My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like Christmas...

I am finally done with all my shopping. Hooray!!! I wrapped everything yesterday afternoon after I picked up the kiddies from school. Locked myself in my bedroom and got it all done in just a couple of hours. I got my goodies made (the pretzel recipe I got off Gina's blog:).

I am getting Victoria ready right now to make up her goodie bags for her class. They are having their class party on Friday so she is taking them then. Tomorrow is Polar Express Day. They get to wear their pjs to school and have activites all day long. She is SO excited:)

The only things I have left to get done are some tags I want to make to go along with the teacher gifts and some ornaments. Every year I make a set of ornaments for our tree and a set for my mom and MIL. I usually do something using the kids pics.

So most things are crossed of my list. It's not feeling as overwhelming anymore and I can relax a little more:)...Took a little break in the middle of writing and got the goodie bags for the class done:)

I hope to get a good pic of the kids in front of the tree. Maybe I'll do that later today...tomorrow for sure:)

Off to get a few more things done.

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GINAJAM said...

hope you had a great Christmas...that totally stinks about the wii. i'm so glad we weren't in the market for one this year! you weren't the only one who went to great lengths to get one! at least it's all over now and you can enjoy the rest of the holidays!!