My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Sunday, June 8, 2008

How Much Hotter Will It Get???

That kind of sounds like the name of a game show:) It has been so humid the last couple of days which makes it feel alot hotter:(

The first official day of summer break, I took the kids to the park nearby. It was a nice, cloudy and very breezy day that day so it worked out nicely. We even caught some teeny tiny drizzles while we were there. We also took a little walk on the trail. We wanted to go to the little "pond" to check out the frogs, but with the lack of rain, I guess it had dried frogs, no pond:(

I started moving my stuff from my bedroom into the front playroom that afternoon. I spent the entire next day getting everything situated. That was alot of work. Really made me realize who much stuff I have;)'s finally done:)
This is my part of the room. I am sharing it with Victoria's "toys" or at least some of them:) I definately like it better this way as opposed to having everything in my bedroom.
This is Victoria's side to the room. We have two tall bookshelves with some book, videos, DVDs, board games and video games. Then the small unit with the TV and game systems, VCR and DVD player. Her two chairs, her easel and two small trucks (not in view) with some toys in them:)Here's her new "bedroom". She spent hours back here the first day playing with her toys. Her two "bin" units are back here now. There is ALOT of floor space back here for her to play. I'm going to get a BIG area rug for her space back here cause we still have that horrible commercial carpeting that our landlord put in when we were still renting. We SO need to get that out. But for the meantime, I'm gonna cover it so she has somewhere comfy to lay and play:)

I went over to my mom's for a bit yesterday. Went to M's and bought two large frames with my 50% off coupons. I want to make some large LOs to put in them and put up on my scraproom wall:) Went by Dollar Tree and found these:

These are the same Paper Studio ones Hobby Lobby has for $3.99!!! Such a steal. They had like 4 or 5 others that I didn't get. Two that reminded me of like the MAMBI Urban ones; the Cheetah print lines, and some baby boy and girl ones, very cute, but I wouldn't use them.

Found this at J's. I'd seen this before, but then got a better look from a pic a friend posted on our private site so I went back and got it..with a 40% off coupon too:)

For any locals out there. I am selling my Crop In Style rolling tote. It's only been used once. I was using it for storage under my desk, but really didn't have much in there. With the move, I didn't have the space anymore so I figured I'd pass this on to someone who might use it more. I am asking $40 cash. It's in EXCELLENT condition. Leave me a comment here with a way to contact you or email me at So over the last week or so, Steve has slowly been working out back to get the yard ready for the pool. He cut the grass, trimmed some branches off some trees, power washed our patio and furniture and got the ground ready. He built a shade cover for over the pool cause we couldn't find anything to fit over it. It came out pretty good. So today he started actually setting up the pool. He got up early and started packing down the sand. He laid out the liners and the pool is up and is filling up with water as we speak:) I know the kids are going to love it and spend alot of time back there:) I'll share photos the first chance I get:)

My little cousin is in town from El Paso where he works as a border patrol. My aunt said they were bbqing today at their house so I am waiting for the call so we can head out there. A few weeks back I was asked to be the godmother for the baby (he is 9months now) along with my other cousin, his brother. I am really excited about it:)

More to share later. Have a great Sunday:)

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Lal said...

Oh, the front room looks good like that! I like that half of the room is a play area because the kids can be in there. Or Victoria I mean. The bedroom looks good too! Good job :)