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My Scrap Space

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


Another day of searching for the Wii with no luck. So I am ready to go and drive to the GameStop since the woman working there told me the other day that they should be getting them in on Wednesday. I arrive at 9am and realize they don't open until 10, but I figure I've got the upper hand being there first.

A woman arrives a bit after and mouths to me through her closed window if I am also waiting for the store to open to get a Wii...I nod yes...At least I'm not the only crazy person still looking. I feel a little better. A man arrives right after...he's there for the same thing. We we start discussing how long we've been looking for this thing. The other woman has been searching every day for two weeks. I tell her I'm going on three. The man looks shocked at both of us.

A bit later one of the women who work there shows up and right after another. The second woman informs us that since we are the first three there we are guaranteed one. Yay!!! So she goes in and comes back and tells us we have to immediately go into the store as soon as they open so that we can get one if they come in. If we are not physically THERE when they arrive and someone else is, they get it. So we wait. She comes back out a few minutes later and informs us that they will NOT be coming in today. Come back tomorrow:( Sigh... Oh, and they only get three in a week, so we would have been the three.

So I will be there by 9:30 am tomorrow hoping. The other woman said she'd be there too.

So I head to the Walmart on Bandera. Several Walmarts got them in yesterday (Steve called around), but they had already sold out in minutes:( So I ask in electronics...Nope...not come in and didn't come in yesterday. So I hang around...for 3 hours!!! Steve said they had put them out at about noon yesterday so I am determined to stay until at least that. I walk around and keep checking back in. I am exhausted and hungry and SUPER bored. Afterall, I've been there everyday for the last three weeks. There isn't THAT much to look at:(

Finally about 12:30, I give up. I go and ask and nothing. The girl says it's not looking good for the day, but that they might come in over night. No one ever knows:(

I am catching a cold or something again:( My throat is hurting pretty bad. I came home and took something and then laid down after I got the kids from school. I slept on and off from about 4:30 until 7:30. I am not feeling good:(

Well, I've got dishes to do and a shower to take before I start over again tomorrow. Wish me luck...again:)


Lal said...

GIVE UP!! You're wasting more money in gas than I'm sure the darn thing is worth!!! LOL

Jane Ettia Jones said...

Oh my gosh your still lookin gee girl get over here there everywhere and easy to buy but might cost a bit for the airfare. good luck i so hope you find it in time for christmas