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My Scrap Space

Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Boy did it come down today!!! I mean, it really poured. For about an hour or so.

Lal spent the night last night. I went to pick her up yesterday afternoon. V had her Field Day yesterday. Steve and I went. I'll post pics of that later. Afterwards we pulled her out and I drove Steve back to the office so he could bring home one of the work trucks. Since I was over on that side of town, I went by and picked up Lal and Mikey.

We were planning on getting together today cause Miguel had an all day event to go to, but he said he had to be there super early so Lal just decided to spend the night.

So last night we played some games of Boggle and then a game of Scrabble. We are a couple of wild and crazy gals;) We just hung out and talked and laughed...yada, yada, yada...the usual;) We also ordered pizza so no cooking dinner;)

Today after breakfast and cleaning up we headed out to M's. We had hardly been there about 30 minutes or so. We were getting ready to check out and as we neared the front of the store by the registers, we caught a glimpse of outside and it was getting pretty dark. We paid and were thinking about going next door to the Dollar Tree, but as we got outside, it was chilly and windy and not looking very good at all, so we decided to hurry up and head back home.

We were about half way home when it started to pour. It was really coming down. I had to put the wipers on high and drive really slow. Luckily everyone else was driving pretty good. Usually there are some crazies who don't seem to notice that it's raining and want to drive like maniacs and weave in and out of traffic, but thank God today was not one of those times.

So we finally made it home after driving those some fast flooding streets, but we had to sit in the truck for a while until the rain let up. Then we took the kids out one by one and then us:)

We made lunch and the kids played. Steve got off early and made it home just as we were sitting down for lunch.

After we cleaned up from lunch, Steve took a little nap then drove us to 911. I'd seen on the blog that the new October Afternoon had come in and I desperately wanted the Wild Cards. Sadly, when we got there, Mimi said those weren't in yet:( I did get the papers though and the journaling cards from one of the lines. It's so very lovely. I also got two packs of AC Puffy Thickers; the Rainboot ones. I finally found the yellow ones and I got a pack of some light blue ones too.

Also hit up the M's at Northwoods, but we didn't really find too much. They are clearancing quite a bit so I am wondering if even more new stuff is on it's way...???...Impressive:)

Well, I'm pretty tired and ready for bed. I'll update with photos tomorrow. Have a good night:)


Lal said...

Good times, good times :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a busy day! THanks so much for noticing my layout in MM...I was ridiculously excited to have it requested (my first paper pub)...And, I just noticed your scrap space at the top of your looks great :)