My Scrap Space

My Scrap Space

Monday, May 21, 2007

It's Monday Again...

I spent Saturday at Lal's. We did some scrapping and the kids played all day. It was alot of fun for all of us;) We ended up spending the night and the kids were really psyched about having a sleepover. They all slept on the floor in Mikey's room:)

Here's a couple of the LOs I got done on Saturday.

I scraplifted this LO from I went by 911 and picked up a few sheets of Stella Ruby. I really like the way this one came out. This is a pic of Victoria, Anabel and Alize at the Fiesta party at school.

I saw this LO in the Creative Imaginations gallery and fell in love with it and this paper. This was one I DIDN'T happen to pick up the night we cropped so when I went back to get the Stella Ruby, I was lucky enough to still find this. I am made a very similar LO with a pic of Victoria and her teacher, but I just need to add her report card on the LO when she gets it...then I'll upload a pic:)

This is Mattie's school Spring pic from last year. I just got around to scrapping it, but I am totally in love with how it turned out:) I need to find a copy of his last report card from fifth grade to copy them onto the library card in the slash pocket.

Sunday I took Lij for the day. We went out to breakfast at Bill's then took them to the first showing of Shrek 3. We did our grocrey shopping and Steve bought all the kids a skateboard. We went home and while I put the groceries away, they stayed outside and tried out their boards.

We finally got the grass cut...well at least in the front yard. Steve got the mower started and let Mattie cut the yard. I wish I'd taken some pics of that, but I totally wasn't thinking:( Victoria and Lij did a super job of picking up all the branches that were in the yard. I trimmed the hedges and then Victoria and Lij raked up all the twigs. They were such a big help:) So we got it all done and then took the kids out to lunch at Cici's Pizza.

We dropped Lij off afterwards and then headed back home. I know the kids had a great weekend and now that summer vaca is coming up, we'll be able to do that alot more.

I am on about day 8 of my diet/workout routine. I have done a really good job of keeping up with my workout; only missing Saturday:) So far my body fat has gone down 4% in about 7 days!!! I really want to lose about 15lbs. I hope I can do it by July:)


Tammy said...

Hey there girly, Love your pages and the kids skateboarding... great photos!!

scrapbook911 said...

go to 911...elsie is in!!

i'll have pics on the blog later tonight!!

scrapbook911 said...

ok...the crown is a die cut from the store...they just got it in a few days ago. it is so cute and there is another one that is more like a puffy crown (traditionally the male crown). they are fun to play with...especially using the MM glitter adhesive paper that I've talked about so much!! hope you can pick up some Elsie stuff. have a good weekend!!

Tammy said...

Hey Es,
Are you going to post on your blog anymore?