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My Scrap Space

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Seriously Frustrated...

Ok...I have been searching for this Wii for too long. I had been on Monday and on Tuesday of this week AGAIN, by 10 am both days, so I decide today to go a little later and wouldn't you know it... By the time I get there, they had come in and sold out!!! Grrr!!! They can't be serious!!! I just KNEW they'd be there today and despite my instinct, I waited and then I was too late:( Now I have to wait until next week and check in every day to make sure I don't miss the next shipment. This is SO extremely frustrating. If I don't find one soon. I am going to SCREAM!!!

And it seems they all got them in today. Both Walmarts and Game Stop. How do I know??? Because after I heard the first store had them, I ran around like a crazy person hitting all the closest stores trying to see if I could still manage to get one, but no luck:( Ugh!!!

I really hope I get one soon. We were debating the Xbox, but I think the older Xbox is on it's way out and the new one is just too pricey IMO. I also don't think the Xbox's are geared towards younger kids. It seems to me to be more of a serious gamer type system; for the older gaming crowd. Nintendo just seems have to have more of a selection of the younger kid games.

So next week, I start my searching adventure again. Wish me luck before I go nutty...

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Estee said...

Good luck finding a Wii!!! We have an XBox 360 and I hate it! We have sent it back twice for repair (which takes 3-4 weeks each time) and it was ridiculously expensive. I also agree that it isn't very kid-friendly. I hope that you can find what you need!!!