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My Scrap Space

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

BFFs 4 Ever...

So today I only got one LO done. I started on it at 10am and I didn't get done until about 2pm. I did take a break for lunch, but that's about it. There was a lot of cutting involved on this one. It's a pic of me and my best friend since middle school, Jess.

We have been BFFs since the 8th grade. I can't really remember how we met or how we started talking. I used to "go around" with a friend of his. Maybe that's how:) Anyway, we were tight all through high school. We even shared a locker. We spent countless hours on the phone...I mean LOTS...We'd watch TV on the phone. One of our faves was Three's Company. I still remember:)...LOL...Jess didn't have a color TV so it was harder for him when we played "RED" (a game we made up where you had to shout "red" everytime something red came out:) hee hee

After high school we went through our "party" phase. You know...eating too much birthday cake...wink, wink;) and Jess always looked out for me. He was the best. For a while there, we lost touch. He got married. I had my son. I saw him a couple of times after, but then lost touch again. It wasn't until about six years ago, I ran into him at NIOSA and we got back in touch and the rest is history:)

Sure, we don't spend countless hours on the phone now. Life and kids prevent that;), but we are still close. We've had our rough patches, but we've gotten through. I pray that he will always be a part of my life in some way or another. I am forever grateful that God brought him back into my life. He is my constant when all else fails, I know Jess has my back;)

So a tribute to my BFF...

This picture is from one of our recent class gatherings. I made it black and white to fit my color scheme. All the flowers, vines and little quotes are handcut from the Teresa Collins Friends line. I Stickled my two small black flowers and the large white HS one. I built this one black cardstock, then a light blue Rhonna Farrer that I inked the edges on. Also used a piece of KI lace cardstock, Prima bling flourishes and some ahesive pearls for the flower centers. Oh, also added a piece of lace trim to one of the quotes. The LO idea was from a LO I saw, I believe, on the Teresa Collins blog. I am absolutely in love with the way this turned out and I hope he likes it too:)

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Lal said...

This is just GORGEOUS!! Love it!! :D