My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

I started to update my blog yesterday and then my dumb computer turned off on me...Ugh!!! So now I have to do overs:)

Yesterday was spent catching up on laundry and stuff. I had Elijah over for a few day and Stevie came over for a few, so lots of blankets and cases and stuff. Also some chores that didn't get done the day before cause we were out most of the day.

I took Lij back home and then stopped by Walmart. I found this media storage tower; not the color I wanted, but I'll paint it later. I put it together ALL by myself when we got home. That's a big deal for me cause I am not very good at that kind of thing especially doing it alone:) So I did a little more reorganizing in my sb area.This cleared up a little more space for me. I took the Cricut carts off my table and most of the flowers were in baskets on a shelf over my cubbies. My MM paints were in a small tote in my armoire and the buttons and Lil' Davis glazes were in the pocket thingie on my closet door:)

So after Walmart I took Stevie to Ingram. He needed to pick up his necklace from James Avery. I stopped by M's on the way there and picked up some cute things they had on clearance. Some Sanctuary jellies and Soft Spoken, some rubons, some bling birds...

On the way back from the mall...on the way to eat lunch...I'm waiting at a light to make a turn back onto Bandera and just as I am turning my van starts to stall on me!!! I barely made the turn; I could hardly turn the wheel, and the van dies:( I took a moment, turned it off and started it back up and then it went. That was scary and annoying. I told Steve about it, but he hasn't checked on it yet. Since he is not the one driving around with a messed up van, I guess it doesn't worry him much. I'm also driving around with an expired sticker cause he has yet to go and do that like I have constantly reminded him.

So I took the kids for lunch at Cici's and then I ran into Hobby Lobby real quick. I got some of those big MM chipboard shapes for next to nothing:)

New Year's Eve we spent at home. Just with the kids. I had picked up Elijah the day before. We took them to Target to buy party poppers and we made hotdogs and ice cream sundaes and they watched movies and played video games. Christmas we spent at my mom's with Lal the kids, a friend and my cousin:)

Finally able to get a decent pic of the four kids together. It's SO hard to get Mikey to sit still long enough, but I bribed him with candy, then he was more than willing. He actually kept running into all the pics after than and then asking me for another candy...LOL. Also just noticed Victoria has red eye in this one so I need to go and edit that out:)
Me and Lal hamming it up with the camera as always. Look...Lal has bunny ears...LOL
Our kissy faces...ha ha ha
Our sad faces. Lal looks REALLY sad. I think her puppy ran away or she's got a really bad tummy ache...LOLMore...literally this went on for quite a while. There are LOTS more. Then we went back and looked at them all and laughed so hard we made ourselves was hilarious. We're crazy like that...LOL..I know Lal's gonna be mad I put these up, but they are just too funny not to share. At least I didn't put them up on MySpace, Lal...LOL

Christmas morning was the usual greed fest. Mattie got the Wii..I think he likes it:) Got a bunch of games and movies and some of those wheelie shoes, some game cheat books...

Victoria got the Xbox 360 (cause we never found the second Wii)More games, videos, wheelie shoes and a BBratz doll, Hannah Montana stuff...

I got everything on my Christmas list; two Cricut carts; Tear Drop and Base Camp, an Ott-lite for my desk, an Ipod dock, a new hoodie from Old Nazy, some brown "fuzzy" boots, my camera charm from James Avery for my bracelet and some pretty heart dangly earrings (from Victoria). She also got me this stuffed monkey that I can plug my Ipod into to listen to my music. My stocking was stuffed full of goodies; Tim Holtz crackle paints and alcohol inks and lots of Inque Boutique stamps.Mattie and Victoria Christmas morning right before they opened their gifts:)

K...this pic is almost as good as the ones of me and Lal...LOL. Victoria posing with coal that was in Steve's stocking...LOL...She's pretty good. Someone was naughty:)

I think that pretty much sums up our holidays.

911 had big sale the other day, so I hit that and picked up some goodies. We are planning to crop next Saturday so I need to start getting my stuff together. I haven't scrapped in quite a while. I have two LOs I have been working on for quite a while, still sitting on my desk. Maybe I'll get those done today to help get me in the scrappy mood:)

K...gotta get my day going here and get some stuff accomplished. Last weekend before the kids go back to school on Monday, then it's back to the same early morning schedule:(

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