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My Scrap Space

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I No Longer Wish to Be a Vampire:(...

So as you might have guessed by my "title", I have been completely obsessed with the Twilight series ever since I saw the movie. After reading those books who wouldn't dream about being in Bella's shoes....sigh...Anyway, back to my point...

So my allergies had been bothering me for a while on and off for a bit. Yesterday afternoon my throat was really starting to bug me more. I can NOT stand a sore throat. Anyone who knows me, knows this. I consider myself to be a person with a pretty high tolerance for pain, but I am a total and complete baby when it comes to a sore throat, an earache or a toothache. I would seriously prefer to give birth again than to suffer from any of the mentioned above...Seriously..

So I took some OTC meds and went to bed rather early for myself; before 10pm. I wasn't sleeping well. The meds effects didn't last too long. My throat was still bothering me. I woke up a few times and would swallow and feel the pain:( Then 4am rolls around and I am up again and in such excruciating pain. Literally I felt like my throat was on fire!!! I got up to take some more meds and grabbed my bottle of water from the fridge. OMG!!! Swallowing the cold water was pure torture.

So this totally made me think of Edward in the Twilight he describes the buring in his throat when he catches Bella's scent...and how the newborn vampires have to go through this until the learn to "adjust"...Ugh!!! I can't even imagine. So yeah...I don't want to be a vampire anymore...uh uh...not for me;)

I ended up on the couch in the living room, dosing on and off. Finally got to sleep a little before the kids had to get up...sigh...but Steve stayed later and helped me out. The meds had taken the edge of the soreness a bit and I considered waiting to see how it went before deciding to go to the doctor, but the more I thought of the awful pain this morning, I decided I'd better go.

I'm so thankful I did. I got a shot of a steriod for one, some antibiotics and some Allerga D. I was not in good shape. So $64 later (no scrap shopping for me this week; no insurance bites) I am on the road to recovery. Hopefully it will be a quick one;) So Steve stayed home from work, was very quiet so I could nap and picked up the kids for me.

I've still been napping on and off for the rest of the day. I can only be up for short periods of time then I just feel completely exhausted and need to go lay down again:( I am dreading tonight. My sore throat is slowly creeping back and I am terrified of a replay of last night. I just made me a nice hot herbal tea; lemon zinger. It's yummy and very soothing. I gotta take my meds again at 10 then I'm gonna have a nice hot shower and try to get some more sleep. I'm sleeping out on the couch as not to "contaminate" anyone as the doctor said being too close to anyone could be contagious, so better safe than sorry. We do not need another sick person in the least not while I am sick as well.

So that was my lovely day;) I planning a little blog give away soon, so be sure to check back. I hope to get it up on here as soon as I'm feeling better. Hope everyone has a nice restful night. I'll be walking around my house while everyone sleeps...hopefully not;) LOL


Lal said...

LOL I didn't know you WANTED to be a vampire to begin with! Please don't bite me! LOL I hope you feel better :)

Nikki Love said...

lol.... omgosh!! I so loved your story. Sore throats don't bother me that much so I still wanna be a

Bethany said...

LOVED that series! And I hope you feel better!

Thanks for the blog love. :)