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My Scrap Space

Sunday, December 16, 2007

I Gave Up...

Looking for the darn Wii. We decided to just go with the Xbox 360. I know Steve really wanted it to, so it's kind of present for him also. We went to Target today and bought it. Steve says that he was informed that this morning they had 71 Wiis...sigh...Of course...Best Buy had them too, but not as many. Supposedly they were giving out numbers at like 5am for the systems and then you just had to be back by 9am to pick yours up...!!! If I had know I would have most definately waited in line and whatever hour to ensure I was going to get one as opposed to driving around town for weeks like a dummy hoping to find one. I don't know how everyone knew they were going to have them and the whole number thing though. I wonder if and when they were going to be doing this again. Possibly next Sunday cause I had a friend how lives in FL tell me about the Best Buy thing so it might work the same for Target. And I kept wondering why Target never had them and no one was there looking for them during the week...I see now.

Anyway, we bought the Xbox today and I got Victoria a game for it the other day and Steve bought her another one today. I bought Steve a game for it too.. last week. I know he's gonna be really surprised because he thought that all he was getting was the DS that he opened the day I bought it (Black Friday)...:)

So with the exception of my mom's gift which I already know what I'm getting her, I just need to go back and get it, I am all done with my shopping FINALLY:) Woo hoo. I still have to work on my gift for Lal. We are making our gifts to each other this year. I got all my envies mailed out with the gifts that needed to go out of town.

I bought the goodies for Victoria's goodie bags for class, bought what the kids need to take to school for their parties. All that's left to do is wrap. I have not wrapped a single thing. Luckily most of the gifts aren't too big or too hard to wrap; lots of games, DVD's...that sort of thing. I need to make the goodie bags and make these pretzels snacks that Gina posted the recipe for on her blog. I am making some baggies for Victoria to take to her teacher and her teacher from last year and some for Steve to take to some of his employees.

Every year I also make a set of homemade ornaments for myself, my mom and my MIL so I need to get that done this week too. Actually the more I think of it, the more it seems I still need to get done.

The kids go to school all this week so that's a good thing. I still have this whole week to get things done. They go on vaca Friday and won't go back until the beginning of January.

I have house cleaning to do tomorrow then I will spend the rest of the week doing all my last minute Xmas preparations. Will upate soon. And just in case...I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

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