabin fever or something. I haven't gone anywhere all week other than to do my grocery shopping on Monday and back and forth to take and drop off the kids at school. Saturday I'm planning to go to my mom's; God willing, and Lal and I are going to do some shopping;) In a way it's a good thing. I'm really trying to limit my shopping trips and my spending and this once a week thing is working out pretty good. It's too easy to do the shopping thing when you are bored.

This week has been a nice weather week for working out in the yard. Monday I put out the potting soil and planted the wildflower seeds in that one area in my courtyard, but that's been the lot of my yardwork. The next two days I woke up with a bad allergy headache; all sniffly too. Boo!!! Hopefully next week I'll feel better and the weather will cooperate so I can do a little more work in the yard cause we all know once the summer heat hits...that's it!!!

Well, I'm off to peruse some galleries and message boards in search of some inspiration. I've got a load in the laundry right now, but right after I get it in the dryer, I'm hitting the sack. I completed day 4 of my semi-Atkins. So far so good. Seriously. I don't know why I couldn't do it before...and the reason I say semi-Atkins is because I am not following it precisely.

During induction it's strictly protein with little else, but I have not elminated fruits and veggies nor my diet sodas although I have cut my consumption of them in a day by like half. I haven't weighed myself either so I'm not really sure what my exact starting weight was, but I have a fairly good idea. I will weigh in on Monday cause that will mark my one week. We shall see how that goes.

Oh...Lal is IMing me so I must go and "talk" to her cause it's been like a whole hour!!! SO much to catch up on;) Goodnight all.


Lal said...

I love that page of V...I'm going to lift it soon...Yeah, it's been too long since we talked....I was having withdrawals :D

Katherine said...

Beautiful page :)

I know what you mean about the mojo thing. I've been scrapping a lot this week, but I just feel like the results have not been my style... too simple or something. Maybe I need to just throw a bunch of blooms on a page to get my mojo back!

Good luck with Atkins! I lost 60 lbs on Atkins about 5 years ago, pre-baby. Now I just need to try it again to lose the baby weight.

shopgirlaudi said...

I did Atkins about 6 years or so ago and lost about 55 lbs. and this was post baby. So it can be done;) I only need to lose about 20this time around though...thank God;)

Nikki Love said...

I love that LO that you did upload!! I'm going through a MOJO loss right now myself and it stinks! I'm sure we'll breeze through it. I'm heading now to work on another. I'm hoping I'll work through it ;)

Michelle said...

I so get the mojo loss too!! Where did mine go? So did you get your fix and talk to your sis?? Too funny! I hope you and Lal have a wonderful holiday weekend!! :D