My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

LOOONG Weekend...

It really did seem longer than just 3 days. Saturday I went over to my mom's early in the am and had breakfast there then took Mattie to get a MUCH needed haircut w/ Steve. Lal left Mikey with my mom and came with me. V went to spend the day with my MIL.

Lal and I went to M's...seems like we are always there lately...LOL...I got a few things.
Sassafras Hog Heaven and Whale of a Tale. Got both for 1/2 off of the $14.99 clearance price...$7.50!!! These were $24.99 at M's!!! The Soft Spoken embellies were clearanced for only $1!!! I got one pad in the am and the second later in the afternoon when we met Miguel at The Rim.We went by SB Heaven, but all I bought was ONE sheet of paper and 2 yards of some Prima lace. I SO prefer 911. The rain caught us on the way back once again. It was like a repeat of last week only not quite as bad.
We had lunch and then got a little bit of scrapping done. I got started on one LO, but not sure it's quite finished yet. It's still sitting on my desk. Gonna try to finish that up tomorrow hopefully.
My 2Peas order came in on Saturday also. Yay for Happy Mail!!! Cosmo Cricket Early Bird. SO love this line. Not sure what I'm doing with it yet, but it is so stinkin' cute:)
And one of my absolute FAVES...Jenni Bowlin. So lovin' those birthday bingo cards!!! I think she needs to make some for Halloween too;)
So after Steve got home Saturday afternoon, we met up with Miguel at The Rim at Cold Stone. The kids, Steve and Miguel all had ice cream. I'm still dieting. Afterwards we went to Game Stop next door. Game Stop to Steve is like M's to me;) Mikey was totally entranced by the Sonic game on the TV there. He was actually pretty good at it too. From there we went to M's and I got the other paper pad.
Sunday was an early day as always. These kids don't know what it means to sleep in especially on the weekends:( We went out to breakfast and then did some running around. Went by some different M's; J's Superstore, a plant nursery and Scrapbook Cottage. I got all these goodies...They had a sale and I got a 25% off discount:)
Afterwards we took the kids to go see Night at the Museum. It was good. We all really liked it. We went to dinner at Mama Margie's then came home.
Monday Steve was off. We dropped the kids off with my inlaws and had a day to ourselves. Steve wanted to go see Star Trek so we saw that. We didn't have time for breakfast so we got popcorn and nachos at the movies. Breakfast of champions;) I cheated one day this past weekend. Gotta have my 7th day;)
We went by M's and Steve bought me this!!!...

I've been wanting this for a while now. We got it for 40% off as well as the large embellishment jars. I put some of my buttons in them and moved some of my Prima jars from my flower shelf over onto it too. This way I can see more of what I have cause my flower shelf is packed 3 and 4 rows of bottles deep and it's hard to see what's in back without pulling them all out:(

We had lunch at Chick-fil-A. We can never eat there with the kids cause V hates it. What's wrong with that girl???!!! I also got my grocery shopping done.

Today I had to keep V home from school. She was up late last night with a stomache ache. She had an upset stomache on Sunday as well, but I gave her some children's Pepto chewables and she was fine after a while. So she tossed and turned and kept me up for like an hour. Then when I finally got to sleep it started to rain and thunder loudly which in turn woke me up...again. I was really tired this am, but I got to sleep in until 7:30 since I didn't have to take V.

I got all my cleaning done today. I took a little break and V and I went to the PO and then to TM. Someone on 2Peas mentioned finding the MM Chelsea's Place diecut paper pack and I SO love the artisan in there so I went ISO. I've already used all but one sheet in the 2 packs I bought at M's last year when they had it. I found them, but only got one pack. I MIGHT go back for another pack just for those artisan papers;)

I went by BL's too ISO of the Thickers that people were saying they'd spotted there, but no luck today. Then this afternoon someone local posted that two stores on a different side of town had JUST gotten them in today so I gotta go back and look again tomorrow and gonna hit up another store over on this side of town too. I hope I can find them. I so LOVE Thickers and they even had the Puffy Chit Chat!!! Gasp!!!

So I got back and got all my chores done which leaves me the rest of the week with more play time;) I'm hoping to scrap tomorrow. Well that's about all the news in my little piece of the world. I'll update tomorrow if I happen to find any goodies...Blessings all:)


Lal said...

OH and what a beautiful scrappy filled piece of the world it is! Can you even fit in your piece of the world with ALL that stuff??? LOL I'm so funny! Those are alot of get to scrappin' I'll be back to check on your progress later! :)

Michelle said...

Can't wait to see what you create with all of your scrappy goodness!! I am so jealous!! I would love some JB bingo cards!!! Wish she sold her stuff local vs. ordering online!!