My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Monday, January 26, 2009

It's Just Another Manic Monday...

I don't feel like I got any rest this past weekend. I didn't get to sleep in not one single day:( It went by so fast.

Friday I got up earlier than usual to get the kids off to school and get my chores done before I left the house. I went to pick up my mom...and Lal, Lij and Mikey came too. Saturday was my mom's birthday, but we chose to "celebrate" Friday. We did some shopping. Went to HL at Crossroads. Bought my mom some wind chimes she wanted. Bought nothing for myself. Went by J's...bought nothing again. Then we went to M's. Bought lots;)

Finally found this MS punch I'd been looking for and got to use my 40% off coupon on it too:)Then I wandered to the back of the store where the empty bins had been and found all this totally cute Colorbok stuff. I didn't get much. There were SO many things. I got only what I thought I'd use. Everything was only $1!!!

I also got some K&Co. Vday dimensional stickers, a couple of storage boxes and these cute little Recollections dimensional bee stickers. I don't know where that pic is...???

We took my mom to eat at Sea Island. Very yummy. Then Miguel met up with us there so when we were done, Lal and the kids went home with Miguel and I took my mom to Big Lots. We went and picked up the kids and took my mom back home. Dropped Mattie off there too.

Saturday was the 911 garage sale. So again...had to wake up early. Dropped V off with my MIL. Then since I wasn't too far from my mom's, I called Lal to see if she wanted to come and we went and picked her up.

When we got to 911, of course there was already a line. We were quite a ways back, there weren't as many people as in previous sales. Once we got in though, it was so hard to move around. Literally, we could not get to the tables:( I got a few things, but not much. Women were just grabbing left and right:( So here is what I did get:

All these goodies only cost me $12 plus tax!!! :) There was so much more I wanted that I missed out on:( Oh, well...

So my mom wanted an apple pie for her birthday instead of a cake so I went by Marie Callendar's and picked one up for her then we went back to her house. We ate lunch, ate pie and watched a movie; Seven Pounds. I didn't finish watching the end part, but Steve ruined it for me on the drive home...sigh.

So we went back to 911 to pick up my leftover which turned out to be just a few things. I made a grand total of $243 and change!!! Yay!!! That's lots of new goodies;) I spent like $30 on some things I had on hold and some I put aside that morning...

Afterwards, we went by Tuesday Morning and I was lucky enough to find 2 more MM 3 ring binder albums. I found 2 a while back, but that was it. I'd been wanting some 3 ring ones, but didn't want to pay for the AC ones. These were only $6.99!!!So now I have four of these albums. That should last me a bit:) I also found these AC paper packs that someone on posted about. I got these 3 packs...On the way home we stopped for dinner at this Mexican restaurant by our house; Matamoros. It was pretty good. Not great, but not bad. Came home and watched The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Sunday was another early morning. We went out to breakfast then took the kids to see Inkheart. It was a very good movie. Then we went to The Rim and I went by M's and found these goodies...

This stuff was marked down to like 90% off. The 12x6 albums were only 89 cents, the stamps were $1.49 and the chipboards were like $1!!! All this cost me like $7!!! This was all they had though besides a bunch of fibers. Had there been any more I would have cleaned them out;)

More fun goodies from T's...

I LOVE that little owl. It's supposed to be a place card holder. I only found the one. It is too stinkin' cute!!! The cards with the little owls are from the $ spot as well as the cupcake towels which are from the $2.50 stuff though. The little box with the birds is also $1.

And today I got my order from 2Peas. I had $40 credit; $20 from my PeaPal from the Christmas swap and $20 I got from the 20/$20 thing going on over on 2Peas.

A sheet of Jenni Bowlin paper and a pack of the artisan mini papers, two sheets of Pink Paislee cupcake, two sheets of Fancy Pants Splendid and two sheets of Sassfras. I accidentally clicked on the wrong sheet. It was supposed to be the green paper that looks like a crossword puzzle, but instead I got that one with stripey thingies on it:( SO loving that little owl die. There are so many new super cute QuiKutz dies. There was a deer, a hedgehog, a squirrel...way cute stuff:)

I got my grocery shopping done very early this morning; right after I dropped off the kids at school. Got all my cleaning done today too. I am hoping to get some scrapping done tomorrow. Wednesday Mattie has a dr. appointment for a refill on his meds, so that is going to take up a good part of my day. Gotta do the appointment and then go take and wait on the meds.

Today was a rather warm day; kind of drizzling for the better part of the morning, but cleared up and sunny by the afternoon. I think it's supposed to cool down again, so we'll see. Today was not too bad of an allergy day. I think the drizzle helped some. Let's see how tomorrow goes. Have a great night:)


Lal said...

Gee whiz! I got tired just reading all that stuff! LOL

Ginajam said...

do you really have to show us everything???? J/K. you know i love seeing all of your's just that I want it all, too!! You got some awesome stuff. and always good deals, too!!