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My Scrap Space

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Field Day and Fiesta Texas...Photo Heavy

V with Bugs. This one came out too dark:(
Mattie with Batman and Wonder Woman.

V with Batman and Wonder Woman.

Mattie with Bugs. I should have used the flash on these pics:(

V on the carousel. They moved the carousel cause of that new Wiggles World place they added in. It's WAY cute. I can't wait to take Mikey. I think he's going to love it.

This is not the actual ride. It's the "fake" seat out in front of the ride. I should have had her scream to make it look more "real";)

V on the big ship at Wiggles World. WAY cool...

By the Bugs Bunny Rapids ride. We didn't get on though. Didn't want to walk around the park wet. It was a rather cool day.

V on the train ride...

Field Day...This one activity was hilarious. I wish I could get Blogger to upload videos. It never works for me:( They had to pull this rope that was attached to this big mat that the coach was standing on. So they were literally pulling him. It was funny. Poor kids...I think there are laws against this;) hee hee

V was the ball retriever for this activity. Boy was it hot out that day. Look how red her face is:(

Running the balls back to the "pitchers"...

V and some of her classmates and Haley's little brother there at the bottom:)

V and Haley. They had to walk across this area using a jump rope as their "plank"...
V in action, throwing a ball...

This one came out way too blurry:(...

Of all the hats V owns, she does not have one single baseball cap. I took her one of Steve's, but it was too big and kept falling foward or backward on her:(
Thanks for being patient with all the pics:)

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