My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Desperately Seeking Wii...

So Victoria and Mattie both asked for a Wii for Christmas. I got the inside scoop that Walmart restocks them during the week between 10:30 and 11. So I was there a few weeks the week before Thanksiving and I manage to get one. They had at least a dozen or so left after I got mine. So I call Steve and ask him if we are going to buy both that day and he says wait on the other. So foolishly I listened thinking I'd be able to get a hold of another....How wrong I was.

I have spent the last week going to Walmart EVERYDAY and stalking the people in the electronics department. I was there again at 10:30 this morning only to be told that once again the shipment did NOT come in. So I go across the street to Game Stop where the guy behind the counter tells me they don't have any and they don't tell him when they are getting any in...sigh...Thanks alot.

So I drive to the other Walmart by my house...NADA. Then the guy tells me they got a shipment in on Monday!!! I was at the De Zavala Walmart...So now I am going to have to drive to opposite directions everyday until I find one.

I have a friend who lives out of state who says her Walmarts have lots and she offered to buy it and ship it for me. I am thinking I am be taking her up on her offer real soon.

I am kind of at a stand still on my shopping since I can't really buy games for the Wii until we actually have the other Wii, you know???

So PLEASE keep your fingers crossed for me that I might find one tomorrow morning. Does anyone need me to pick up anything for them from Walmart while I am there??? Hee hee

This afternoon I got in a little yard work. My intentions were only to trim a bit off the hedges out front, but passing through the garage I boxed some Halloween stuff Steve had left out and put it back in the storage room. Then I went through some stuff and threw out a few things. After the hedges I swept out the mess of leaves in the courtyard then just went ahead and raked up a bit and picked up all the leaves and put them out to be picked up tomorrow. I still have more raking to do, but I got quite a bit done. I'll work on the rest later.

I was so afraid all that raking and cutting was going to totally aggrivate my allergies (which is why I was putting it off), but so far so good. A little bit of sneezing earlier, but I hopped in the shower and it's all good now:)

Well, I'm in the midst of making dinner so I gotta get back to that...In the meantime, I made a new Christmas wreath that is now hanging on my door. I added a couple more things to it today, so I'll have to update the pic later.

This is my first Christmas decoration to go up. I hope to get a few outdoor things put up soon. Or at least start pulling them out of the garage:) As soon as I get the chair out of our living room, then I can get our tree up. Hopefully this weekend when Steve is home so I don't have to do everything myself. It will make it much more enjoyable.

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GINAJAM said...

what a gorgeous wreath! you made that? i need some pointers! that is unbelievable what you are having to do for that wii game. wow...what a crazy world we live in. I hope you find the second one soon!!