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My Scrap Space

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baby, It's HOT Out Here...

The last few days have been pretty hot in the afternoons. I don't know how we are going to manage this summer. Yikes!!!

This weekend, I had Elijah over. Saturday we just hung out at home. Just ran a quick errand to the store and then back home. The kids played video games and hung out all day. I made spaghetti and meat sauce and garlic toast for dinner.

Sunday we got up early, went to breakfast and then took the kids to the movies. We were going to see the Planet Earth movie, but then Steve started saying her wanted to see the Xmen movie. So I said he could take the boys and me and V would go see the new Matthew McConaughey movie.

Well we got our tickets, they sent us to theatre #3 and we sat for like 10 minutes and the movie still had not stared. A few minutes after the showtime, I decided to check my ticket stubs and the time printed on there said 11:30. We bought for 10am.

So I go back out and the ticket person tells me there is no 10am showing, just 10 pm...??? we got ticket to the Xmen movie and went and joined the boys. I was really bummed out, but the Xmen movie was pretty good and we all enjoyed it.

We took Lij back and picked up Fred's on the way and ate at my mom's. Came back home and dropped off Mattie then went to do our grocery shopping.

Yesterday was my cleaning day and I got all my chores done. Mattie also started his new tutoring session. He did not pass the Math part of the TAKS so he is doing more tutoring before the May 19th test date. I REALLY hope he passes this next one. This is totally stressing me out.

Today I spent the morning doing more yard work. I tilled the soil in the one area in our courtyard, trimmed the hedges some and pulled LOTS of weeds. I need to get some weed and feed cause I can't keep pulling them up manually. There are just too many:( I also cut the grass. Well as much as I could cause in the backyard, I can't get the mower past the pool. Steve needs to start taking that down.

We got our Fiesta Texas season passes on Sunday so we are good to go for the summer. Woo hoo!!! I need to keep working out cause I am NOT wearing a bathing suit otherwise;)

Today Mattie had a dr. appoinment for his Rx refill. I went and pulled him out in the afternoon and Steve came home early to take him so I wouldn't have to pull V out as well. We met up after and went to eat at Bill's while we waited on the Rx.

Earlier today I got to work on a LO I started on last night. Finished it up a bit ago. Here it is...

This is a lift off of 2Peas. Background paper is MME. Also used BG Urban Prairie, Elsie pp and a strip of Colorbok Friendly Forest punched with the Fiskars Uppercrest. Friendly Forest puffy sticker border, Daisy D's rubon, Sandylion dimensional owl sticker, T's $ Spot journaling spot, Cuttlebug butterflies and handcut flowers from a sheet of DCWV Green Stack pp.

I'm heading to bed early. The yard work wore me out. TFL and have a good night.

Oh, forgot to mention that me and Lal are doing a 4 Product Challenge over on if anyone would like to join. It is limited to US residents only as there will be a small RAK sent to the winner. You can go over to to on the Challenge forum and check out all the details:)


Lal said...

LOVE the layout! LOOOOOVE it!! Great job!

Michelle said...

Love that LO!! Love the mix of all the different product lines!! It looks awesome! No heat for us for awhile.. things are just starting to bloom. Yard has greened up nicely. We really need to invest in a sprinkler system. I am tired of moving them! Off to check out yours and Lal's challenge!!

Ginajam said...

that layout is stellar!!