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My Scrap Space

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Something of a Morning...

Starting on a good note, I got a good night's sleep and we got up in a timely manner this morning. We weren't rushing to get out the door and we had a pretty smooth morning. Just like I like it:)

So we head out the door, Victoria and I, on our way to school. Backpack, lunchbox, keys and phone. As we are getting ready to go I notice Victoria's pants are a little loose around the waist so I squat down to adust them. On a side note, I just gotta say, I LOVE the adjustable waist on kid's clothes!!! It's the next best thing to velcro and Z-strap shoes!!! :) So then we are gone.

We get all the way to the block with the school yard and I notice this piece of the metal gate sticking out along the sidewalk. The last time we were walking home a little boy tripped on it and fell and I stopped to "fix" it so it wouldn't happen to someone else. So I notice it has come out again or somebody pulled it out. So again, I bend down to fix it and then we continue on our way.

I walk Victoria to her class, say our good-byes and I head back. I walk out the front door and get about a block and a half away from school when I reach down into my pocket to feel for my phone and IT'S GONE!!! OMG!!! I totally start trying to run through my head where I could have dropped it. I KNOW I had it on the way to school cause I remember feeling it in my pocket.

So I head back to school, trying to walk the way that I went there, looking on the ground. I walk back down the hallway, get to Victoria's class and ask Mrs. Jensen if any of the kids found my luck:( So I go by the office to ask if anyone might have found it and turned it in. I just gotta say the women in there were SOOO helpful...NOT. They didn't even speak words or ask any questions, simply nodded their heads "no"...sigh...FRUSTRATING!!! I'm glad I don't have to deal with them on daily basis!!!

So I start walking back home, still looking on the ground, following my usual route and praying that I'll happen upon it. I can already hear Steve's b**ching about it like I did it on purpose. It's a pretty pricey phone he got me for my birthday. I mean, it didn't cost a million dollars, but close to $200 plus like $30 for the case it was in. So I am dreading having to hear it, but thankfully God heard my prayers and right as I was about to turn the corner onto my street...THERE it was!!! I was soooo relieved and happy:) I almost kissed it except it had been on the dirty ground;)

So, that was my morning. Another perk after the drama...the Spurs won!!! Woo hoo!!! Just like I predicted;) Yay, for me:)

So it is only 10am and I've got all my chores done , finished my workout for the day and the rest of my day is free. I'm gonna hit the showers and have my breakfast then work on some scrappy things. Hope everyone has a great day today.


Lal said...

SHUT UP! Don't act like you care about the Spurs because you DON'T! LOL Good thing you found your phone. Did you dunk it in Lysol after you touched it? And your hand too?? LOL

Estee said...

Since I stalk your sister's blog, I have to stalk yours too!! I can totally feel your panic about your phone. Brad would absolutely think I did it on purpose since I HATE my phone. :) Glad that you found it!!!

GINAJAM said...

Whew! So glad you found your phone!! I am lost without mine (kinda like my puter!!).

Jane Ettia Jones said...

Wow how lucky was that, to actually be sitting there waiting for you to come back. Now I would never have that kind of luck and would just panic if i lost my phone, it's my life and attached to my hip LOL