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My Scrap Space

Saturday, December 8, 2007

More To Share...

Well, I've got the tree up and our indoor decorations. Got my two wreaths done for my double doors and we got our lawn decorations out. All we need to do now is put up our outdoor lights which will probably go up tomorrow:I still have shopping to do and I am hoping that I will be able to find that damn Wii this week or I don't know what I'll do:(

I've got several gifts wrapped and a few packages ready to be mailed out. I'm still feeling like there is too much to be done and just not enough time:(

Today we went over to Lal's to celebrate Mikey's birthday. He turns 3 on Monday:) I can't believe how time has flown. It seems like only yesterday I went to the hospital and held this teeny tiny baby and now he's this rambuctious, non-stop, hilarious little boy:) I love my little Mooky Monkey:)

I went by HL with Lal and my mom while I was over on Lal's side of town. I bought me a heat embossing gun and one of those Tim Holtz felt ink blending thingies and two Christmas wood mounted rubber stamps.

I was looking at the amazing stuff Tim Holtz has put up on his blog lately and I am so in love with it all. He has some AWESOMELY AMAZING Christmas tags on there. They are simply gorgeous. I am slowing going to try to accumulate as many of his products as possible:) I really want some of his embossing powders and some of the alcohol inks. I need to add those to my Xmas wish list;) Oh, and the Grungeboard. GOTTA get some Grungeboard. I'm gonna go by 911 tomorrow and hope that they still have some. It's been 10 days since they got it in so I'm hoping (crossing my fingers).

So when I got home I went through the old totes Steve has with all his old stamping stuff...Yes...Steve used to do stamping...LOL...Anyway, I found quite a few embossing powders and stuff in there that I can play with until I start getting my Tim Holtz goodies:)

I got these pics of Victoria the other day afterschool. I need to go some of Mattie, but I'm not sure how happy he'll be about putting the Santa hat on. But first he REALLY needs a haircut which we are giving him tomorrow, so I'll get some pics on Monday:)

Even though it's still fairly early, I'm really tired. The kids NEVER sleep late on the weekends, but come Monday they can't get out of bed...Go figure. I'm off:)

Ooops, one more thing before I go. I did a quick LO the other day. Was a lift from a LO I saw hanging at 911. Loved that Urban Lily paper so I just had to copy the LO.The background paper is Urban Lily. I really didn't need to add much to it all. The paper is so pretty. I added a "silhoutte" heart I cut out of another Urban Lily Paper (black with white polka dots), some black Doodlebug Paper Posies (that I've had FOREVER), a couple of Doodlebug blooms and a Prima Esprit, some Foof A La and Paper Studio buttons, a stamped image using one of my Autumn Leaves stamp sets and another Autumn Leaves stamp for the "title"...Love. TFL:) I'm off to bed.

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Lal said...

The tree and all your decorations look so nice! LOVE your wreaths!!
LOL @ felt blending thingie! That's the technical term isn't it?? LOL
Ha,ha,ha...your husband used to STAMP!! LOL :) JK I remember seeing all the stuff in that box or bag once remember? At least you benefited from it!! :)
The LO is pretty! Looks just like the one at 911! And the pics of V are cute! I need to take some pics of the kids with the Santa hats and in front of the tree and stuff. I feel like there's still lots to do too, but oh well!! I need to get our Xmas cards done and mailed out, finish the 12 Days of Xmas thing...the felt trees...on top of that, I need to clean tomorrow AND get on the dreaded treadmill....blah!! :( Still got those bills to pay...feed the pigs....fix the fence...still got that homework to do...LOLOL :)