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My Scrap Space

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Splish Splash...

So the pool has been up since Sunday. We got it filled up on Sunday actually. So the last couple of days, we have been out there for a few hours each day. The kids are really having a blast out there. Definately worth it:)

I had Victoria put her life jacket on at first because I didn't know how deep the water was going to be for her, but she took it off after a few minutes and she is doing great. She took swim classes last year so she's got some knowledge. She's been practicing the last couple of days and she is already swimming across the pool:) She LOVES to go underwater.

Both of our boys have taught themselves to swim. Started out with life jackets and just took them off as they felt more comfortable and confident.

Today I went over to my mom's for a bit. Me and Lal went to M's; just picked up a couple of things. Only spent like $7:) Then went to the Dollar Tree. We got these really cool squirtie thingies for the kids to use in the pool. My friend Steph bought some as party favors for her son's bday party this past weekend and they looked so cool so I had to get some too:)

Forgot to share some super cool goodies I got at M's this past weekend;)

Those Scrappy Cat stamp sets were 40% off; so $2.99!!! I bought some of those recently at Archiver's. I got the ones that were from the $1.99 sectin though, but I loved them. And what about those fabric Primas???!!! To die for. Those were $5.99 a bottle and the tin was $6.99. I used my 50% off on the tin. I wish I'd had more coupons to use on the smaller ones, but I just had to grab them cause there weren't too many of them and I didn't want to take a chance:) I have more coupons now so I'm planning on going back tomorrow and hoping there are still some left:)A pic of me and my boys from the BBQ on Sunday. Everytime I see them I can't believe how grown up they are already. I still see the little boys I used to babysit. Now they are men, with wives and children of their own. Time goes by SO fast.A pic of me and my soon to be godson:) He's the cutest little guy EVER!!! :)

I think that about wraps it up for now. I haven't scrapped in like forever. I so need to get something done, but it's a little hard with the kids home all day, getting things done around the house and trying to keep them entertained. More to share later:)

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