My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Fab Blog Award Goes To...

Apparently one goes to me!!! I got this today from Justine's blog; Scrap This. Thank you SO much. I am SO flattered.
I guess this is how it goes. I have to post 5 things I am addicted to and then nominate some fellow bloggers:) So here goes...
5 Things I am addicted to:
1. paper...scrapbooking paper...I can't stop buying it!!! :(
2. Scrapbooking and the buying of all things scrappy;)
3. Diet Coke:p
4. the Twilight books
5. the internet...blogs,
Sending this out sis Lal at Scrap Happens, Estee at One Ginormous Adventure and Gina over at Through My Eyes:)
In other news, I just finished reading New Moon last night so I went to T's to buy Eclipse cause I can't wait for Lal to finish reading. You are reading TOO slow!!!
Also went through my stash today and purged some more for the 911 sale. I've already filled up 2 boxes. Gotta get more boxes;)


Lal said...

Aw, gracias! :) I'll have to remember to post this to mine. How do you post that little blinkie thing? I've done it before but can't remember!

Ginajam said...

Oh man, I am so behind! I get a blog award??? COOL! Hey, good luck this weekend at the 911 sale. Wish I could be there to participate. Have fun and say hi to everyone there!!