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My Scrap Space

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas Mini...

So here it is!!! It's finally finished. My very first mini ablum. I really enjoyed doing it and now I don't feel so pressured to get the holiday pics scrapped, you know??? I'm pretty sure I might still do some individual LOs, but if I don' least I have this:)
I finished it off earlier today. I had such a nice, relaxing day today. V went to my inlaws so it was just me and Mattie here at home and he spent the day playing his new games. Since school is back in session, he doesn't get much time during the week to play.

So after I got up, I cleaned up real quick and made something for us to eat. My neighbor Ruby brought over the movie The Women that she rented from the Red Box so I could borrow it too:) So I watched that while I ate. It was pretty good...not great, but it was OK. I tied the ribbons on my rings of my book while I watched the rest of the movie.

Front cover. I used mostly my K&Co. Christmas Cheer papers and embellies. This was also a good way to use up product, especially when you have extras of the line like embellies and stuff to match:)Page 1 and 2 of my book. Our tree and putting up the tree. That one pic I had to make black and white cause it didn't look so good. It's the only black and white pic in the book, but...oh, well:)More trimming the tree and V in her Santa hat in front of it:) Oh...forgot to say. I threw in one other sheet that did NOT go with this line. It was a sheet of Cosmo Cricket. The Christmas line from a few years ago. That's the cream colored one with the red viney things on it;)Pics of V with Santa at the mall. We've managed to get pics with the same Santa for like the last 5 years. I LOVE that:)Kids on Christmas Eve day at my mom's. I had to do this pic sideways cause it wouldn't fit the other way. I couldn't crop it cause then I'd end up cutting part of someone's face off so I just flipped it on it's side;)

The other page is V putting out a cookie and some Sunny D for Santa. We only put out one cookie for Santa cause he has to eat a lot of cookies that night and he's also lactose intolerant...that's why the Sunny D;) Oh..,.the little dimensional star thingie is something I got at HL with the Christmas crafts...and I used MM tiny alphas for some of the titles.

V and Mattie on Christmas morning with one of their many gifts. They both asked for the Animal Crossing game so that they could interact when they play. It's pretty cool.

Next page...All my kids on Christmas evening. Stevie didn't come over until later in the day. It's so hard to get pics of them all together since Stevie is at his mom's most of the time. I totally forgot to take pics on Thanksgiving so I made it a point to get them all togehter at Christmas:)

The back cover...The End:)

V decided to spend the night over at my inlaws so we went out to eat when Steve got home from work; Mama Margie's. V does NOT like Mama Margie's. She does NOT like Mexican food:(

Before we went out to eat though, Steve took me by the big J's. I only got a few cute little things from the $ bins. That was about it. I'll post pics later...maybe:)

Well, I'm off to relax a bit more and possibly read a little more. I've got a load of wash in the washer that I'm waiting on, but that's about it. Hope you all enjoyed my mini album:)

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Lal said...

It is just LOVELY, simply lovely :D It turned out really pretty! Now you're not a mini book virgin anymore! LOL :) I love making minis :)